Baby diet therapy love bedwetting

Baby diet therapy love bedwetting

Generally speaking, when the baby is 1 or 1 and a half years old, he can control urination at night, and the bedwetting phenomenon has been greatly reduced.

However, some children can only control urination during the day when they are 2 years old or even 2 and a half years old, and they often wet the bed at night, which is still a normal phenomenon.

Most children no longer have bedwetting at night after 3 years of age.

However, if the bed wetting is over 3 years old, and the number of times is more than twice a month, it is not normal. The bed wetting is medically referred to as “nocturnal enuresis” and “nocturnal enuresis”.

  What should I do if my baby loves the bed?

  If your baby is under three years old, especially between one and two years old, wetting on the bed is a normal behavior. Don’t worry. As long as you control your baby’s water consumption, you can reduce your baby’s bed wetting.

If a child over three years old still wets the bed, it is necessary to carefully analyze the baby’s condition. It depends on the baby’s physical, psychological, environmental, diet, and other problems. If there is a problem with the physiological mechanism, you should go to the hospital for examination.

  In many cases, diet can alleviate or resolve the baby’s bedwetting, such as the following food recipes.


Fried ginkgo is the only medicated diet for nocturia. Ginkgo can inhibit urination.

However, if ginkgo is eaten raw or too much, it can cause acute attacks and other poisoning.

So be sure to cook and eat too much, three or four capsules a day is enough.


Walnut soup is a delicious recipe for diuretic and urination. “Kaibao Materia Medica” states that regular eating walnuts can: “Exciting health, moisturizing, black hair.

“Taking walnut kernel into Chinese medicine can cure impotence, nocturnal emission, frequent urination, and insufficiency of qi and blood.

The wooden partition between walnut meat is called “distraction wood”, which has the effect of strengthening the brain and replenishing kidneys and treating enuresis.

So often placing walnut soup on the bed wetting child will have unexpected results.

Allow your child to sleep every night before going to bed, but it is easy to get angry, and children who often have nosebleeds should not place it.

Crush 30 grams of walnuts with a mortar or juicer and add hot water.

Add a teaspoon of raw sugar and stir well.

  3, other recommended foods a, glutinous rice has the effect of suppressing urination, so you can let your child eat 1-2 glutinous rice cakes before going to bed.

  b. Carrot and corn soup: 250 grams of carrot, 500 grams of corn, 300-500 grams of pork, add boiled soup.

This soup has the effect of clearing heat and diuresis.

Roasting the skin of the radish to a little browning is also effective for children to eat.

One medium carrot can be divided into three servings.

  c, melon: melon diuretic diuretic anti-inflammatory, clearing heat and detoxifying.

However, the function of diuretic and edema elimination of melon is mainly in the melon skin, so it needs to be boiled.

  After removing the hair on the skin and the dried leaves of 2–4 grams of decoction, one hour before the meal allows the child to allow it to have its effect.

  Enuresis diet “taboo” a, baby should not eat extra hair when wetting bed, such as mutton, dog meat, shrimp, pheasant, pig bladder, chicken intestine, pig spine and so on.

  b. The spleen-reinforcing and kidney-reinforcing porridge, yam, lotus root, lotus seed, barley, golden cherry, etc. should be in proper amount and cannot be recycled too fast.

  c. Do not eat too cold, too hot, too salty, too light

How to choose watermelon in summer?


You need to learn to listen to the sound!

How to choose watermelon in summer?
You need to learn to listen to the sound!

Watermelon contains 93% water, and the degeneration is a good product for quenching thirst.

In addition to exceptions and cholesterol, watermelon contains almost all the nutrients the body needs.

Watermelon is also a natural moisturizing sunscreen. In summer, the sun is extraordinarily strong. Direct sunlight causes ultraviolet radiation. The accumulation of watermelon is second to none in fruits, so it is especially suitable for supplementing the loss of human body water in summer.

After eating watermelon, the amount of urine will increase significantly, which can reduce the content of bile pigment, which has a certain effect on the treatment of jaundice.

Fresh watermelon juice and fresh melon skin can increase skin elasticity, reduce wrinkles and add luster.

Health hazards The watermelons in a farmer’s field in Jiangsu exploded one after another. The news was also like a bomb and was thrown to the table of the people.

People blame the explosion of watermelon on the swelling agent.

In fact, there are many reasons for watermelon to burst.

First, the variety of watermelons will affect the burst.

The early-maturing watermelon variety is thin and easy to cause watermelon to crack.

First of all, exposure to continuous rainy weather can also easily crack watermelon.

In addition, the use of fertilizer is also an important factor.

Excessive use of nitrogen fertilizer causes the growth rate of melon to exceed the melon skin, which is easy to crack.

If there is no comprehensive effect of variety, weather, moisture, fertilizer and other factors, the normal effect of the swelling agent is difficult to play, let alone let the watermelon explode.

Therefore, the watermelon explosion is due to the rumors of using the swelling agent, it will not break.

The swelling agent is a plant hormone that promotes the growth of watermelon and has a potential impact on the human body.

Picking a coup, watching the sound, the surface of the melon is smooth, the pattern is clear, the texture is obvious, the bottom is yellow, it is ripe melon; the surface has hair, the gloss is dim, the spots and the lines are unclear, it is unripe melon;In the hands, tapping the watermelon with your hand, it is a ripe melon to hear the sound of “鍢槶”; it is a raw melon when you hear the sound of “Dangdang”; it is a ripe melon that hears the sound of “鍣楀櫁”.

Look at the head and tail flat evenly, the umbilical part and the Guati depression are deep, the surrounding is full, the cane handle is close to the melon skin, and the pedicle is thick and green, which is a good melon.

The weight of watermelon with increased weight maturity is lighter.

Generally, watermelons of the same size are better for lighter ones, and those with excessive weight are raw melons.

Although the watermelon with fine expansion of the expanded watermelon has no major obstacle to the human body, it affects the quality of the watermelon and reduces the taste. It needs to be corrected.

A look at the carbonized puffed large fruit juice of the biggest feature of the watermelon is a big, to pay special attention to the anti-season big watermelon.

Naturally ripe watermelon, watermelon seeds are black and full, and the application of watermelon, the growth time is short, the accumulated temperature can not reach, the melon is red, but the melon seeds are still whitish.

When you try to buy fruit, it is best to try it before you buy it.

The normal ripe melon has a sweetness of 8 degrees or more, and the taste is very good. The watermelon with the swelling agent is very light, not so sweet, and it is not crispy when bitten, and there is no clear fragrance of watermelon.

Three deposits of normal watermelons can generally be stored for more than a week, and the watermelons that have been swelled are rotted and deteriorated after two or three days of storage.

This is because hormones play a ripening role, making watermelons resistant to storage.