How to take good care of facial paralysis?

How to take good care of facial paralysis?

General care: should avoid wind and cold, wear a mask when going out, pay attention to facial warmth, apply hot water (about 70 seconds) with a towel and apply the affected face 5-6 times a day for 10 minutes each time.

You can also use a hot water bottle to apply heat to your face. The temperature should be about 70, 3-4 times a day, 20-30 minutes each time. You can also use infrared radiation. Use wet gauze to cover the eyes that cannot be closed.-20 minutes, 2 times a day.

After irradiation, gently touch the face under your hands to promote blood circulation and make it better.

  As this disease affects chewing, food tends to stay between the cusps of the affected side when eating and chewing. Therefore, oral care should be done. Rinse mouth with 3% soda or warm water after meals and brush your teeth before going to bed.

  Eyelids cannot be closed, apply eye ointment before going to bed, and cover the eyes with wet saline gauze to protect the cornea.

  Emotional care: The onset of this disease suddenly, some patients lack of understanding, inner depression, causing changes in face, silent all day long, more patients are worried about the prognosis, according to the patient’s various concerns, sincerely and patiently explain the questions raised by the patient, And proactively explain to the patient the cause of the disease and the prognosis of the change in the condition.

Patients with crooked faces should try their best to considerate care, strengthen the help in life, and communicate in language.

The patient was respected and comforted, his emotions were pleasant, and the blood and blood flowed smoothly, so that the patient could drive away the heart disease, remove anxiety, build confidence, cooperate with the treatment, and he must recover.

  Adjusting the diet: As the disease reduces appetite and chewing function and affects appetite, patients should be encouraged to eat as much as possible, given the appropriate patient’s taste, and nutritious, delicious and light, easy to digest semi-liquid or soft diet, to avoid spicy cold stimulation products.

Control weight baseball secret recipe

Control weight baseball secret recipe

Losing weight is not a one-off event. As long as you pay more attention to your daily life, you can achieve health, safety and fundamentally achieve the purpose of weight control and maintain a good body.


Avoid fast weight loss: After successful weight loss, it is difficult to maintain the effect of weight loss. The reason is that the rapid weight loss method does not belong to natural living habits.


When you are hungry, it is when your body burns your aunt: At this time, exercise for half an hour to an hour, the best effect of burning aunt, pay attention to add water after exercise.


Snacking every meal: This is the best way to satisfy your appetite and reduce your food intake.


Avoid snooze: sleep seven hours a day, sleep, sleep rate is lowest, energy consumption is reduced, suffering from headaches and a small amount of synthesis increased, snooze but eat less will also be the main cause of weight gain.


Just enough sugar and oil: reduce daily sugar (rice noodles) and oil?

Food intake is a necessary method of losing weight.


Do not drink cooking soup: This soup has high oil content and easy to absorb, which is very easy to make people gain weight.


Leisure time, eat less: low metabolic rate during leisure, less accumulated consumption, food transfer should be reduced as appropriate.


Do not eat late at night: sleep and feed, the conversion is most likely to turn into a mole, stacked in the abdomen

Experts suggest low fat, eat coarse grains

Experts suggest “low fat, eat coarse grains”

“Coarse grains will gradually be accepted by people, not only its efficacy, but also its taste.
Dr. Chai Xizhong, a nutrition expert, said.
銆€銆€Both men, women and children can get the nutrients they need from the coarse grains.
Although people have always had certain rhetoric about the taste of coarse grains, fine grain coarse grains are complementary to each other and are indispensable.
Just as in the “Yellow Emperor’s Canon”, “the grain is the nourishment, the five fruits are the help, the five animals are the right, and the five dishes are the charge.” Everything has its functions and is mutual.
銆€銆€Coarse grains can not only be matched with fine grains, but also neutralized with meat and fat foods.
It can help you balance your diet and help you regulate your stomach. It can be described as “force”.
銆€銆€Coarse grains have many amazing effects, such as the most popular “sports” of the moment – to lose weight.
Because the dietary fiber of coarse grains can prolong the retention time of food in the stomach and give you a strong feeling of fullness, it avoids the excessive intake of heat, fat or sugar, and achieves the effect of losing weight. It is called “low fat, eat”Coarse grains.”
銆€銆€In addition, coarse grains can even prevent depression.
According to American psychologists, a high-calorie diet exacerbates the onset of depression, and dietary fiber has a calming effect.
The main nutrient element in coarse grains is dietary fiber. It can be said that the benefits of coarse grains are numerous.
銆€銆€Dr. Chai Xizhong, a famous nutrition expert, also proposed a new concept of 鈥渃oarse grains for food鈥?
He believes that coarse grains are an excellent combination of fine grains, but long-term consumption of a kind of coarse grains will also violate the principle of dietary diversity, and there is a related discussion on nutrition: it is difficult to meet the diversified nutritional needs of the human body by taking only one type of food for a long time.Under the premise of eating coarse grains, different types of coarse grains are used for rotation.
For example: Monday is corn, Tuesday can be changed to sweet potato, which can help the regulation of the gastrointestinal tract, and does not produce boredom on the taste, it can be described as two birds with one stone.
銆€銆€But how do consumers choose to face coarse grains?
Choose a product that is easy to eat, take into account the taste, and easy to adhere to.
Green processing technology, whole grain, no additives such as non-dairy creamer.
Large-scale enterprise products with excellent production areas, excellent materials and good quality control.
銆€銆€Deokingfang, a well-known brand in the coarse grain industry, will launch a new series of coarse grains in the near future. It will make consumers feel different in terms of taste and raw material selection, and the foods made from various coarse grain raw materials will satisfy the 鈥渃hanging to eat鈥?New concept.