4 health taboo women committed to accelerate aging


4 health taboo women committed to accelerate aging

In the morning, the air in the bedroom is relatively turbid. The relevant measurements show that the air contains a lot of bacteria, carbon dioxide gas and dust, which can easily damage the respiratory system, cause colds, sore throat, and can cause coughing, dizziness, etc., and it takes a long time.Impair memory and hearing.

銆€銆€1, a taboo bed is true, ample sleep can relieve fatigue and rejuvenate.

However, some people mistakenly believe that it is good for children to sleep better, especially for the growth and development of adolescents. Therefore, some people do not get up in bed in the morning, so that the sleep time greatly exceeds the need.

This is a bad habit. In the long run, it will damage your health.

銆€銆€And after a night, the belly is empty, there has been a clear sense of inadequacy. At this time, if the bed is not good, it will inevitably disrupt the law of gastrointestinal activity. Over time, the gastric mucosa will be damaged, easily causing gastritis, gastric ulcer andDyspepsia and other diseases.

Therefore, we must pay attention to the rationality of sleep time and maintain good living habits.

銆€銆€2, the second bogey wake up after waking up in the morning, after waking up, the bladder may be full of urine, there is an urgent need to urinate, the more urgent the urine, the more you have to hold your breath, you can not get up immediately, especiallyIt is the elderly, and the erect position should be avoided.

Because the bladder emptying is easy to cause dizziness, and even urinary syncope.

銆€銆€3, three taboos immediately after the exercise of many people, used to exercise appropriate physical exercise in the morning, as long as attention, there is indeed discomfort for health.

However, the exercise must take a short break after the morning, until the blood and yin and yang balance the operation.

銆€銆€If you do not prepare for the activity after getting up, you will immediately spend the movement of the thumb, which is prone to heart and cerebrovascular accidents.

4, four bogey do not eat breakfast According to nutrition experts analysis, breakfast is the most important meal of the day.

After the rest of the sleep, the body is fully prepared for the day’s work and study. At this time, it is necessary to take in a lot of nutrients to cope with the daily consumption.

What harm would it bring if you didn’t eat breakfast?

銆€銆€First, not eating breakfast can cause low blood sugar, making people feel weak.

After a night of sleep, the body’s nutrition has been exhausted. At this time, the blood sugar concentration is in a low state. If you do not eat breakfast, the blood sugar concentration will continue to drop, and the appearance will be pale, limbs weak, lack of energy, and sometimes evenHypoglycemia shock occurs.

銆€銆€Second, it will seriously affect memory.

According to experts, the brain’s energy glucose, this plasma sugar can only be concentrated in the liver and kidneys, and can only be stored for 8 hours.

If you do not eat in the morning, the brain will have insufficient energy to cause memory loss.

銆€銆€Third, not eating breakfast is prone to chronic diseases such as gastritis and ulcer disease.

銆€銆€Fourth, induce gallstones.

When people are fasting in the morning, the cholesterol in the body is highly saturated. Eating breakfast is beneficial to the discharge of bile in the gallbladder. Conversely, it is easy to precipitate cholesterol in the bile to produce stones.

British scholars surveyed women with gallstones and found that people with gallstones were associated with long-term non-food.

銆€銆€So even have to eat breakfast, but also a high degree of quality breakfast.

Some people think: “Breakfast is gold, lunch is silver, dinner is copper.”

Sticking to breakfast every day is one of the elements of longevity.