Climbing stairs for fitness

Climbing stairs for fitness

Living upstairs and climbing stairs for fitness seems to have become fashionable.

However, climbing stairs should also be scientific.

To sum it up, it varies from person to person, within our means, when it is appropriate, and perseverance.

  Climbing stairs is different from climbing mountains.

The mountain is often irregular and has the greatest chance of rest; the stairs are regular, and in most cases are steeper than the slope, and the vertical angle scale consumes more energy per step on average.

  Some people have calculated that it takes 220 kilocalories to climb a staircase in 10 minutes, and there are two round trips with a height of six floors, which is 1,500 meters flat relative to land.

It is believed that the effect of preventing cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases is recognized.

  According to many years of observation, residents living above the fifth and sixth floors walk up and down three times a day, and the death rate of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases can drop by 25%.

Medical scientists joked that each step of the stairs could extend life by 4 seconds.

The fitness effect is considerable.

  However, climbing stairs is not suitable for everyone.

Severe organic diseases, people who have difficulty taking care of themselves and are too weak are generally not suitable.

Middle-aged and elderly people who live on the fifth or sixth floor must climb the stairs to the best of their ability, and try not to rise to the highest floor in one breath.

  Existing research shows that if two thirds of the skeletal muscles of the whole body participate in exercise, the body’s inertia can be overcome at least 5 minutes, and the structural and functional stress can be adjusted after 20 minutes. Such exercise may consume excessAunt, exercise on the heart, lungs and motor system is also effective.

  The segmental nature of the staircase and the monotonous environment make it easy for some climbers to “short assault and long rest.”

  Some office workers who lack exercise on a weekday and are in a sub-healthy state are suddenly and suddenly not only useless but harmful; they often fall into the corridor because they have climbed the drama.

The enhancement of physical fitness must be gradual and persistent.

How to take good care of facial paralysis?

How to take good care of facial paralysis?

General care: should avoid wind and cold, wear a mask when going out, pay attention to facial warmth, apply hot water (about 70 seconds) with a towel and apply the affected face 5-6 times a day for 10 minutes each time.

You can also use a hot water bottle to apply heat to your face. The temperature should be about 70, 3-4 times a day, 20-30 minutes each time. You can also use infrared radiation. Use wet gauze to cover the eyes that cannot be closed.-20 minutes, 2 times a day.

After irradiation, gently touch the face under your hands to promote blood circulation and make it better.

  As this disease affects chewing, food tends to stay between the cusps of the affected side when eating and chewing. Therefore, oral care should be done. Rinse mouth with 3% soda or warm water after meals and brush your teeth before going to bed.

  Eyelids cannot be closed, apply eye ointment before going to bed, and cover the eyes with wet saline gauze to protect the cornea.

  Emotional care: The onset of this disease suddenly, some patients lack of understanding, inner depression, causing changes in face, silent all day long, more patients are worried about the prognosis, according to the patient’s various concerns, sincerely and patiently explain the questions raised by the patient, And proactively explain to the patient the cause of the disease and the prognosis of the change in the condition.

Patients with crooked faces should try their best to considerate care, strengthen the help in life, and communicate in language.

The patient was respected and comforted, his emotions were pleasant, and the blood and blood flowed smoothly, so that the patient could drive away the heart disease, remove anxiety, build confidence, cooperate with the treatment, and he must recover.

  Adjusting the diet: As the disease reduces appetite and chewing function and affects appetite, patients should be encouraged to eat as much as possible, given the appropriate patient’s taste, and nutritious, delicious and light, easy to digest semi-liquid or soft diet, to avoid spicy cold stimulation products.

Don’t let the stars take you into the whitening trap


Don’t let the stars take you into the whitening trap

Whitening can be said to be the ultimate goal for all mm to pursue skin beauty.

Look at the skin of the stars under the intense magnesium light, the good is almost stunned.

As a result, many people use the whitening “cheats” of celebrities as an example to whiten, but everyone knows that their methods of whitening are also right or wrong.


hzh {display: none; }  下面小编就以一些错把美白损招当高招明星美白方法告诉大家,以防继续“上当受骗”。This is all a bloody fact, everyone pays attention.


1Mr. Qu Ying Qu said that no matter what type of skin, you must add moisture first to whiten.

  ”In spring and summer, I like to use some exfoliating and hydrating masks. This will not only replenish the skin’s moisture, but also ease the skin’s pigmentation, making my skin fair and transparent.

“Loss index”: ★★★★★ Reason: If you want to make your skin white, hydration is just the second step. The most important step is to first adjust the nature of your skin., But with little effect, then your skin is likely to be sensitive skin.

The muscle floor of sensitive skin is weak, and the active ingredients of any product are difficult to penetrate directly or perform optimally.

The foundation is not well-conditioned, so how to make the skin whitening or moisturizing later?

Look at the big model of Qu taking pigment deposits. I don’t know how many layers of powder are covered, but I still can’t cover it. It is really a mistake.

  eday Skin Soothing Softening Essence Experience: Xiaobian’s skin is very dry, and she is in the north.

Once it is dry in autumn and winter, the dander of uniforms can be said to be appalling.

However, the effect of using a lot of moisturizing products is that it is very moisturizing within half an hour after applying it, but it is dry again after two hours, just can not lock the water!

Later, I consulted a professional beauty consultant and learned that my skin turned out to be sensitive skin, and the special weak skin made it difficult for hydrating products to function, so I always did “useless work”.

Now using this essence, the conditioning effect is good, anti-sensitivity + hydration are carried out simultaneously, the skin is really bright and transparent!


2 Xiao Yaxuan’s natural foundation + Acquired Food Supplement Elva said that because of her natural whiteness, she hardly tried whitening products in beauty skin care products, and she did not even deliberately apply sunscreen.

She also highly recommends grape juice and almonds, which are taken or rinsed with grape branch and leaf juice, which has a good whitening effect.

  Loss index: ★★★★ ☆ Reason: Sister Elva is really silly and cute.

Naturally whiter skin is exposed to the wind and the sun, and time passes . It is difficult to think of it as black!

There is also grape juice and almonds, which can contain a lot of zinc, copper, and iron, which are elements that make the skin darker.

Looking at the dull face in the picture, I feel that even applying powder is useless.

What a scourge!

  Editor’s recommendation: The skin has become extremely fragile and sensitive after being tortured by the harsh environment. The external damage is harmful and it is not easy to take advantage of it. It will seriously damage the baby’s skin.Truly fresh as new.

  VICHY Runqua soothing spray (live spring water spray) experience: Because Xiaobian faced the computer for a long time, in the air-conditioned room.

The skin has become dry and sensitive.

Raising loneliness a little later, and is particularly prone to acne.

So I carry this spray with me as soon as I have time to spray it to relieve my “tired” skin.

When I first sprayed, I felt that my skin was a bit refreshed, but it was only temporary. Over time, my skin was still dry and red.

Therefore, it can only temporarily alleviate skin problems, but it can’t completely condition it.


3 Xu Jinglei.

hzh {display: none; }  老徐说她小时候皮肤较黑,长大了竟然慢慢变白了。In the summer, Lao Xu felt that sunscreen was very greasy, so he did not use sunscreen products.

  Damage index: ★★★★ Reason: Sister Xu seems to have committed a beauty taboo.Human skin only has the ability to self-regulate and turn white only when it is 1-5 years old, how can it slowly turn white by itself!

What is particularly outstanding here is that if the MMs with sensitive skin pay special attention to sun protection, otherwise the weak skin will be easier to absorb melanin and toxins than normal skin. If the sensitive factors are not removed first, the subsequent work is equal to zero.

It’s like the glass is broken, can you put it back intact?

  Editor’s recommendation: All of them quickly use anti-allergy products to strengthen the skin’s resistance, and then do a good job of polymer sunscreen, it will not turn black.

  La Roche-Posay SPF30 + special sunscreen lotion: The skin of this sunscreen lotion is relatively refreshing, especially suitable for sensitive skin such as Xiaobian, unlike other sunscreen products, it has a great burden on the skin.

Although it is relatively clean, when the ultraviolet rays are strong in summer, sensitive skin like me will still have melanin deposits and look less transparent.

And for the protection of those sensitive skin in summer, red, swollen and so on have no effect.


4 Cameron?

Diaz Cameron?

Diaz’s homemade whitening mask formula-cucumber juice for face, simple and affordable, soak the mask paper purchased from the supermarket in cucumber juice and leave it on for 15 minutes. The whitening and cleaning effect is very significant.

  Loss index: ★★★ ☆ Reason: Cameron?

Diaz is red enough, but it is also miserable to use the wrong whitening method.

How miserable, look at the pictures, look at the swelling, look at the dry lines!

Everyone’s skin is different. Although this homemade mask is economical and simple, it has not undergone strict disinfection. If it is sensitive skin, the consequences will be unthinkable.

  Editor’s recommendation: Be alert at all times!

  FANCL Whitening and Freckle Essence Mask experience: After using it, I feel that the skin is not hot, but the redness and swelling still have to let it slowly disappear.

However, the existing editorial board of the editorial board is a bit lightened.


Xun Xun concentrated on whitening for a month and a half, whitening cleansing milk, whitening lotion, whitening day cream, night cream, whitening essence, whitening mask . I use it every day for 10 or 20 days.

It must be white.

  Loss index: ★★★ ☆ Reason: In this society where everything is efficiency-oriented, speed has become the focus of everyone’s attention.

However, if you want to lighten your skin tone without harming your skin, it takes a long process and it is impossible to do it once and for all.

Moreover, different skin types are suitable for different types.

Short-term whitening is a fairy tale, and we are too old to believe in fairy tales.

  Editor’s recommendation: If you want to really whiten, slow down.

  Avene soothing spring water experience: This main function is to replenish water.

However, it is said that it can also form a protective film on the skin to protect sebum, and also resist oxidation and free radicals.

Although I don’t know what it means, I feel that it protects the skin and thickens the skin, making the skin less sensitive.

But Xiaobian really felt the function of hydrating.

  Editor’s comment: Seeing the “cases” of these stars, have you made the same problem as them?

Xiao Bian tells you clearly: use anti-allergy products to condition the skin’s health, and then use whitening products, that is, whitening without hurting the skin.

Health + whitening is the right way to skin care.

How to regulate acne in front?

Try 12 diet recipes

How to regulate acne in front?

Try 12 diet recipes

Click to buy girls are more worried about their skin problems, but acne will appear on everyone’s face from time to time.

There are many ways to treat acne, and food conditioning is a more effective one.

Let’s take a look at the 12 diet recipes for acne: 1, Sydney celery juice: 100 grams of celery, 1 tomato, 150 grams of Sydney, and half a lemon.

After washing, stir the juice in the juice machine and put it in once a day.

Effective in clearing heat and moisturizing.

It is suitable for the adjuvant treatment of acne.

  2. Carrot and celery juice: 1 carrot (medium size), 150 grams of celery, 1 onion, wash and stir the juice in a blender, once a day.

Clear heat and detoxify and dispel fire.

Can assist dental caries.

  3. Loquat leaf paste: 1000 grams of fresh loquat leaves (washed and depilated), add 8000ml of water, cook for 3 hours, filter to remove residue, then concentrate to a paste, mix with honey and mix well.

Eat 10 grams each time?
15 grams twice daily.

Efficacy clears lung heat, relieves phlegm and coughs.

Suitable for acne, rosacea, etc.

Avoid spicy spicy food and alcohol while taking this medicine.

  4, seaweed barley porridge: 9 grams each of seaweed, kelp, sweet almonds, 30 grams of barley kernels.

Fry seaweed, kelp, sweet almonds with water, and discard the residue to take the juice, and then cook with porridge and porridge, once a day for 3 weeks as a course of treatment.

Efficacy: Activating blood and removing blood stasis, anti-inflammatory soft and firm, suitable for ulcers.

  5. Hawthorn peach kernel porridge: Hawthorn, peach kernel 9 grams each, lotus leaf half a sheet, 60 grams of rice.

First boil the first three flavors of soup, remove the residue, and add the previous rice to make porridge.

1 dose daily for 30 days.

For ulcers caused by sputum stasis and condensation.

  6. Kelp mung bean soup: kelp, 15 grams each of mung beans, 9 grams of sweet almonds, 6 grams of roses, and brown sugar.

Wrap the rose with a cloth, cook it with each medicine, remove the rose and add brown sugar to eat.

1 dose daily for 30 days.

Suitable for ulcers.

  7, vinegar ginger papaya: 100 ml of vinegar, 60 grams of papaya, 9 grams of ginger.

Put 3 flavors together in a casserole and cook. When the vinegar is dry, remove the papaya and eat it with ginger.

1 dose daily, eat 2 times in the morning and evening.

7 consecutive days.

Effective on acne caused by spleen and stomach sputum temperature.

  8. Coix kernel kelp double kernel porridge: Coix kernel 15 grams, wolfberry, peach kernel 15 grams each, kelp, sweet almond 10 grams each, mung beans 20 grams, 50 grams of rice.

Wrap peach kernels and sweet almonds in gauze, decoction and juice, add coix kernels, kelp, wolfberry, and rice porridge.

2 times a day.
It has the functions of clearing heat and detoxifying, clearing fire and reducing inflammation, promoting blood circulation and removing blood stasis, and nourishing yin and emollient.

Suitable for ulcers.
  9, wolfberry anti-inflammatory porridge: wolfberry 30 grams, white pigeon meat, 100 grams each of the previous rice, fine salt, MSG, sesame oil each amount.
Wash the white pigeon meat and chop it into meat.

Wash the wolfberry fruit and the previous rice, add to the casserole, add the pigeon meat paste and the right amount of water, simmer the porridge, add the fine salt, monosodium glutamate, sesame oil when the porridge is ready, mix well.

1 dose per day, 2 servings, 5?
8 doses is a course of treatment.

It has the functions of supporting poison and detoxifying, nourishing yin and moisturizing, and reducing swelling and swelling.

Suitable for people with skin infections and acne on their face.

  10, fruit and vegetable mung bean drink: take cabbage, celery, bitter gourd, bell pepper, lemon, apple, mung bean each amount.

First boil the mung bean for 30 minutes and filter the juice; wash the cabbage, celery, bitter gourd, bell pepper, and apple into sections or pieces, stir the juice, add the mung bean juice, drip the lemon juice, and add the honey seasoning.

1 daily?
2 times.

It has the effect of clearing heat and detoxifying, mixed with acne.

  11, fruit and vegetable mildew-proof juice: take bitter melon, cucumber, celery, pear, orange, pineapple each amount.

Peel the bitter gourd, peel the pineapple, and cut into pieces. Stir the cucumber, celery, pear, orange, bitter melon, and pineapple together into the honey.

1 daily?
2 times.

With heat-clearing and detoxifying, bactericidal effect.

Suitable for ulcers.

  12. Mung bean barley kernel soup: 25 grams each of mung bean and barley kernels, 10 grams of hawthorn, wash, add 500 grams of water, boil for 30 minutes, boil, stop the fire after rolling for a few minutes, do not remove the cover, simmer for 15 minutesYou can use it as tea.

3 daily?
5 times, suitable for oily skin, has the effect of preventing acne and youthful nausea.

Correctly mastering exercise methods can help reduce stress

Correctly mastering exercise methods can help reduce stress

Physical exercise is the best way to maintain physical health, promote physiological balance, and reduce psychological stress; however, it can also be dangerous if we can’t properly train during exercise.

In particular, those who are eager to achieve success and do not master the correct exercise method often cause sports injuries, lead to physical exhaustion, physical injury, and even strained muscles and tendons.

Below we propose seven points that should be paid attention to in fitness for your reference.

Carry out training moderately.

Especially for those who are over 35 years old, do a physical examination before training starts, as a part of the physical evaluation, a health plan proposed by the health doctor, the plan includes: exercise mode, choice of intensity, frequency,Duration, moving targets, etc.

Choose the sport method you like.

Not everyone is suitable for this exercise method. You need to determine the exercise method that suits you according to your physical condition and activity preferences.

This can not only achieve the purpose of exercise, but also avoid the monotony and halfway caused by a single exercise method.

Choose daytime fitness.

Whenever possible, put the century of fitness in the morning or evening at a certain time, and ensure that this time period is completely at your disposal.

And you must exercise five days a week, at least half an hour a day.

But remember that you can’t exercise at noon.

Prepare clothing and equipment for fitness.

If you choose to walk fast or jog, sports shoes and sportswear are enough; if you choose swimming, cycling or other items, you must prepare the appropriate equipment.

Working out together can help the team.

The good thing about team fitness is that when you’re not so active with your team, the team can promote your motivation for fitness.

Set your own fitness goals.

Do you want to lose weight?

Reduce plasma?

Still looking to lower blood pressure?

These are our fitness goals.

It is a motivation that motivates us to keep going.

Be careful.

The best way to treat injuries is to prevent injuries and avoid injuries to your feet and complications during fitness. If you are unfortunately injured, you should stop exercising and go to the hospital in time for medical treatment.

  When carrying out a personal fitness training, master some basic guidelines in advance and understand common sense of fitness, so that you can prepare for fitness exercises.

I wish you the desired results of fitness exercises.

How to comfort the crying naughty baby

How to comfort the crying naughty baby

1. Help your baby experience a quiet feeling. Change the time of your baby’s game and give him a break.

Latututian provides the baby with a soft light environment. Try to let him sleep in a dark and peaceful place at night.

  2. Pay attention to your baby’s body language. Your baby rubs his eyes, corrects his head, and suddenly falls asleep, which may all indicate that he needs a quiet place.

  3, know how long the baby’s sleep makes the baby want to sleep, as long as you sleep.

You will find that after getting enough rest, the little ones will adapt to the environment.

  4. Take your baby out for a walk. Take your baby out for a walk. As long as you keep walking, your baby’s emotions will be relieved.

  5. Fix the baby’s crib or cradle as his resting place. Don’t turn the place where the baby sleeps into a game place, and don’t put a pile of stuffed animals in it.

Rotating musical toys, and other things that distract from sight.

  6. Help your baby learn to relax. Give your baby a pacifier or allow your baby to suck your fingers. Wait until his mood is stable, drink enough milk, and let him rest for a while.

  7. Use a “monotone voice” to soothe the hum of the exhausted baby’s electric fan, clothes dryer, and vacuum cleaner, which can divert the baby’s attention and keep him from being attracted by his personality or other sounds at home.

  8. Provide a sedative item to the baby to consider placing an aquarium or a red table lamp with lighting in a dark room to appease the baby who has been overstimulated.

  9. Give your baby a sense of security Try to wrap the irritable baby tightly in the quilt and keep his limbs from moving. This can reduce tactile stimuli and help the baby relax.

  10, shaking the crying baby in a bright and dark quiet room to do a monotonous rocking action, can help tired babies avoid disturbing emotional images and sounds.

  11. Cover your baby with extra visual stimuli. When driving out, consider covering a towel on the east window next to the baby safety chair, or covering a baby stroller with a blanket while walking.

  12. Hold the baby’s whole body tightly in a dark and quiet room and lie down, and hold the baby who is out of control on his chest, which can help the baby to stimulate around his body.

Beware of perfumes that can affect your child’s health

Beware of perfumes that can affect your child’s health

Since her divorce, Xiaoheng’s mum has been uncharacteristically. She sprayed perfume twice a day and made herself “perfume”. Xiaoheng was often “smoked” and frowned.

It didn’t take long for Xiaoheng’s mommy to get upset, because Xiaoheng’s academic performance became worse and worse after entering the third grade of primary school, causing people’s concentration and irritability.

After “consultation” by teachers, parents, doctors, and psychologists, the “cause” was finally found.

Experts say that perfumes commonly used by moms can cause learning difficulties for babies.

Perfume affects baby’s health. In fact, in daily life, shampoos, cosmetics, baby skin care products, air fresheners, and washing products often contain fragrances, but few people consider the safety of fragrances.

There are more than 5,000 chemical ingredients used to make fragrances.

Of the more than 5,000 chemical ingredients, less than 20% have been tested for toxicity, and the results all contain toxicity and have been classified as dangerous goods in many countries.

Studies have found that the chemical composition of fragrances is harmful to health.

In particular, children are more susceptible to fragrances than adults.

The chemical components of the fragrance can be absorbed into the body through the mouth, nose, and skin. These components can reach all parts of the body through blood circulation.

Parents often spray perfume, which will poison the air that the baby around them breathe, causing the baby’s inattention, learning difficulties, excessive activity, and even serious convulsions, slow development and other hazards.

Therefore, parents with babies should pay attention that they can use daily necessities containing a lot of fragrances in front of babies.

How to improve yourself before taking office

How to improve yourself before taking office

First, you need to have confidence in yourself.

The fact that you are promoted shows that you are mature enough.

Of course, we should all continue to improve ourselves.

However, you should not lose yourself in improving yourself.

  There are several things you might want to pay attention to: 1.
Continue to keep the best you did in the past.

Your promotion is a continuation of your past achievements.

An important part of your boss’s expectations is that you want to further expand your existing capabilities.

You first need to work like a head of the finance department, rather than acting as a acting general manager.

Talk to your general manager about his expectations for you.

Although his main expectation for you is to continue to do what you did best in the past, he will have other expectations for your future performance.

You discuss with him correctly and develop a set of criteria for evaluating your future performance.

  3.Talk to managers in other departments.

In your new role, your areas of influence and collaboration have expanded.

These influences and scope of cooperation are not familiar to you.

You need to learn these.

One of the most effective ways is to ask your colleagues for advice.

You also need to understand the operations of other departments.

You also need to understand the cooperation and coordination between you and other departments, what they expect of you, what they care about, what suggestions they have, and so on.

  4.You also need to talk to staff in your department to understand their thoughts, difficulties, concerns, suggestions and expectations for the department’s future.

You don’t need to solve any problems, you don’t even need to commit to solving any problems, because some problems may exceed your remit.

The key is to understand them for your previous work.

  5.To stand out in your new position, you have to look beyond the departmental framework.

Think about things that really matter to the company’s overall business from the perspective of the company owner.

Pioneer, what would you do if you were the owner of the company?

Often some smart people are confused, trapped in the trap of local optimization for the company’s overall or long-term interests.

  6.Don’t let the new officer take three positions.

The first three months should say less and learn more.

At the same time, you need to develop a business plan for your department and your new role that will significantly serve the overall interests of your company.

You need to discover what else your department can do for the company.

  If you can discuss your plan with the general manager and get his consent, he will appreciate you very much.

Then, implement your plan systematically.

At this stage, because you lack understanding of the company’s overall business and systems, adopting a special strategy is both a courtesy and a necessity.

Crying can decompress for more than 15 minutes and damage the stomach

Crying can decompress for more than 15 minutes and damage the stomach

Core tip: Psychological research finds that tears can alleviate people’s depression. The tears that fall out when people are sad are high in protein, and these proteins are harmful substances produced by mental depression and are not good for human health.

However, it should not be more than 15 minutes to cry for decompression, or it will cause various stomach diseases.

  Tears can clear the body’s melancholy substances. Psychologists have found that the tears that fall out when people are sad are high in protein.

This protein is a harmful substance produced by mental depression, and the accumulation of depressed substances in the body is not good for human health.

Experts from the Psychiatric Laboratory of St. Paul-Remsey Medical Center have found that tears can relieve depression.

  Through chemical analysis of tears, they found that there are two important chemicals in the tears, namely the enkephalin complex and prolactin, which are only present in the tears that are allowed by emotional influence, and tears caused by onions and other stimuliIt was undetectable.

Therefore, they believe that tears can eliminate the depression-causing chemicals accumulated in the body, thereby reducing psychological stress.

  Forbearing tears is equal to “suicide”. Experts believe that the reason why women generally live longer than men. In addition to occupational, physiological, hormonal, and psychological advantages, being good at crying is also an important factor.

Generally, when people cry, their emotional intensity will decrease by 40%. Conversely, if they cannot use tears to eliminate emotional stress, it will affect their health.

Therefore, experts believe that holding back tears is tantamount to “suicide.”

  Crying should not exceed 15 minutes. However, crying should not exceed 15 minutes.

The depressed mood is vented, and you can no longer cry after the relief, otherwise it will be harmful to your body.

Because human kidney function is extremely sensitive to emotions, sorrowful or crying for too long, stomach movements will slow down, gastric juice secretion will decrease, acidity will decrease, it will affect appetite and even cause various stomach diseases.

Judging from the details whether he loves you or not

Judging from the details whether he loves you or not

Trivial love is just right “What’s wrong?

Not feeling well?

“As soon as I got home, when I saw Zhang Nanyong leaning lazily on the bed, my husband wondered if she had a cold. She had a low fever. She wanted to measure her temperature and decided not to go to the hospital.A moment ago, and then compared with the temperature of her forehead, she turned around and hurriedly turned around in the medicine box at home to find a thermometer for her to measure.

Before going out, she put on a coat to keep out the cold: “Be careful, watch your feet, don’t fall.

“Looking at a big man who cared for himself like a child, that delicate care deeply moved Zhang Nan.

  Voice-over: A caring husband who cares about his wife’s behavior is not hanging on his mouth or used to “show”, but should be reflected in the details of the moisturizing: sometimes it is just a gentle sound in your illnessGreetings, sometimes women ask you why there is no smile there, or coverlessly put your coat on your cool shoulders . Whisper: The love the wife needs is actually in some subtleties and trivialities of life,One look, one action, seems insignificant, but how many men will create it?

  For something other than romantic Valentine’s Day, Xu Ling went back to the supermarket with Mr. and bought two bags full of daily necessities.

After paying the money and packing, Mr. took all the weighty things away and asked her to mention those goods that did not weigh.

He used an empty hand to lightly hold Xu Ling’s waist, and used the speed of “pressing the road” when in love. The rare romance made her feel a palpitation and walked slowly in the envy of others.When he got home, he took a few more steps and rushed to open the door, handed her shoes, and gave her water to wash her hands.

Although she did not receive her husband’s roses and chocolate, Xu Ling felt happier that Valentine’s Day.

  Voiceover: Although love and romance are a common problem for women, a small gift for birthday and a rose for Valentine ‘s Day make her happy for a while, but the real help and care can warm her heart for a long time: it may only be a hand to give her bath water.Occasionally, you can cultivate your patience and make your wife feel that you love her more than before.

  Whispering: Tie an apron to shuttle between pots and pans, although it looks a bit mediocre, there is a “disgusting” look around the pots and pans, but the care that jumps in during the period is more able to makePeople feel that the real care is more touching than leaving the fragrance in their hands.

  Tianxianmei is worse than the beautiful winter in love. Yang Dan and her husband went out together. Although she was wearing a hat and a thick cotton coat, she walked on the street where the north wind was raging and the snow was falling. The biting cold made her hands cold.Lose consciousness.

The husband pulled her chilled hand out of the gloves, rubbed it gently in her palms, and spit hot air against her palms, and the relationship that distressed her blushed: “Don’t make it, peopleThey all looked at it.

The husband did not let go: “What are you afraid of, you are my wife.”

“She saw a lot of women walking at the same time and said to the feet,” The hands are so cold “, but their men are perfunctory:” Come on, buy a pair of thick gloves tomorrow. ”

“She thought that although she was mediocre, she was the most beautiful and charming at that time, and was far happier than others.

  Voiceover: He spit his face and said, “Tonight you are particularly charming.

“This compliment, whether unspoken or not, is more pleasing than any sweet word.

“Today’s dishes are so fragrant!

“Although there is a clear” attention “to saying this when a man wants to be lazy, I believe that every well-known wife will not hit his little weak at this time.

  Whispering words: Shih Tzu appears in the eyes of a lover, and Tianxian is not as beautiful as the one in love, saying “wife, you are so beautiful!”

“A small, inadvertent move shows that he is still full of old love.

  The pervert in the family also heard the rushing water in the cute bathroom. Zhu Yuan packed her pajamas and entered the bathroom door. A slap, the whole person fell on her husband.

The water from the shower head pours down, the clothes are soaked, and the style is looming . Looking at Zhu Yuan like a stunner, her husband appears “eager to eat” eagerly: “Dear, you were a delicate beauty before,Now, you are just a fairy in the bathroom . “Voice-over:” The show is delicious “, I believe many men are very concerned.

If he can look at you with a bad eye when he is ambiguous, your heart will be inexplicably rejoicing.

If he adds a “color” element to his eyes while he is looking at you, he can make you look dazzling-this condiment is also a love bomb.

  Whisper: The desolate and enchanting outside, women are most afraid of their own age, and men no longer look at themselves, let alone such an intriguing trick?

  During the quarrel, Xiao Lai Pi Cong Yu’e argued with her husband. After a few words, the husband took the initiative to retreat to the study.

As soon as she lay down after taking a shower, her husband came over and reached out to pinch her. Seeing that his wife pushed it a little, he didn’t obviously refuse, so he began to hold her firmly.

Cong Yu’e tried to push him away: “I hate it, don’t .” “Wife, I’m going to do what you hate, the sticky sugar, lingering on you all my life.

“My husband begged dead, a little Lai Pixiang.

Cong Yu’e laughed at the “thump”, so the unhappy moment just disappeared . Voiceover: Under the same roof, there will inevitably be such frictions.

He loves you, he will show the childlike Lai Pi, guilty of excuses, hiding behind all this, he really cares about you.

Let’s watch him fart fart far behind you wife and wife yell so sweetly, everyone’s heart is soft.

  Whisper: This is a family comedy, with laughter and unhappiness. If he loves you, after accidentally scratching your “tiger whisker”, he will always find a chance to show his “laipi” and win your understanding, soIn the end, it is more relaxed than depressed, and the haze turns into sunshine and joy.

  To do those inconspicuous things at sunset, Zhao Shan and her husband walked together in the community after dinner, and while chatting, Zhao Shan suddenly screamed and almost fell. Her husband hurriedly helped her stablyAt first glance, it turned out that her shoe lace was loose.

When Zhao Shan was too late to move, her husband had bent down, and carefully re-laced her shoes in spite of the many “attentions” attracted by her call just now.That evening, due to her husband’s “backward move”, Zhao Shan was as sweet as a dip in honey.

  Voice-over: His “big husband folded back” may not be regarded by ordinary men, but the love contained in it feels more useful than any sweet words, and the heart of a woman will let you die in the pediatric manner of a man”Tied” on.

  Whisper: Men’s love should be all-round, no matter whether it is a large court or a solitary Iraqi person, his way of expressing love is neither suspected of favoring the Chinese people nor avoiding the amazement of others.

There is no difference in love, no difference in love.

  Expert opinion: details grind men’s choices. I don’t know when women will pay attention to some details of men, and will form an unusual impression of a man because of some details.

Some men think that their big husband is informal, but the vulgarity, stinginess, and contraction that they show inadvertently make women feel contempt and unacceptable from the bottom of their hearts.

I believe a woman sent a text message to tell you what to pay attention to after leaving home, telling you to go out at night, and reminding you not to forget to call the family to report a safe man, they are all moved, because theseOnly by caring, will this man love you.

  In today’s society, women bear the same social responsibilities as men, and face the heavy burden of work. Some people may not need you to give her much living expenses every month, but it is true that every woman really desiresof.
  Both love and marriage need business.

Love is actually very simple, sometimes it is just a hand, sometimes it is insignificant, but in marriage, many times, love is like a sloppy river flowing quietly in the details.

In ordinary life, what is needed is a delicate heart to find, and to feel the little bit of love with heart.

Wanzhang high-rise flat, in your life, use your delicate emotions and touch, play your “details”, the emotions of the two can be more updated, and she will pay a few more attention to you.

Don’t forget that sincere treatment is the most precious thing. You will reveal the true feelings from your heart. She will not know.

  Men’s details can be divided into static and moving.

The former is generally dressed and dressed, it is a “solidified landscape”, which itself can be summarized as a treat for others, and it is a “flowing picture”.

Whether it is gentle and considerate, or the anger in a quarrel, the matching of men’s details is very important, and even many details may just be a kind of psychological comfort to her, because women are sensitive bodies that care about details, knowing that knowing details is oneIn this way, the details reflect the attitude of the man in life, the common sense and cultivation of the man, and the attitude of the man to his choice in the face of fashion trends.

Being a “detail” man’s partner should be the greatest happiness of a woman.

For a partner trapped in love, a detail often allows you to discern how true and how deep love is.

To understand how much a person loves you is not to see how long the two sides are together, or to look at some details in love, those trivial details often truly reflect a person’s heart.

It is often details that make love, and details that ruin love.

It can be seen that love and not love are in the details.