[Can I eat melon?]_ Danger_Bad

[Can I eat melon?]_ Danger_Bad

Watermelon is the fruit that clears the heat and relieves heat in every family. Because watermelon is sold in large quantities in summer, its price is relatively cheap, and its taste is very crisp and sweet.

And melon is a variant of watermelon. The melon and watermelon are lighter in size and smaller in size than the watermelon, but they contain a lot of watermelon seeds. So, can the melon of melon be consumed?

Can a dozen melon be eaten directly? Can I eat melon directly, but is there no meat? Because melon has less meat, smaller size, more seeds, and larger seeds, it is mainly for harvesting watermelon seedsIt is planted for eating, so the taste is not so sweet. Of course, it can be eaten, but the taste is not as good as watermelon.

But it is also because the sugar content of melon is relatively small, so it is a kind of watermelon suitable for diabetics. It is also a fruit with a market. What is melon? It is a variant of watermelon.

The fruit is small, and it is mostly opened by hand when eating. The seeds are relatively large. They are shaped like watermelon seeds, with black edges on both sides, and yellow and white in the middle. Most of them can be squeezed to eat.

The fruits of this plant.
When you eat it, you open it manually, so it’s called Dagua.

The cultivation of this melon is mainly to collect the nutritional value of melon seeds and three dozen melon. Lanzhou seed melon, also known as “play melon”, is named after punching and eating more seeds.

The melon is round, the skin is smooth, light green, with dark green stripes, and the melon is white and sweet.

Seed melon is mainly produced in Lanzhou and Hexi’s Minqin, Gulang, Yongchang and other counties, as well as in the Northeast.

Here is sandy soil, with the right temperature, plenty of sunlight, and good quality seeds.

The seeds produced are black-edged and white-hearted, with full grains and broken flakes. Therefore, they are called “Lanzhou black sunflower seeds” or “Lanzhou large plate sunflower seeds” on the international market.

In autumn, after the seed melon is mature, the melon is broken with fists, the flesh is taken out, washed with water, dried, and ready for market.

Black sunflower seeds are rich in protein, trace amounts, vitamins B, D and other nutrients. They are used for daily consumption and are a delicious food that people generally love.

The effect of four dozen melon melon contains high unsaturated fatty acids, which is especially suitable for patients with hypertension and cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases.

Contains substances such as phytosterols, which can reduce low-density plasma levels in the blood.