[Can you eat tomatoes in early pregnancy?

]_Pre-pregnancy_Can you eat

[Can you eat tomatoes in early pregnancy?
]_Pre-pregnancy_Can you eat

Tomatoes are very common fruits and vegetables. Many tomatoes can be eaten directly. You can also add a variety of delicious substitutes to eat them. The taste is delicious and the nutritional value is very high. After pregnancy, due to the effects of hormones in the body, many women have somePeople ‘s tastes have also changed. Some prefer spicy foods, and some prefer sour foods. Although tomatoes are rich in vitamins, many women in early pregnancy are afraid to eat them.

Can you eat tomatoes in early pregnancy?

Pregnant women can certainly eat tomatoes.

Tomatoes are rich in vitamins. For pregnant expectant mothers, they can not only balance nutrition, but also achieve the effect of detoxifying the body. Of course, lycopene also has sun protection. Many expectant mothers are afraid that the skin will change after pregnancy.Poor, then just eating more tomatoes to protect the skin can help you improve pregnancy skin problems.

If pregnant female friends keep eating one tomato each morning, night and evening, it will also make your baby’s skin better.

In this way, it will lead to a win-win situation for pregnant women and hypertension.

Of course, when choosing tomatoes, remember to choose fully cooked tomatoes. If there are green, hard-bodied tomatoes, you are not recommended to buy them. It is recommended that you buy tomatoes with sand, which will taste better.

Pregnant women, when eating tomatoes, remember to wash them thoroughly. Do not buy immediately and eat them immediately. You can soak them in salt water for a while, then rinse them before eating.

And tomatoes are not recommended to be placed in the refrigerator. If it is too cold, it will irritate fat and may cause residual discomfort and accidents.

If you eat tomatoes raw, you ca n’t eat too much.

Tomatoes can provide some of the nutrients our body needs.

But it can also be used for cooking.

When we treat it as an intermediate food, we must consider people’s tolerance for fruits (vegetables). Since we must eat it raw, we must prevent it from causing gastrointestinal discomfort. Eating too much can cause diarrhea. Pregnant women need to be careful.

Can you eat small tomatoes in the first trimester? 1, the lycopene in the small tomatoes completely reduces car exhaust, and the carcinogens in tobacco are harmful to the human body, which greatly help human growth.

2, lycopene also has the effect of sunscreen, many expectant mothers fear that the skin will deteriorate after pregnancy, so just eat more tomatoes to protect the skin.

3. Eating more small tomatoes is good for children’s vision development. The content of vitamin A in small tomatoes is also very high, which has the effect of protecting eyes.

4. Little tomato is rich in vitamin C and vitamin P, which has the effect of scavenging free radicals, and at the same time has a strong antioxidant capacity.

Therefore, it is very helpful to protect the DNA of cells and avoid gene mutation.

5. Little tomato vitamins help prospective mothers increase appetite, because the small tomato itself is rich in malic acid and citric acid, so it tastes sweet and sweet, and these two substances also have the ability to promote the absorption and digestion of protein by gastric juiceSo there are certain benefits to preventing constipation during pregnancy.

[How to eat green peel figs?】 _How to eat_How to eat

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[How to make mashed potato cookies]_ Home made mashed potato cookies _ How to make mashed potato cookies _ How to make mashed potato cookies

[How to make mashed potato cookies]_ Home made mashed potato cookies _ How to make mashed potato cookies _ How to make mashed potato cookies

In the winter season, it’s time to simmer again. The method of mashed potato cookies is simple and easy. After preparing the ingredients and condiments, you can stir fry, add water, and slowly cook. Add salad oil, cooking wine, and chicken essence according to your favorite.Wait, many people like to pair with onion is also a good choice, these practices take advantage of the winter time to learn it!

1. Potatoes are peeled and sliced, covered with cling film microwave oven high heat for 5-6 minutes 2 and then put into a fresh-keeping bag, rolled into a mud with a rolling pin 3, pour the mashed potatoes into a bowl, black pepper, salt and weighed milk, The butter is prepared 4, then the flour is poured into the mashed potatoes while it is hot, mix well 5, add salt and pepper, mix well 6, add milk in portions, add each time, add the mashed potatoes withThe dryness of the biscuit is about 7 and the hardness is almost enough. Finally, add some crushed (optional) 8, stir and place it in the flower bag, use the eight-tooth decorating mouth 9, and then squeeze it into the oven, leaving a space of 10, and preheating.200-degree oven, bake for 15-20 minutes on medium and high heat 11 and cool out. Remove mashed potato cookies12. Decorate the finished mashed potato map. Often eat fast food and fast food, which is not good for your health, prone to obesity symptoms, mashed potato koji.The strange method is convenient and healthy. It is recommended to add more vinegar and eat more vinegar and less salt, which is the key to maintaining health.

[Can you drink soy milk at night]_Soy milk_Night_Can you drink

[Can you drink soy milk at night]_Soy milk_Night_Can you drink

Soy milk is a type of soy product, which is also a classic breakfast match.

Many people drink soy milk for breakfast because of nutrition.

However, you can drink soy milk at night. Of course, drink soy milk at night should pay attention to time, drink before going to bed is not good for your health, it also affects nutrition absorption, you need to pay attention.


You can drink soy milk at night. Although it is good to drink soy milk at night, it is not always available all night.

It is not easy to drink soy milk within two hours before bedtime, because the body cannot fully absorb it, which will cause body accumulation.

In addition, soy milk is suitable for foods containing carbohydrates and starch, which can better exert its effects.

In addition, do not drink too much milk at night, a cup of disposable tea cups is enough. Do n’t hear about calcium supplements and drink them vigorously. Calcium supplements need to be added slowly, and you can drink a moderate amount every day.


Scientific research has found that there is a special law of calcium metabolism in the human body: in the evening, especially at midnight, there will be a “trough” in the plasma calcium content, which is supplemented by the body’s calcium through the regulation mechanism.

In this way, although the calcium in the blood is temporarily maintained, the calcium in the bone is reduced.

Soy milk is rich in calcium, so drinking soy milk at night can compensate for the need for calcium at night.

Of course, soy milk is also rich in protein and other ingredients, which can supplement the body’s needs after a hard day’s work.


You can drink soy milk at night, but not before bedtime. It is best to drink hot soy milk while watching TV or playing on the computer at night. If you drink too late, it is not good for your kidneys.

Soymilk is an affordable health food with extremely high nutritional value.

Soy milk is rich in plant proteins and can suffer from hyperlipidemia, hypertension, and arteriosclerosis.

[How long will the squid be cooked]_How to make_Making method

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[How to Eat Sichuan Bacon _How to Eat Sichuan Smoked Bacon]

[How to Eat Sichuan Bacon _How to Eat Sichuan Smoked Bacon]

Sichuan bacon is very popular in our country, and it is also more authentic. Although bacon is not a good food sometimes, when it is really imported, it will lament that there is such a delicious food in the world.

Of course, Sichuan bacon is not made overnight, but it still takes many days of special processing.

So, what are the ways to eat Sichuan bacon?

Secrets of delicious fried bacon The finished bacon has undergone processing such as marinating and drying, so it becomes salty and dry, which is not suitable for direct frying.

If you cut it right into the pot, the fried bacon will be salty and dry.

Must be properly processed to get the best taste.

Method 1: Soak the bacon in water and boil the water and soak it in warm water until it becomes soft, or cook in boiling water for more than 5 minutes, and then take out the slices and stir-fry.

Of course, although the above two methods are also more common, they are not the best way to handle bacon, because soaking or boiling water will cause the bacon’s aroma and nutrition to be seriously lost, and the taste of the bacon after cooking is not very good.

Method 2: The steaming method has proved that the steaming method has the best effect on bacon.

The flavor and nutrition of the bacon will not be greatly lost. The bacon after steaming will be more delicious when it is stirred into the pan.

Moreover, it is healthier to remove part of the oil after steaming.

Wash the bacon in a steaming bowl, pour in the right amount of rice wine, water, spring onion segments and ginger slices, steam in a steamer on high heat for 40 minutes to 1 hour, then take out the slices and stir-fry.

If your bacon has a strong salty taste, you can first soak a cup of warm water to reduce the salty taste and then steam it through the pot.

Tip: Please be flexible in the time required for soaking and steaming according to the size of the bacon pieces.

Cutting the bacon into thin slices and steaming can save time, but the flavor of the bacon will be lost a little, and the fried bacon will be much worse.

What bacon is fried is delicious 1, bacon fried cauliflower Ingredients: cauliflower, bacon, garlic, salt, balsamic vinegar, chicken essence.

Method: (1) Cut and wash cauliflower, cook with boiling water and set aside.

Mince the garlic and set aside.

(2) The bacon is steamed in advance. Cut the fat and thin sections separately.

(3) Add oil to the hot pot. After the oil is hot, add the fat bacon and cilantro, and fry until the oil comes out. Add the minced garlic and cilantro.

(4) Sauté cauliflower and season with salt.

Add thin bacon strips and stir well, drizzle a little balsamic vinegar along the side of the pot, sprinkle chicken essence to taste, turn the pot evenly.

2. Bacon stir-fried garlic moss ingredients: 400 grams of garlic moss, 60 grams of bacon, an appropriate amount of dried pepper, 40 grams of oil, 1 tsp of salt, half a teaspoon of chicken essence, an appropriate amount of pepper, 1 scoop of douban beancurdRemove the tail, cut into one-inch-long segments, and wash off the water.

(2) Slice the bacon and cut the dried peppers for later use.

(3) Put the wok on the fire, do not put oil, the fire is hot.

(4) Pour in garlic moss, turn on the fire, and keep frying.

If you use a thin-skinned fine iron pot or the like at home, please change to medium heat, because that kind of pot fire is easy to stir-fry the black fry paste. Pay attention to the moisture on the surface of the garlic moss completely evaporated, and the garlic moss itself is slightly softWhen the surface is wrinkled but not yet in focus, the green part becomes darker, and the white part becomes yellow.

(5) Sauté the fried garlic moss, re-open the fire, pour the oil into the pot, put the dried pepper and bacon, and simmer until the bacon is transparent.

(6) Change to high heat, lower the garlic seedlings, and stir fry for two minutes, so that garlic moss can fully attract oil.

(7) Add salt, chicken essence, pepper, watercress, add a little water, stir fry until the water is dry.

[Can you eat spinach with diarrhea]

[Can you eat spinach with diarrhea]

Spinach has a good nutritional effect. It is rich in fiber supplements and can promote bowel movements. It is rich in iron elements and has certain blood replenishing effects. If diarrhea occurs in daily life, the stomach is relatively weak. In terms of dietShould eat some soft foods, try not to eat some dietary supplementary fiber foods in the diet, so that try not to eat spinach when diarrhea.

Can diarrhea be eaten with spinach? Spinach has a relatively high fiber content. It is not recommended to eat during diarrhea, it will increase diarrhea. It is recommended to eat staple foods and high-quality protein foods.

What to eat when you have diarrhea1. Stimulant foods: chili, mustard, pepper, garlic and other irritating side foods stimulate the mucous membrane of the digestive tract, which is easy to cause diarrhea or inflammation of the digestive tract, and it is not conducive to the recovery of the function of the digestive tract.

2. Over-greasy food: Too much greasy food will increase the burden on the stomach, and also cause diarrhea due to indigestion, which is a typical mild diarrhea. Therefore, people with diarrhea should not eat greasy food, which will only increasediarrhea.
3, cold food: cold drinks, cold dishes and other cold things will stimulate the series, make the vibration and peristalsis faster, and make diarrhea more serious.

4, laxative and intestinal foods: such as peaches, bananas, honey and other laxative and intestinal beneficial foods, which will aggravate the condition after consumption.

5. Eggs: Eggs are high-protein foods, which are not conducive to digestion. Eating eggs not only does not help to nourish the body, but worsens the condition.

6. Garlic: Although garlic has a bactericidal effect, it also has a strong stimulating effect at the same time, easily aggravating diarrhea.

What is good for diarrhea? 1. Fruit diarrhea can be supplemented with some fruits, but not all fruits can be eaten.

You can eat apples, pomegranates, etc. for diarrhea; you cannot eat pears, watermelons, bananas, etc. for diarrhea.

Cut the apple with the belt core into small pieces and cook in water 3?
5 minutes, serve after warming.

It should be noted that when eating cooked apples, sucrose should not be used for seasoning, because sucrose may worsen diarrhea.

2, you can drink porridge diarrhea with salted white porridge, it is recommended not to put meat.

Pork porridge will also aggravate the burden on the stomach and intestines. After abdominal pain and bowel movements, although the pain is relieved, at this time, the stomach and the stomach will have different degrees of edema due to complications. If you eat meat dishes, the disease will be aggravated.Light is the most important, may wish to drink some porridge and add some salt.

3, eat pasta diarrhea need to eat some relatively easy to digest food, pasta is a good choice.

Noodles are nutritious and easy to digest and absorb, so eating noodles is a good choice for people with diarrhea.

However, for people with diarrhea, don’t eat too much noodles. If they are too oily, they will increase the burden on the stomach and intestines.

[Can you eat bananas at noon and potatoes at night]_Potato_Can you eat with you

[Can you eat bananas at noon and potatoes at night]_Potato_Can you eat with you

A type of vegetable that many people like to eat.

Potatoes grow underground.

Potatoes taste a little sweet.

And there are certain benefits to the body.

And people will pass the time by making potatoes into snacks.

Potatoes are also a type of coarse grains and a very hungry vegetable.

Next, let’s find out if you can eat potatoes at night after eating bananas at noon!

Generally, the edible weight of a medium-sized fruit is about 100 grams of bananas, 125 grams of kiwi, 160 grams of apples, 200 grams of oranges, etc. So if you eat 1 medium-sized orange and 1 kiwi every day, orAdding a banana will basically reach the recommended daily intake.

To put it simply, this is equivalent to eating 2 fist-sized fruits every day, and eating half to eight full bowls of vegetables for all three meals.

If there is no way to eat vegetables in the morning, you should eat more at noon and evening, and a fruit in the morning as a supplement is also a supplement.

Vegetables are divided into dark vegetables and light vegetables. In general, the former has a higher nutritional value.

Dark vegetables refer to dark green, red, orange-red, fuchsia and other dark-colored vegetables, called beta-carotene, and pigment substances such as chlorophyll, lutein, lycopene, anthocyanins, and aromatic substancesWait.

Therefore, it is recommended that dark vegetables account for more than half of a pound of vegetables a day, and always mix and match multiple colors.

Beneficial, rich colors, flavors, and aromas have an appetite-increasing effect, and alternatives can also be more comprehensive.

Dark green vegetables: spinach, rapeseed, celery leaves, waterweed, lettuce leaves, mustard, broccoli, broccoli, artemisia spp., Leek, etc .; red, orange-red vegetables: tomatoes, carrots, pumpkin, red pepper, etc.

[How to make rabbit meat delicious?

】 _How to do_How to do

[How to make rabbit meat delicious?
】 _How to do_How to do

In our life, there is a lot of meat that can be eaten, but some eat more and some eat less.

Rabbit meat is actually the same as horse meat and donkey meat. Although everyone knows that it can be eaten, it is still eaten less often.

It is also very common for some people to have never eaten the above-mentioned meats in their lives.

Rabbit meat can be bought, but it will not be sold in the ordinary market. So, how to make delicious meat?

Cold-eat rabbits Cold-eat rabbits are divided into two according to their initial processing methods. One is called “scalding rabbit”, which is to soak the slaughtered rabbit in boiling water, remove the hair and keep the rabbit skin to eat.

The other is called “skin-skinned rabbit”, which means that the rabbit’s skin is scooped off and only the rabbit meat is used as food.

Due to the relatively high industrial value of rabbit skins, the cold-eat rabbits sold on the market are almost all skinny rabbits.

As everyone knows, scalding rabbits have better taste.

Ingredients: fresh rabbit meat, cooking wine, soy sauce, pepper, dried red pepper segment, shallot, ginger, rapeseed oil, chicken essence, water.

Method: 1. First, put the whole rabbit meat in the pot, and add peppercorns, star anise, aniseed, ginger slices, and shallots to the pot at the same time, then the rabbit meat will be shaped, and the flavor of the spices will also enterRabbit meat inside.

2. After the water is boiled, boil the rabbit meat until it reaches nine maturity and remove it. After cooling, cut it into diced meat about the size of the finger joints. The meat must be fresh and the diced meat should not be cut too small. Set aside for later use.

Prepare peppercorns, dry red peppers and cut into slices. Slice ginger and garlic for later use.

If you like spicy food, you can prepare more pepper and pepper; 3, put the oil in the pot (the amount should be more), at the same time put ginger, green onions, aniseed, pepper, into a colander, deep fry the green onionsThe color is yellow, remove and drain, then add salt, do not add too much salt, because you will add soy sauce later, too much salt will be salty, if the taste is not enough, you can add more, salty can not be reduced.

Salt must be added to the hot oil before the rabbit meat, so that the oil will not splash when the rabbit meat is left.

4. After that, heat to medium heat, pour the prepared rabbit meat, and stir-fry until the rabbit meat is basically dehydrated.

Add cooking wine, stir-fry twice and add the prepared chili segment. Continue to stir-fry quickly. Be sure to stir-fry quickly. Otherwise, the dried chili segment will be easy to paste. Soy sauce and a small amount of white sugar will be stir-fried until fried.The color turned golden, and the average vinegar was added at the end. When asked about the fragrance, turn off the heat.

5. Finally, add MSG, stir-fry the chicken essence, put it in the pot, and then cool it again and set it up.

Special note: when people make cold rabbits, they like to add a bit of tanned skin, so cold rabbits are often called tanned rabbits, but I think that adding tanned skin will cover up the aroma of dried peppers and the umami of rabbit meat.
Anyway, everyone has different tastes.

[How to fry fungus does not explode]_ tips _ what

[How to fry fungus does not explode]_ tips _ what

Fungus is a very delicious ingredient. It can be fried or eaten cold. In short, no matter which cooking method is used, it will not destroy the nutrition in the fungus.
Fungus is a very mild food and a good medicinal material. Black fungus is also a good anti-cancer food. Regularly eating fungus can not only prevent anemia, but also clear the lungs and diuretic, and fight against cancer.
I fry constantly when I’m frying fungus. This experience is believed by many cooking friends. Fungus is easy to fry pans. Fungus is splashing around with hot oil stars. Friends who are scared to stir fry are far awayFar away, when it wasn’t fried too much, it was already overheated, and it was not even fried.
Below, I have summarized a few ways to prevent fungus from frying in accordance with daily life experience to share with you.
Black fungus has the effects of nourishing and strengthening, nourishing the lungs and nourishing the brain, reducing body weight, and strengthening blood, and nourishing blood, nourishing blood and activating blood, and sedative pain. It is a natural tonic.
Fungus can treat hemorrhoid bleeding, cold waist and leg pain.
Because fungus has the effect of moisturizing the lungs and cleaning the stomach and intestines, it is one of the important health foods for textile workers and mine workers.
A study by the University of Minnesota Hospital found that black fungus can reduce blood clots, and regular consumption of fungus can prevent coronary heart disease.
Black fungus, also known as wood moth, tree chicken, cloud ear, ear, etc., is an edible fungus that grows on rotten wood. It is named for its light brown color, which resembles human ears.
I. The nutritional value of black fungus Black fungus is extremely rich in nutrition. It is the exclusive product enjoyed by the ancient emperors and has the reputation of being a “prince in the middle”.
According to the “Book of Rites” and the commentary of Han scholar Zheng Xuan, and Chen Hao of the Song Dynasty
<礼记集说>It has proved that black fungus was the exclusive product of the emperors in ancient times.
Black fungus is crisp, tender, delicious, and delicious. It is a favorite food of urban and rural people.
Black fungus contains a large amount of carbohydrates, about 10% protein, and effective nutrients such as fat, cellulose, iron, calcium, phosphorus, carotene, vitamins B1, B2, and C.
According to laboratory analysis, every 100 grams of black fungus contains 375 mg of calcium, which is equivalent to 7 times of catfish; 185 mg of iron, which is equivalent to 70 times of catfish.
The colloid of black fungus is very attractive. It can collect the dust and impurities remaining in the digestive system of people and excrete it. It is a good health food for miners, textiles, haircuts and chemical workers.
Black fungus is a precious medicinal material.
<本草纲目>According to the records, the fungus is “sexual ganping, attending to nourish qi and no hunger”, and modern medical workers have made new discoveries on the medicinal value of black fungus.Efficacy, black fungus also contains anti-cancer substances, is an anti-cancer medicinal food.
Black fungus can also promote blood circulation and treat coronary heart disease.