In the late summer and early autumn, wet and wet, now!

In the late summer and early autumn, wet and wet, now!

At the end of summer and early autumn, the heaviest time of body moisture is now!

Although it has entered the early autumn, but the summer heat has not completely dissipated, the current climate is characterized by wetness, coupled with summer air conditioning, drinking cold drinks and other activities to make the body accumulate moisture, so that the spleen and stomach are cold, resulting in decreased body resistance.

Moisture and cold together become wet and cold; together with heat, become damp heat; together with the wind, become rheumatism; together with the heat, become a damp!

Therefore, the health of the early autumn stage, the focus is on dampness!

Check if you have “moisture” and generally have moisture in your body, all accompanied by spleen deficiency.

Because of the spleen deficiency, the digestive function of the food water valley is weakened, and the indigestible part is retained in the form of moisture or sputum.

From the following four signs, you can determine whether there is moisture inside your body!

1 hair oil, hair loss hair love oil is a sign of heavy body weight.

Because the spleen is caused by moisture, it will cause the pores of the skin to become large, oily and strong, and full of shine.

Some people have always been very oily. After eating spicy food or a lot of exercise, they sweat more and the skin is refreshed. This will drain the body’s “moisture” and the accumulation of oil will improve.
2 stool is thick, not formed through the stool can also observe the problem of moisture in the body, if the stool is particularly thick, not shape, constipation, this is the performance of heavy moisture.

If you can’t tell the shape of the stool, you can look at the toilet. The toilet is always flushed. If it is, it proves to be wet.

The stickyness of moisture occurs when the stool sticks to the intestines and is absorbed by the intestines, so that it is not excreted from the body, causing the toxins to return to the human body. All the “sub-health” symptoms will appear in the long run!

3 limbs are weak, easy to sleepy Chinese medicine said “wet weight as a package”, this feeling of being wrapped is the body’s feeling of moisture.

Some people are obviously strong and strong, that is, they feel that they are not strong, they are easy to sleep, they cause concentration, they feel like they are bound, and their mental state is poor. Even because some blood and blood are not running smoothly, joints will also have some substitutes.There are sore joints and weakness in the limbs, such as weakness, which may be caused by severe moisture.

4 edema, puffiness Some people are really fat, some people are puffy, how to judge?

If the gas is strong, it is “true fat.”

If “fat and powerless”, physical weakness, soft hands, that is puffy, meaning some edema, because the body is wet, the water can not flow with the blood, stay in the body cells, so that the body quickly expands, this timeNeed to be wet in time.

Dehumidification in the late summer and early autumn should pay attention to what is the prevention of external wetness and wetness caused by rain, wading or long-term wetlands.

When you go out, bring an umbrella, raincoat and rain boots. After rain or wading, you should dry your body and change your clothes.

It is not advisable to soak and soak in the swimming pool or the bathhouse to avoid the chance of getting wet.

Labor, rest and work hard to avoid the wet water, not long-term wetlands.

Especially the elderly, tired outside, but also try not to sit in front of the wooden chair and other wooden benches.

The prevention of internal wetness is caused by a large amount of raw cold fruits, cold drinks and other cold substances, which are caused by spleen and stomach yang.

Prevent internal moisture to prevent gluttony and cold food and greasy food, avoid overeating.

The diet is mainly light and aromatic, and the light products are easy to digest. The aromatic products have the effect of waking up the spleen and invigorating the spleen and yang, thus stimulating appetite.

You can use lentils, coix seed, red bean, medlar, rush and other spleen and dampness products to cook soup or porridge.

In addition, we must pay special attention to food hygiene, do not eat rotten and unclean food, can eat garlic, vinegar, tea and other foods that have bactericidal and bacteriostatic effects.

Food should be properly preserved, and all kinds of tableware should be disinfected regularly. Pay attention to washing hands frequently.

In addition, the rainy Changxia is the season of high flood disasters. After the disaster, it is necessary to prevent major epidemics. At this time, it is necessary to strengthen the epidemic prevention work to prevent the spread of infectious diseases.

Four strokes teach you to remove the body’s moisture. 1 Dietary barley is a food that can go to moisture, can cure dampness, digestive gastrointestinal, eliminate edema, spleen and stomach, long-term service and light body.

Renhe red beans with the cold and stomach are the first porridge to be wet, if you are too troublesome, you can also drink barley tea.

Production method: Wash the coix seed with water and remove it.

Find a clean pan,: a small fire, put the barley in the pot, slowly fry.

Put the fried hazelnuts in a boiled water like a cup of tea.

When you are simmering glutinous rice, be careful not to open the fire. Always turn the glutinous rice until the scent or yellowish.

The glutinous rice tea that is soaked in water has a light scent of rice, which can be damp, white, and spleen, and also helps edema obesity.

If you still don’t want to start, you can also bubble old Chinese medicine[钖忎粊鑼禲, Lishui swelling, spleen and dampness, bid farewell to chubby wet no longer come!2 cupping cupping therapy has a long history in China. Recently, there are many voices questioning this method, but the sister thinks that cupping is effective at least in terms of dehumidification.

During the cupping process, if there is congestion in the area, the formed cans will appear dark red. If there is wind, the part will generally feel itchy. If the heat is heavy, the cans will show bright red. If it is wet.The air is heavy, the cans are purple, and there are a lot of water drops in the tank. If it is cold, the cans are black.

Although the cupping was a little painful after the cupping, the cold and damp heat in the human body was pulled out.

3 According to the acupuncture points in the acupuncture massage committee, the spleen and stomach can be strengthened.

In the center of the leg socket, the center of the leg is the bladder, the bladder is the largest detoxification channel for the human body, and the hole in the center is the sewage outlet on this channel, which is the point of the wet, if not smoothThe moisture will not be discharged, which will lead to joint pain and other diseases.

You can massage this acupuncture point at any time, you can replenish the vital energy, pass through the vitality, and it is a simple and practical method to moisturize the spleen and stomach.

4 There are reflective areas and meridian distributions on the feet of people who have hot water soaking feet. The hot water soaking feet can stimulate these reflection areas, promote blood circulation, regulate the endocrine system, and protect the cold.
After soaking your feet in hot water for a few minutes, you will feel the body heat. This kind of fever is different from the hot weather. It is extended from the inside. This is wet, especially in the south, it is hot, winter is cold, hot water.Bathing feet are the best method of moisturizing.