One day, three people can live to ninety-nine


One day, three people can live to ninety-nine

When my husband and I just retired, for the sake of fitness, it was not a walk or a jog.

These exercises are good, but they are susceptible to weather or site conditions, so I would like to find a fitness method that is both unrestricted and unrestricted.

銆€銆€I remember seeing the “retina” exercises in the magazine before. I said to my wife: “You can also try to shake.

“I didn’t expect to stick to it for four or five years. Although we have been old and young, we can be mentally savvy, and we are very aware of the benefits.

銆€銆€The top is the trembling of the body that is launched by itself.

The basic posture is correct, the chest is tight, the eyes are slightly closed, the feet are separated from the shoulder width, the whole body is relaxed, the distracting thoughts are removed, and the heel and the alignment are used as the axis to start the shaking of the muscles and internal organs of the lower part of the body.

The front-end frequency and time can vary from person to person, and can generally be 20 minutes and no more than half an hour.

As long as there is no discomfort, the speed and duration of shaking will not cause confusion.

銆€銆€This kind of “single work” is easy to learn, and can be done everywhere, indoor wood, balcony bedside, where there is a foothold, there are conditions for practicing.

Therefore, many people who benefit from high blood pressure fitness have the experience that they can shake and shake ninety-nine.

You may wish to give it a try.