7 Fresh Tips for DIY Egg Skin Care

7 Fresh Tips for DIY Egg Skin Care

Use eggs to make yourself more beautiful. Don’t give up this opportunity you have!


Take one fresh egg, wash it, dry it, and soak it in 500 ml of high-quality vinegar for one month.

After the eggshell is dissolved in the vinegar, take a small tablespoon of the solution and mix it with a cup of boiling water. Stir and take one cup a day.

Taking vinegar and egg liquid for a long time can make the skin smooth and delicate and remove all dark spots on the face.


Honey protein film: one fresh egg, one fresh egg, one tablespoon of honey, stir and evenly, apply the film to the face with a clean soft brush before going to bed, during which massage can be performed to stimulate skin cells,Promote blood circulation.

After being turned on and air-dried, wash with water, preferably twice a week.

This mask can also be diluted with water and rubbed hands, which can be used to supplement chapped skin in winter.


Almond paste: Dip 90 grams of peeled almonds and mash them like a paste, mix with eggs and mix thoroughly, apply the surface every night, and wash it with rice noodles the next morning.


Blend egg whites with milk or mix with egg yolks and mix thoroughly for 15 minutes, especially for the maintenance of normal skin.

Just stick to it for three months and your face will look completely new.


When cooking, paste the soft film inside the eggshell on the skin wrinkles, cheeks, and chin, and let it air dry before exposing it. Wipe the dead skin of oily skin with a soft sponge; if it is dry skin, apply some vegetable oilThen wipe off the dead skin and wash it off.


To remove the dead skin on the face, beat an egg with a small spoonful of fine salt, and dipped it with a towel and rubbed it gently on the skin, just like using a scrub.

Retrieving beauty is simple and quick.


Use egg yolk to add honey and flour to make a thick paste, evenly skin and face, not only can cure acne, but also prevent dry skin in autumn and winter.

If it is oily skin, add a spoonful of lemon juice and mix well, apply it to a wooden board with a cotton swab, and wash it off with warm water after 15-20 minutes.

Exercise fitness, 5 questions to assess your perception

Exercise fitness, 5 questions to assess your perception

You can evaluate your knowledge of physical exercise based on the answers.

  ”Life lies in exercise, and exercise is good for health.” It can be seen that everyone recognizes the nature of participating in sports, and many residents are already engaged in active physical exercise.

But how effective is exercise?

Is the method scientific?

I will ask 5 questions below, and you can evaluate your knowledge of physical exercise based on the answers.

What is your purpose of participating in physical exercise?

Do you know what a sports prescription is?

Do you know what aerobic exercise is?

Do you know what is the target heart rate?

Do you know how to deal with sports problems?

  If you can answer these 5 questions relatively quickly, then congratulations, you already have the basic knowledge of physical exercise, you can formulate simple fitness prescriptions, so as to obtain good results.

If you can’t answer the above questions well, it doesn’t matter, the knowledge below will help you.

  The purpose of fitness exercise is to keep the human body full of energy, prevent diseases, prolong life, and maintain good health.

Extreme loneliness increases the chance to interact with others and deepens understanding and friendship with others.

Control your weight, lose weight, maintain your body shape and body, and get a pleasant feeling of sports beauty.

A variety of exercise programs can enrich life and increase fun.

Eliminate bad emotions and forget about the troubles in life.

Provide opportunities to show your abilities, satisfy your desire to compete with others, and improve your ability to demonstrate yourself.

  What is exercise prescription? The scientific exercise method is based on the purpose of individual exercise, according to the corresponding exercise prescription, and arrange exercise according to the prescription requirements, so as to obtain good exercise results.

  Exercise prescription refers to the exercise program based on personal circumstances.

According to medical examination data (including exercise tests and physical tests), according to their health, physical strength and cardiovascular function status, combined with individual characteristics such as living environment and sports hobby, the appropriate types of exercise, time and frequency are prescribed in the form of prescriptions.It also points out the precautions in the exercise, and regular exercise of the brakes.

  How do I get a sports prescription?

If you belong to a high-risk group such as hyperlipidemia, obesity, smoking, alcohol attacks, or hypertension, diabetes, coronary heart disease, cerebrovascular disease sequelae, osteoarthritis and other diseased people, you should ask your doctor to formulate exercise prescriptions for youIf you are a healthy person, you can make an exercise plan according to the following methods.

Modern emerging sports methods include: aerobic exercise, step exercise and strength exercise.

Aerobic exercise is recognized as the most basic form of exercise.

  What is aerobic exercise? Aerobic exercise refers to endurance sports with medium-strength aerobic metabolism, including walking, jogging, running and running, swimming, cycling, skating, skiing, boating, skipping rope, going up and down stairs, etc.

  Fracture exercises include aerobics, dance, radio gymnastics, Taijiquan, Baduanjin, medical gymnastics, orthopedics, etc.

  Strength training uses medium-strength training programs that are easy to develop and maintain strength, such as dumbbell transplantation equipment.

  Indicators of aerobic exercise Self-sensing indicators: Self-awareness in aerobic exercise should be a little laborious.

Reach target heart rate.

  What is the target heart rate for best results and a safe exercise heart rate, also known as “target heart rate”.

  The target heart rate for aerobic exercise is calculated as: target heart rate = (220-age) X 70% or target heart rate = 180 (or 170)-age.

  How to deal with problems during exercise After a few days of exercise, you may feel some changes in your body or some special feelings.

People who are just beginning to exercise may experience some discomfort after exercise, and should be treated differently depending on their feelings.

  Dizziness In fitness activities, you won’t feel dizzy except when you start practicing some rotations.

If persistent or short-term dizziness occurs, it is bound to be reluctant to move.

Especially middle-aged and elderly people, if recurrence or severe dizziness, should stop activities and seek medical treatment, especially focusing on the cardiovascular system and cervical spine.

  Headache Suffering from headaches during or after all physical activities.If you have a headache, you should stop your activity and do an examination that focuses on your nerves, your cardiovascular system.

  Asthma will suffer different degrees of asthma due to different exercise intensity, and can return to normal after rest.

If you breathe lightly after a slight movement, and you can’t recover after reducing your rest, it is an abnormal phenomenon.

Should stop activities and focus on diagnosis and treatment of the respiratory system.

  It’s normal to feel thirsty after exercising.

If you still drink more than thirsty, urinate too much, you should focus on endocrine examination.

  Appetite increase after hunger exercise is a normal physiological phenomenon.

But if the sudden increase in food intake continues, you should go to the endocrinology department for examination.

  Anorexia does not want to eat temporarily after intense exercise. It is normal to have a good appetite after a break.

If you do not want to eat during pregnancy, you should check your digestive function.

  After boring fitness activities, you will get tired and boring. Generally, you should recover after about 15 minutes of rest after the activity. If you can’t recover for several days, it means that the amount of exercise is insufficient and the amount of activity can be reduced.

If the amount of fine activity persists and is dull, check the liver and cardiovascular system.

  People who have just started to exercise and who have stopped exercising for a long time and then resume exercise, or change to a new exercise program, will cause muscle pain in a certain part, but generally will not cause dysfunction.

If there is pain in or near the joint and there is a movement dysfunction, you should stop moving and check the joint.

  I hope that the above basic fitness knowledge will help you in your exercise.

8 Chinese patent medicines that may be effective against SARS

8 Chinese patent medicines that may be effective against SARS

A few days ago, the Scientific and Technological Research Group of the Command Headquarters of the National SARS Prevention Committee announced that after several animal experiments, eight kinds of Chinese patent medicines that may be effective in replacing SARS with different pathological conditions and improving its clinical symptoms have been initially screened.

  These 8 kinds of Chinese patent medicines that may be effective are: Qingkailing injection, Yuxingcao injection, Banlangen granules, which have obvious effects on acute inflammation of lungs and inflammatory exudation; for high fever symptoms, long time of antipyretic effect, Xinxue Granules, Jinlian Qingre Granules, which have a rapid onset of action and a cooling rate greater than 35%; Qingkailing Injection for Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome, Dengzhanxixin Injection; Qingkailing for obvious protection against multiple organ damageInjection, compound Sophora flavescens injection, Xiangdan injection.

Experts have no intention to point out: Qingkailing injection has obvious effects in reducing fever, resisting pulmonary edema and chemical lung injury caused by endotoxin, multiple organ damage and platelet decrease, etc., and Qingkailing can be consideredThe injection was used as the basic medicine for the treatment of SARS by integrated traditional Chinese and western medicine, and combined with other drugs for comprehensive treatment.

  The first blood antibody gene library for SARS rehabilitation patients was built. A genetic engineering antibody library based on the blood of SARS rehabilitation patients was recently established in Shanghai. This library contains about millions of different antibody genes.

This is the first genetically engineered antibody library in the world to be built against SARS.

  The gene bank was created from RNA samples taken from the white blood cells of 10 SARS patients.

Chinese and American scientists successfully completed the work in just 3 weeks.

After the establishment of the antibody library, scientists will screen out antibodies that are effective against SARS and use them directly in the early diagnosis of SARS. After a certain biological activity and safety test, they will be used for the prevention and treatment of SARS to avoid the current direct rehabilitationPotential dangers of patient serum treatment.

  SARS antibodies detected in experimental mice The SARS gene vaccine being developed by the Chinese Academy of Sciences and Beijing Institute of Genomics has made breakthrough progress recently: After injecting a new SARS gene vaccine into experimental mice, the researchers successfullySARS antibodies were detected in vivo.

  To test the effect of the vaccine, the research team will conduct a virus attack experiment in the P3 laboratory, that is, to attack experimental animals injected with the genetic vaccine with SARS virus.It’s effective.

“This representative, Peng Jingmu, said.

Based on the results, the research team will screen for the most effective genetic vaccine against SARS virus, and the researchers hope to reduce the number of eight vaccines that can be implanted and kill the screening.

Once a valid SARS virus gene vaccine is screened, the research team is expected to apply to start a clinical trial.

Four things that hurt children’s self-esteem

Four things that hurt children’s “self-esteem”

As the saying goes, good boys are exaggerated, not scolded.
The author once heard such a story: One afternoon, a primary school student under ten years old played alone in a woods after school.
It was dark, and before the timid child came out of the woods, he was afraid of being attacked by a beast, and climbed into a big tree to hide.
When the father saw the child before he came home late, he went looking for the child’s way home from school. In a wood, by the faint starlight of the sky, the father vaguely saw his son hiding on the branch of a large tree.
The father did not immediately call his son down, but pretended not to see it, whistled and walked not far from the tree where his son was hiding.
When the son heard his father’s whistle as if he had met a savior, he immediately slipped down the tree and asked, “Dad, how do you know that I’m in this wood?”
“I was walking alone. I didn’t want to meet you and play on the tree.”
“It is said that this child grew up in an officer school and graduated and became a brave general in combat.
People often say that trees are afraid of hurting roots, and people are afraid of sadness.
Self-esteem and self-confidence are the spiritual pillars of children’s growth, the cornerstones of children’s goodness, and the internal motivation for self-development.
Everyone has self-esteem, don’t think that children are small, you can disrespect them.
Children’s self-esteem and self-confidence need parents and teachers to protect and respect.
If the educator intentionally or unintentionally hurts the child’s self-esteem and self-confidence, the child’s mind will be hit and destroyed, and the motivation and spiritual support for the development of good will be lost.
No matter what circumstances hurt or discredit children’s self-esteem and self-confidence, they are all foolish behaviors that violate the laws of education.
In real life, it is common to not pay attention to protecting children’s self-esteem, self-confidence, and disrespect for children’s privacy.
Some children say that you are so stupid if they do n’t do a good job; usually they are a little timid, they say you are really a coward; if their children have poor test scores, they say that you are so useless; sometimes their children are youngMistakes, blaming you for not being so angry.
Some parents and teachers are not pleasing to their children, and they always blame and complain, and some even swear and abuse.
If this goes on, over time, a good kid will lose his due ambition and self-esteem in the midst of accusations and complaints, which will eventually make it difficult for him to succeed.
Simple and rude, not talking about methods, will only hurt children’s self-esteem.
A qualified parent and teacher should use love to protect the child’s self-esteem and self-confidence, educate the child to have love, patience and perseverance, insist on more praise and encouragement, and less blaming and complaining.The enthusiasm, so that they continue to overcome their shortcomings, gradually improve themselves, and become a high-quality talent useful to society.
What are the characteristics of children’s self-esteem when parents respect their children?
Scientists have found that: 1. Children with high self-esteem are more active and good at expressing their thoughts.
Second, they are good at building good relationships with others. In conversations with others, they are willing to be dominant and unwilling to be listeners.
They are always ready to express their opinions and opinions, and are not troubled by others’ picks.
Third, they are often interested in world issues.
Fourth, they are convinced of their abilities and confident that they can do whatever they want.
After research, scientists have found that children’s high self-esteem comes from their true care and respect for their parents. First, parents with high self-esteem are not only good at helping children build interests and hobbies, but also good at caring and understanding most of their children.Friends, can listen to the children’s opinions patiently, and can timely meet the children’s legitimate needs.
Secondly, these parents have stricter requirements on their children than ordinary parents.
They demand that the children behave properly and observe discipline.
They use education instead of punishment to correct their children’s wrongdoing.
Furthermore, in the family life of these children, parents always use a kind and generous method to guide their children to follow the rules of family life.
When children disagree with their parents, they are always taken seriously.
The research results of scientists have given us new enlightenment: children have a high degree of self-esteem, which is beneficial to their growth; fostering children’s self-esteem, parental guidance plays an important role.
Do n’t hurt the child ‘s self-esteem. A fifth-grade student was once reprimanded by the teacher for poor grades in math tests and fined three times.
He is usually introverted, and has become more depressed since then. He has an inexplicable sense of fear when he takes a math class.
Later, he developed to tremble as soon as he walked towards the school. He often felt dizzy in class and always heard the teacher’s harsh rebuke in his ears.
In the end, parents had to take him out of school.
This is an example of the serious consequences of being “psychologically abused,” and of course very rare.However, in real life, parents are angry at their children, teachers are at their students, and they are open-minded, and mean words. What kind of “dumb”, “dumb”, “not prosperous”, and inadvertently chewing at children.”Psychological abuse” is not uncommon.

Psychological abuse can be roughly divided into these categories: First, the compulsive type does not consider the needs of students (children) at all, forcing them to act according to the will of the teacher or parents, and even the children’s defense, anger, and resistance are deprived.

These children are often timid and afraid of things, shrinking in case of problems, and being generally independent, which will make it difficult to adapt to complex social life.

Second, the indifferent type is indifferent to children’s needs, and generally has closeness and compassion.

To their faults is not to help education, to guide patiently, or to take a cold attitude.

These children are so distressed and lonely.

Third, the degrading type does not recognize the child’s slight progress, often hurts their self-esteem, degrades their academic performance, but does not let go of any fault.

As a result, children feel sad, lack self-confidence, and have no opinion.

Fourth, when the children make mistakes, they do not evaluate them as a whole, help them find the reason, and encourage them to overcome difficulties.

It is to wipe out everything in the past, to criticize and scold, and to sprinkle salt on the injured heart of children. Such children are often slumped and do not see hope.

“Psychological abuse” is not advisable.

As parents and school teachers, we must first understand the dangers of children’s “psychological abuse” and recognize that children’s mental health is an important part of “health”.

Strengthen personality cultivation, slowly get rid of this bad problem of mental abuse, impress children with patience and emotions, and try to convince people with emotions.

Give children a harmonious and relaxed learning and living environment, so that children can really grow up healthy.

Before the child is 3 years old, he decides to reveal the scientific basis of 3 years old.

Before the child is 3 years old, he decides to reveal the scientific basis of 3 years old.

As the saying goes, “Three years old look older and 7 years old look older.

“This sentence is not empty talk. Scientific research shows that in the process of growing up, a child’s growth and development before the age of 3 will affect his life’s development and changes.

As a parent, only by grasping the golden period before the age of 3, will children develop their potential and grow up healthy in accordance with their own growth and development characteristics.

  The scientific basis for looking at the age of 3 years old Scientific research shows that before the age of 3 years is an important period for a person’s brain development.

A person’s brain weight at birth is only 370 grams. At the end of the first year, the baby’s brain weight is close to 60% of the adult’s brain weight.%; By the age of 3, the baby’s brain weight is close to the adult brain weight range, and the growth rate will slow down in the future.

So the child is 2 after birth?
Within 3 years, both in physical and psychological aspects, good parenting stimulation has an important impact on brain function and structure.

  In order to confirm how important the role of 3 years old in a person’s life is, in 1980 1980 Professor Casby of the London Institute of Psychiatry conducted a unique experimental observation with psychiatrists at King’s College London.

  The researchers took 1,000 local 3-year-old children as the research object. After a survey and analysis, they were divided into 5 types: confident, well-adapted, silent, self-restrained, and restless.

By 2003, when the three-year-olds had grown to 26-year-olds, Professor Casby had interviewed them again and visited their friends and relatives.

The findings are as follows: performance categories-occupancy rates-performance in early childhood-adult performance is full of self-confidence 28% enthusiastic, enthusiastic and outgoing personality.

Cheerful, strong and decisive, the leader wants to regain.

  Well-adapted 40% confident, self-made, not easily upset.

By the age of 26, their personality and index of childhood were unchanged.

  Dumb 8% has a silent personality and a verbal alternative.

They are easier to ignore concealing their feelings than the average person, unwilling to influence others, and afraid to do anything that may cause them to be injured.

  The restless type is 10% negative in behavior and distracted.

With others, these people are more prone to overreact to small things, and are more prone to distress and anger.

Those who are familiar with their expectations are mostly unrealistic, narrow-minded, and prone to tension.

  Self-disciplined 14% is self-disciplined and not easily disturbed by the outside world.

When I grow up, I have the same personality.

  The words and deeds of these 3-year-old children actually accurately predicted their adulthood, making it easier for Professor Casby.

He summarized the results of his experiments and published a report speech in 2005. This report caused a sensation in the international parenting academic community and provided strong evidence for the expression of “looking at the old at the age of 3”.

  Professor Casby points out that a person absorbs things before the age of 3 like a sponge.

This means that the critical period for a child ‘s character formation and ability development is before the age of three. At this stage, the child follows the style of the person and receives a certain education to form a corresponding character.

Every sentence spoken by the adults who live with it may be deeply rooted in their hearts.

  It can be seen that parents and kindergarten teachers have an unshirkable responsibility in the growth process of children before the age of three.

Only parents and teachers who are well versed in childcare and seize the critical period of 3 years old can win their children’s future success and victory.

Help you protect your eyes

Help you protect your eyes

Office workers often look at the computer screen for a long time because of work. Over time, it will inevitably cause discomfort such as vision loss, eye pain, fear of light, and reduced dark adaptability. Here are some tea drinks to help you protect youreye.

  ◆ Chinese wolfberry tea Chinese wolfberry is rich in β-carotene, vitamin B1, vitamin C, calcium and iron. It has the effects of nourishing the liver, replenishing the kidney, and has a clear effect.Eating can help the office workers with sour eyes, fatigue, and deepened vision.

  ◆ Eucommia ulmoides tea Eucommia ulmoides blood and strengthens bones and bones. It is very helpful for sitting for a long time, back pain and back pain. Both men and women can drink it. If female friends can take it with Siwu Tang at the end of the physiological period.

  ◆ Cassia seed tea Cassia seed has the functions of clearing heat, eyesight, nourishing the brain, relieving liver qi, and strengthening bones and bones. If you have constipation, you can also take it after dinner and dinner, which is very effective in treating constipation.

  ◆ Green tea Green tea contains powerful antioxidants catechol and vitamin C, which not only can remove free radicals in the body, but also make the paranephric cortex secrete hormones to fight against stress. Of course, the small amount of caffeine contained in green tea alsoIt can stimulate the central nervous system and boost the spirit. It is best to avoid sleep during the day and night.

  ◆ Chrysanthemum tea has the function of clearing the eyes and clearing the liver. Some people simply drink chrysanthemum and wolfberry together, or make it into honey chrysanthemum tea, which is very helpful for evacuation of liver and depression.

Body thin waist exercise lets you get rid of the fat on your waist

Body thin waist exercise lets you get rid of the fat on your waist

Are you worried about excess meat at the waist?

A good way to lose weight in the abdomen is of course the first to push the thin waist exercise.

Usually doing thin waist exercise can help the abdomen lose weight and lose excess meat at the waist.

Here are the tips for you, introducing three thin waist exercises for you to help you lose weight in your abdomen.


hzh {display: none; }  第一招:躺着延伸  1。Prepare for action: lay on the floor mat, extend your hands upwards, and straight your feet straight down.


Rotate your hands inward, let your palms stick to the ground, stay 3 to 5 breaths, and do 3 to 5 times.


Note: If the waist is vacant and feels uncomfortable, place a small pillow or sheet under the waist.


This action allows the waist to be firm, safe lateral sides, and can be extended to 1 minute depending on individual circumstances.

  Counting the entertainment circle 10 big princes dress up the temptation of the early summer hot air beauty dress temptation of the early summer hot air beauty dress temptation of the early summer hot air beauty second move: standing side bend 1.

Preparatory action: two feet slightly, shrink, narrow the abdomen, the left hand close to the left thigh, the right hand straight up.

The upper body bends to the left, the right hand continues to straighten, keeps the abdomen contracted, stays 3 to 5 breaths, and does 2 to 6 times.

Repeat the action of 1-2.

Note: After a few times of practice, you can strengthen the stay time and strengthen the side extension.

  The third measure: kneeling side bend 1.

Pre-action: The knee-length and hip-length kneeling position, the instep flat on the ground, or the pedal toes can be adjusted according to their own comfort level.

The left hand is inserted into the waist, and the right hand extends backwards, staying 3 to 5 breaths, and doing 2 to 6 times.

Repeat the action of 1-2.
Note: Do not push the waist, but remember to reduce the abdomen (also insert the protective waist), let the spine, arms extend, and twist to make the side stretch more thoroughly.

How long can the infant formula not be eaten after it is opened?

How long can the infant formula not be eaten after it is opened?

Some babies eat milk quickly, while others eat milk more slowly.

So how long after the baby milk powder is unopened?

What kind of milk powder needs to be thrown away?

How to save milk powder after opening?

With these questions, let’s take a look at your baby’s milk powder problem today!

  Infant formula can not be eaten for a long time after opening. How long can it be left unopened? In general, if it is not finished in three weeks (21 days), do not give it to the baby. After opening, it will be exposed to oxygen and some externalThe impact of the environment will have a little impact on the quality of milk powder.

  Adults can eat milk powder for more than 21 days and less than 60 days. Do n’t eat it for more than two months in Kaifeng.

The back of some milk powder jars also prompts not to give it to the baby for 30 days after opening. The milk powder is marked on it, and Baoma can also look at it.

  Experts suggest: Because infant milk powder is rich in nutrients and high in protein, rich protein and nutrients are the hotbed for bacterial growth and reproduction, and it is easy to attract insects.

  Consumers must pay attention to preservation after opening milk powder.

In order to avoid contamination and deterioration of the milk powder, during the storage process of the milk powder after opening, special attention should be paid to the milk powder not to be placed in the refrigerator after opening.

  Because of multiple accesses, the temperature difference and humidity difference between the inside and outside of the refrigerator can easily cause deliquescent, caking and deterioration of infant milk powder.

  After opening, the milk powder is usually stored at room temperature, protected from light, dry, and in a cool place. After each use, the canned milk powder must be closed with a plastic lid, and the bagged milk powder must be tied tightly.

  How to store milk powder after unpacking1. Avoid exposure to air after unpacking.

Various bacteria are floating in the air, and long-term exposure to milk powder will inevitably be polluted and deteriorated.

Therefore, after each use, the canned milk powder must be tightly covered with a plastic cap, and the bagged milk powder must be tightly closed.

  2. It should not be stored in the refrigerator for a long time.

Due to the temperature difference and humidity difference between the inside and outside of the refrigerator, repeated handling can easily cause milk powder to deliquesce, agglomerate and deteriorate.

  3. Protect from light, dry and cool place.

If the temperature is too high, the humidity is too high or the light is too strong, it will easily cause the milk powder to deteriorate. Therefore, you should choose to keep it in a dark, dry and cool place.

  4. Pre-expiration date. Pay special attention to the expiration date on the milk powder package when it is unopened and under proper storage conditions.

Once the milk powder is opened, this date cannot be used.

  In fact, most milk powder packages have clear regulations, and the milk powder is used up within one month after opening.

In this case, if it is more than one month, you should not hesitate to reduce the amount of milk powder, and do not regret it.

  Can these milk powders be drunk? 1. Unopened milk powders that are about to reach the shelf life: theoretically you can drink them.

  2. Opened milk powder that is about to reach the shelf life: if the opening time is within one month, you can theoretically drink it; if it is more than one month, try not to drink it.

  Of course, the theoretical value is for reference only, we still have to look at the specific milk powder properties to see if it has deteriorated.

If it deteriorates, it is not allowed to drink even if it hasn’t reached the expiration date or less than one month after opening.

  So what kind of milk powder has deteriorated?

If it is unopened milk powder, you can make a preliminary judgment by listening to the sound.

Shake the milk powder can aiming at it. If the sound is “rustle”, it means that the milk powder is dry; if it is “bang”, it is likely to be damp.

  Determine whether the milk powder can drink 1. The milk powder with a normal smell has a slight milky aroma. If you find the milk powder smells stale or musty, or other odors, it will also smell bad.

Because milk powder itself is easy to smell, usually because of poor sealing or poor storage, it absorbs the smell of external items, and some may have a smell of smoke, soot, etc.

  2. Look at normal powdered milk. The powder is fine, light yellow or milky yellow, and the powder is uniform and non-caking. If the milk powder is severely caking, it is not brittle when it is pinched, or it is sticky, it is bad (mostlyDamp).

  3. Normally prepared milk powder can be restored to the same state as fresh milk after the preparation. The milk is milky and has a milky flavor; the deteriorated milk powder is generally dark after the preparation, with scorched powder precipitation, or a large number of solidified particles floating up., Or has a sour smell.

  If milk powder deteriorates, never give it to your baby.

Seeing that many parents are asking “the dangers of expired milk powder”, in fact, it will mainly deteriorate after it expires.

  If it is mild, it will only reduce the nutritional content. In severe cases, the baby may cause other problems, such as gastrointestinal intolerance.  There are also milk powders, although the shelf life has settled, but the milk powder itself has never been out of shape, and if everything is normal, it can theoretically be drunk.

  Summary: As long as it is an open can of milk powder, it has been more than 21 days. Moms and dads observed that many of them are not allowed to drink to the baby. Even if the baby continues to drink, the baby has no problems, then the nutritional content in the milk powder will be reduced.a lot of.

So do n’t be embarrassed by moms and dads, do n’t give your baby milk that has expired after opening.

Crime cold soup help

Crime cold soup help

Traditional Chinese medicine believes that the health method of “spring cover autumn freeze” is very important, especially when the weather is repeated, pay attention to adding clothes in a timely manner.

Traditional Chinese medicine also believes that “spring and summer nourish the yang”. It is not advisable to drink herbal tea in the spring, because herbal tea replaces the cold and cold medicine composition, which is vulnerable to yang.

Traditional Chinese medicine and folks have some decoctions for preventing colds, which have significant effects on the prevention and auxiliary treatment of colds.

  Olives have the effect of clearing heat and swallowing. Salted olives are marinated with fresh products and salt, which can enhance the effect of reducing fire. Chinese herbal medicine reed root has the function of clearing heat and regenerating fluids. The “Medicinal Theory” believes that it can “reduce heat.”

The root of olive pot has the effects of clearing heat and refreshing jin, detoxifying and swallowing, reducing fire and removing annoyance, and helps to treat colds, influenza, pharyngitis, stomach heat, toothache, and lung heat cough.


咸橄榄芦根汤  [材料]芦根60克(中药店有售)、橄榄8个。  [Cooking]Wash and soak the reed roots.

Wash the olives and salt them for about 4 hours.

Add 1250 ml of clear water (about 5 bowls) in a clay pot, add reed root, salty olives, and boil over medium heat to 500-600 ml (about 2 to 2 and a half bowls). It is best to drink while hot.
This amount attracts 2-3 people. If there are many people, it will increase by this proportion.


The Chinese medicinal herb Baibai Rolling Fish Head Soup is an antidote, which is warm and spicy, and has the effects of removing wind and dampness, purging and analgesic, and is often used for cold headaches, nasal congestion, eyebrow pain and so on.

Its spicy fragrance rises, Tongqiao analgesic effect is particularly strong.

It is accompanied by sweating fish head, which is spicy and delicious. It can dispel cold and dissipate heat. It is very effective for the beginning of cold, discomfort in nose, runny nose and cold.

  [Materials]10 grams of white pupa (available in Chinese medicine stores), 30-40 grams of pupa, 1 fish head, 100 grams of lean pork, 5 slices of ginger.

  [Cooking system]Wash everything, cut the fish head into half and cut into thin slices.

First put the white crickets into a clay pot and add 1500 ml (6 bowls) of water and boil for 10 minutes, filter out the iron simmers under the liquid medicine, and boil the ginger, and then lower the fish head, and the pork lean meat until cooked, simmer and salt.can.

This amount attracts 3-4 people.


White radish soup with reed root soup White radish is often considered to be one of the best vegetables with both medicine and medicine. Chinese medicine believes that it can clear qi and phlegm, declare lungs and ward off evil, combine with olives, light white and traditional Chinese medicine reed root to form a soup.The effect of relieving throat and cough is very effective for wind-heat and cold.

Fever, cold fever, fever, mild cold, nasal congestion.

This soup is also used against influenza.

  [Materials]250 grams of white radish, 20 grams of green onion, 50 grams of reed root (available in Chinese medicine stores), 6 olives.

  [Cooking system]Wash everything, peel the white radish and cut into small pieces; cut the white onions into pieces; smash the olives.

Put white radish, reed root, and olives into a clay pot, add 1250 ml of water (about 5 bowls), and boil the boiled fire, then change to Chinese fire and roll to 500 ml (about 2 bowls), then lightly white.

This amount attracts 2 people and should be warmed 1-2 times a day.


Aromatic Cauliflower Rolled Omelette Soup with the aroma of volatile oil can remove the fishy smell and increase appetite.

Chinese medicine believes that it is warm and spicy, and can sweat, rash, breath, and strengthen the stomach.

With fragrant cauliflower roll omelette soup, it has a therapeutic effect on colds, influenza, loss of appetite, flatulence, etc. It is also a soup for colds and fever.

  [Materials]Ravioli, 50 grams each of fragrant cauliflower, 2-3 eggs, and 3 slices of ginger.

  [Cooking]Rinse, wash cauliflower separately, or cut into sections.

After the eggs are fried to a lumpy or poached egg shape, add 1,250 milliliters of water (about 5 bowls) and ginger. After boiling, simmer over medium heat, roll the cauliflower slightly, and add salt oil.

Attract 3-4 people.


The function of ginger ginger chicken red soup ginger in cooking is to dispel cold and eliminate fishy smell.

Chinese medicine believes that it is “warm in the middle and dehumidify” (“Medical Source”), “Yi spleen and stomach scattered wind cold” (“Pearl Sac”), especially suitable for driving cold in the spring and Yang Yang.
Chicken red is chicken blood, which can dampen and detoxify.
This soup is delicious and delicious, has the effect of dehumidifying in the middle temperature, strengthening the spleen and strengthening the spleen. It can also help implant colds and flu. It is also a soup for colds and fever.

  [Materials]50 grams of ginger, 100 grams of lotus root, 500 grams of chicken blood.

  [Cooking method]Ginger is peeled, cut into large pieces, and the back of the knife is cracked; washed with water; chicken serum is rinsed with water.

Add 1,250 liters (5 bowls) of water and scallion ginger in the scallion. After the fire is boiled, change to medium heat and simmer for a while. Roll the chicken blood to just cooked, simmer, and salt oil.

For 3-4 people.

How to hold a child correctly when you become a dad?

How to hold a child correctly when you become a dad?

Being a dad is a very happy thing, and remember to talk more with your baby, otherwise your baby will ignore you.

So as a dad, you must know how to take care of your baby, don’t let your baby alienate you.

Well, for the new dad, it should be understood.

  Then we recommend that you first master the following basic skills.

  Hugging the child The child is hungry for the strong arm of the father. Hugging the child is a very pleasant thing, but it also requires certain skills.

  Develop a good habit of holding a child. If you often hold a child, you will develop a habit of holding a child and the baby will feel safe in the arms of the parents.

Between 6 months and 1 year of age, most children prefer to hold their mothers, perhaps because mothers hold their children more than fathers.

But Dad is strong. The child is held by Dad. The mother can do housework and relax.

Please note that in the first 3 months after the baby is born, the time of holding the child will shift by more than 15 minutes, otherwise the child will easily feel tired.

  How do I hold my baby’s head before I can support it?

  About 4 months after birth, the baby’s head is capable of supporting. Before that, when holding the child, hold the unstable head with the palm of your hand and pay attention to the following points: ① Hold the baby’s head with one palm, Support the head from the back, and then support it with spread.

  ② Support the child’s leg with the other hand, and support the baby’s entire body with the corrective hand from the infant’s crotch. Hold the baby’s legs, but pay attention to prevent dislocation.

  As long as you pay attention to the above 1 point, whether it is held vertically or horizontally, there is generally no danger.

  ③ Holding it vertically This is the method of holding the baby snoring, that is, using the palms of both hands to strongly support the baby’s head and head.

  ④ Hold the baby horizontally, hold the baby horizontally, put your head on top, and cross.

  ⑤ Holding with one hand If you have formed a good habit of holding children, you can hold the child with one hand.

That is, the baby’s head is placed on the bones of the adult to support his hips.

This method can be used when feeding a baby.

This method can also be used when sitting cross-legged.