Keep in mind in the winter to maintain yang

Keep in mind in the winter to maintain “yang”

In winter, the vegetation is dying and frozen, and it is the season for all things in nature. Chinese medicine believes that at this time, people’s yang should also be hidden inside, and winter health advocates “maintaining yang” and “reinforcing kidney and preventing cold”.
銆€銆€A Go to bed early and stay up Keeping yang The winter is cold, and some people are prone to fatigue in the winter due to poor blood flow.
It is prone to emotional distress, lazy drowsiness, groggy, etc. This phenomenon is more common in women.
銆€銆€People and trees are the same. In winter, the nutrients on the branches are hidden in the roots of the trees, and the trees completely stop growing and are dormant.
銆€銆€Therefore, the yang converges in winter, and wakes up early (it is better if the sun comes out and gets up again) to maintain the body’s yang. In addition, it is best to expose the sun to extend the light time. This is a natural treatment for nourishing the mood.
銆€銆€B diet is mainly based on 鈥渉idden heat鈥? The basic principle of winter diet should be based on 鈥渉idden heat鈥? Therefore, it is better to eat lamb, dog, goose, duck, radish, walnut, chestnut and sweet potato in winter.
At the same time, we must follow the principle of “slow salt and eat more bitterness”. It should not be too salty. Eat more light. Eat more bitter foods. Avoid hard and cold foods, and damage the yang of the spleen and stomach.
At the same time, eat more milk and bean products.
Eat more fruits and vegetables, drink plenty of water.
From the perspective of TCM constitution, people with qi physique can eat ginseng and other tonic, such as ginseng slices soaked in water; people with blood deficiency physique can eat gelatin, jujube, etc.; people with yin deficiency can eat wheatWinter, lily, etc.; people with yang physique can eat antler and so on.
銆€銆€C Do a good job of warming buffer “cold air” attack Winter should be done to keep warm, can buffer the invasion of the cold weather outside the human body.
Keep your head warm.
If you do not pay attention to the head to keep warm, the head blood vessels will shrink due to the cold weather, resulting in headache and other symptoms.