[Figous flavor_figous flavor]

[Figous flavor_figous flavor]

Figs are relatively familiar fruits. They were marketed in the early autumn, with a sweet taste and medicinal value.

Fig flavor_What is the flavor of fig?

Fig is a kind of relatively mild fruit. It has a good taste and is attributed to the heart, spleen and stomach. It is a good health fruit.

It can improve the symptoms of indigestion and yin deficiency cough and sore throat.

I. Fig. Symptoms and Effects of Sex[Sex]: Flat[Taste]: Sweet[Symptoms]: Heart, Spleen, Stomach[Efficacy]: Spleen Strengthening, Nourishing, and Intestinal Efficacy[Suitable]: IndigestionThinking about diet, yin deficiency, cough, dry cough without phlegm, sore throat[taboo]: aunt liver disease, diarrhea, thin stool[features]: sweet and sweet like persimmon without nucleus[effect]: 1.

Intestinal laxative: Figs contain malic acid, citric acid, trace enzymes, proteases, recombinases, etc., which can help the body digest food, promote appetite, and because it is rich in a variety of lipids, it has laxative and laxativeeffect.

Lower blood pressure and prevent coronary heart disease: The trace enzymes and degrading enzymes contained in figs have the function of reducing blood lipids and decomposing blood lipids, reducing trace deposits in blood vessels, and reducing blood pressure slenderly to prevent coronary heart disease.


Enhance the body’s disease resistance: The milk of immature fruits contains active ingredients such as psoralen and bergamot lactone, and an aromatic substance, benzaldehyde, can be extracted from the juice of its mature fruits.It can prevent the occurrence of various cancers, delay the development of transplanted adenocarcinoma and lymphosarcoma, and cause it to degenerate, and gradually normal cells will not produce poison.

Second, the characteristics of common fruits 枇杷: Glycylic acid, slightly acid, flat sex; into the spleen, lung, liver.

Efficacy: Qingfei Shengjin to quench thirst, nourish lungs and lower qi, nourish lungs and cough, quench thirst and stomach, diuretic and heat.

Myrica rubra: sweet, sour, warm.

Into the lungs and stomach.

Bayberry fruit can rejuvenate and quench thirst, relieve stomach and vomiting, and relieve diarrhea.

Lychee: sweet, sour, warm.

Into the spleen and liver.

Efficacy: Shengjinyixue, spleen and hemostasis, Wenzhongjiangni, qi and pain.

Longan: sweet, warm; Guixin, spleen.

It has the effects of appetizing, nourishing the blood and nourishing the spleen, replenishing the heart and soothe the nerves, and replenishing the deficiency and the wisdom.