[How to choose durian is good_How to choose durian is the best]

[How to choose durian is good_How to choose durian is the best]

Durian is a fruit, but the nutritional value of durian is very high. Durian can even nourish the body, and durian also has healing effects. Some women usually experience menstrual cramps during menstruation. If you eat durian,If it is, it can relieve dysmenorrhea. Some people’s body’s immunity is relatively low. You can eat more durian, which can enhance the immunity. So how to choose durian?

First, the technique of selecting a whole durian 1. Look at the color of the durian shell and choose the color of the whole durian shell. If you plan to eat it immediately after you buy it, naturally choose a durian with a yellowish color.The degree of maturity is sufficient. The dull yellow or even brownish ones are very sweet durians.

If you plan to buy it for a few days after you go home, you can choose a greenish durian, and it will mature naturally when you go home for a few days.

2. Look at the appearance of the durian shell. From the exterior of the durian shell, you can see a lot of “hills” that bulge. Below these “hills” is the durian pulp. There is a “small hill” that represents the flesh of the durian flap. The more “hills”The more the number of durian pulp, the more “small” the drum, the better the maturity of the pulp.

Through the spikes on the durian shell, you can also know the amount and maturity of durian pulp.

If the spikes are thick and smooth, it means that the flesh complications of durian are high in maturity, and the durian flesh is thick and delicate.

If the spikes are sharp and thin, the durian’s flesh is less and less mature, and the durian’s flesh is thin and rough.

When you look at the appearance, pay attention to the fruit stem. If the fruit stem is strong and fresh, it is a nutritious and fresh grenade.

3. Look at the durian shells. There are about 3 durians each.
5 pounds, the durian with the same head is full of water and sweeter.

4. Seeing the cracking degree of durian shell Many people think that cracked durian is good, but pay attention to the following points when buying cracked durian: it is best not to buy durian with a cracking degree that can directly see the flesh. God knows if there are flies or otherDirty things have entered this rift yet.

In addition, durians with excessive cracks may be just mature, or durians that are already overripe, and the flesh of durians that are overly mature will be soft and bitter, which is basically equivalent to degenerate durians.

If the stall owner tells you that this is the durian that has just cracked, you would rather believe that the sow will get on the tree than trust him.

The safest way is to buy durian that has just begun to crack. You can already see the crack on the durian shell, but you can’t see the pulp inside.

Or you can look at the tail of the durian, it is better to have a little crack in the tail.

5. Smell the smell of durian. Mature durian has a strong and mellow odor, while durian without mature has a grass-like smell, and durian that has deteriorated has an alcoholic flavor.

In addition, durians can be bought without maturity, because durian has the characteristics of post-ripening, it will naturally mature when you buy it for a few days.

6. Squeeze the spikes of durian. You can know the maturity of durian by squeezing the spikes of durian. Use your fingers to pinch the two spikes next to each other and move them inward slightly. If you feel relaxed, they are matureBetter durian, if you can’t pinch it, it’s not mature durian.

7. Pick up the durian and shake your hands. Pick up the durian and shake it gently. If you feel a slight collision inside, it means that the flesh has separated from the shell. This is a durian with better maturity.

However, this method is relatively easy to hurt your hands, so be careful to hold it.

When you pick up durian, you can also feel the weight by the way. The durian of the same size and lighter is durian with more flesh.

8. Press the shell of durian once. If you plan to buy mature durian, you can also click its shell with your fingers. If you feel the durian shell is elastic, it is a good durian with thin skin. If you do not press it, the skin is thick.
This method is not suitable for the selection of unripe green durians. The durian has a hard outer shell and cannot be moved regardless of its thickness.

Second, the technique of choosing to peel durians. There are also peeled durian flaps in supermarkets, which are wrapped in plastic wrap and sold.

When choosing this durian, you can look at the color first. The yellow color is already rotten, and it floats directly.

The exception is the pulp of Thai durian, which is yellow pulp.