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Her work in Hokkaido nourishes the former Chinese music scene


[How to make cocoa sponge cake (spread egg and pass)]_ Home cocoa sponge cake (divided egg pass) practice _ how to make cocoa sponge cake (divided egg pass) _ how to make coco sponge cake (divided egg pass)

[How to make cocoa sponge cake (spread egg and pass)]_ Home cocoa sponge cake (divided egg pass) practice _ how to make cocoa sponge cake (divided egg pass) _ how to make coco sponge cake (divided egg pass)

If you want to reduce the incidence of disease, we should not always go to a restaurant outside to eat. After all, the restaurant adds condiments, the ingredients may not be hygienic, and cooking by yourself is relatively healthier. Coco sponge cakesIt’s simple, and it can also help promote health.

1. Weigh all the raw materials, separate the egg whites from the egg yolks, and keep the egg white bowls oil-free and water-free. 2. Apply a layer of paste to the bottom and the inner wall of the cake mold., Glucose heat-shielded water is melted and ready for use 5, first beat the protein, add 1/3 white sugar when the fish eyes are bubbled, add 1/3 white sugar when the texture is fine, continue adding the last 1/3 white sugar when thickened, Continue to send 7, and finally hit the wet foam, that is, lift the egg head with a small hook, I beat some over 8, below the egg yolk, mix the egg yolk and sugar 9, beat with an egg beater evenly10, continue to beat until the egg yolk liquid is fluffy, the color becomes light, that is, the state of passing 11, add the melted paste in three times, continue to beat 12, and finally until the egg yolk paste is thick and delicate, complete fusion can be 13, and 1/3 proteinPaste into the egg yolk paste 14, turn up and down with a rubber spatula and mix evenly. 15 After mixing, the egg white yolk paste is poured back into the protein paste 16. Continue to use the rubber spatula to mix up and down.Sift the low-gluten flour and cocoa powder into the egg paste 18 and use a rubber刮Quickly mix up and down with a knife 19, pour the mixed cake paste into the cake mold with paste 20, put it in the middle of the oven, and bake at 170 degrees for 20-25 minutes until the paste is not flowing, you can use a toothpickInsert the non-sticky cake slag around the toothpick in the cake to indicate that it is cooked. Take out the cake without turning the buckle 21, and let it cool out of the mold 22, and then another 23, cut the internal picture 24, change the angle 25, and thenA 26, really flexible, like a sponge family around the dinner table at dusk, eating cocoa sponge cake (splitting eggs) made by their own hands, the heart must be happy, reminding everyone at the time of this dishIt must be cooked through, and the soft texture is more suitable for eating.

[Can osmanthus make tea?]_ Benefits_Efficacy

[Can osmanthus make tea?]_ Benefits_Efficacy

Osmanthus fragrans, although its shape is larger and finer, smells very aromatic.

As long as we pick some osmanthus flowers and dry them into osmanthus tea, when the autumn and winter come, we can make a cup of refreshing osmanthus tea.

Osmanthus osmanthus contains a lot of nutrients needed by our body. Therefore, its various organic acids are also very rich, so osmanthus tea has a variety of health effects.

Drinking osmanthus tea often can treat bad breath, cough and other symptoms, and it is also very good for our stomach.

First, the efficacy of Osmanthus fragrans in Chinese medicine believes that Osmanthus fragrans is mild and mild, does not contain toxicity itself, and has the effects of resolving phlegm and removing stasis.

If you have bad breath, toothache, intestinal wind, blood stasis, phlegm, and cough in your life, you can take osmanthus soaked in water and it will work well.

Second, the benefits of drinking osmanthus tea1.

Osmanthus osmanthus tea ventilates and stomach, especially suitable for people with weak gastrointestinal function. In addition to promoting gastrointestinal health and helping digestion, it can also make us feel good.


The sweet-scented osmanthus tea can also delight the mood. The aromatic substance in the osmanthus-violone can smell our body and improve our mental state.


Sweet-scented osmanthus water can also lose weight and beauty, is the most suitable tea for female friends, can also remove body toxins, long-term adherence to the scientific use of osmanthus, can achieve beauty and beauty and weight-loss body shaping effect.


Osmanthus can also treat bad breath and treat toothache.

The fragrant substance in Osmanthus fragrans can dissolve trace amounts and has the effect of eliminating the smell of fishy odor, so it can treat bad breath.


Osmanthus osmanthus tea can improve its own immunity, and the body is getting healthier.

Osmanthus fragrant can soothe nerves, long-term adherence and osmanthus tea can calm the physiology, especially refreshing effect.

Third, the taboos of osmanthus soaking in water 1.

Osmanthus fragrans should not be taken in excess. The fragrance of osmanthus itself is very strong, so it cannot be taken in large quantities, otherwise the body will have adverse reactions, such as nausea, dizziness and vomiting.

Osmanthus fragrans must be taken in moderation, a large amount of use will lose the health benefits of this medicinal material itself.


People who are not suitable for taking Osmanthus fragrans should not use Osmanthus fragrans if their constitution is too hot, especially for patients with fiery fever.

Because Osmanthus fragrans is warm and patients with body heat take Osmanthus fragrans, the internal fire in the body will greatly increase, which is not good for your health.

However, if your body has toothache, stomach pain, bad breath and chronic bronchitis, you can take osmanthus soaked in water.

Fourth, the method of making osmanthus tea materials: dried osmanthus, tea.

Method: Put these two materials together in the cup, add boiling water for six minutes, and then take it directly.

It is recommended to take a cup every morning and evening, the effect will be better.

Efficacy: Osmanthus tea produced by this method has the functions of promoting blood circulation, nourishing the throat, and nourishing the skin. Dry skin, hoarseness, and uncomfortable throat problems can be used in life.

Leading Puzzle Manufacturing (002600): Returning to High Growth after Wind and Waves

Leading Puzzle Manufacturing (002600): Returning to High Growth after Wind and Waves
Focusing on the industry of precision functional parts, Lingzhizhixing relaunched 1) Lingyi Technology went back to the market successfully, mastered the core capabilities required for precision molds and production equipment, and laid the foundation for the growth of Lingyizhi; 2) Deeply cultivated in consumer electronics precisionFunctional devices, the company ‘s major customers ‘strategic performance is outstanding, and subsequent new products continue to be launched for major customers. It is expected to accelerate growth in the next three years; 北京桑拿会所 3) The Gionee incident and the trade prepayment incident have been basically processed. The wearable products of major customers continue to be popular, bringing absolute incremental performance to the company. Airpods is expected to gradually grow next year. The company is an absolute main supplier of new Airpods metal small pieces. It participates in a variety of material numbers. The company is expected to contribute a considerable increase in the Airpods project next year.Revenue; The positioning of the health monitoring function is clear. The watch is expected to continue to grow next year. The company is also the main supplier of watch metal parts. At present, Salcomp has successfully integrated, and it has subsequently switched to fast charging and wireless charging products, which will contribute incremental profits next year. The precision of precision functional parts has continued to improve, and the leading players have continued to benefit from the market’s belief that the large-scale replacement of products such as die-cutting parts in smart phones has been updated to gradually and gradually reduce the pressure on price reduction. We believe that the internal design of smart phones in the 5G era is more complex, such as front-end RF devices.The increase in the amount and the improvement of wireless charging power increase the divergence, increasing the demand for die-cutting parts such as graphite heat sinks.In addition, large customers are increasingly using “die-cut + stamping” composite materials to replace die-cutting or stamping single-process materials, which is expected to increase ASP by 10% -20% each year. The development of domestic machines has been smooth, and the company has more diversified customers. The company has successfully introduced products such as die-cutting of leading domestic machine brands. This year’s share has gradually increased. Under the background of Sino-US trade friction, domestic leading customers are expected to use more domestic manufacturers in die-cutting products.We expect Lingyi to become the main supplier of domestic machines next year. Investment proposal is expected to return the company’s net profit to its mother in 19-2122.2, 29.9, 39.8 trillion, corresponding to an estimated 30.3X, 22.5X, 16.9X, the reference SW electronics manufacturing industry PE is 35 times and the average evaluation of comparable companies is 26 times. Considering the flexibility of the company’s performance, the company is rated for the first time and the 上海夜网论坛 company is recommended. Risk prompts risks of exchange rate fluctuations, high risk of industry concentration, risks of integration and integration of business segments, and changes in downstream demand

38 ℃ Yoga pulls the body to the limit

38 ℃ Yoga pulls the body to the limit

At 38 ℃ indoor high temperature, regulate breathing, regulate heartbeat, regulate body temperature, stretch the body and speed up blood circulation.

  It’s cold, so hurry up and soften the muscles and bones that gradually harden due to their movement.

  Under the high temperature of 38 degrees Celsius, there are certain disadvantages in regulating breathing, let alone sweating to perform such tiny movements.

  Explore the mysteries of hot yoga at a close distance. Venue: The venue is spacious and bright, the composite wood floor is smooth and flat, and the heating equipment is relatively hidden. At first glance, the hot yoga room is almost the same as the normal temperature yoga room next door.

  ● Temperature: The indoor doors and windows are tightly closed. The temperature has reached 38 seconds, similar to a sauna.

After about 30 minutes, the face and joints began to turn red, breathing was difficult, and sweat was pouring out.

Beginners are better to be near the door, feel unable to breathe in time, and constantly replenish moisture.

  ● Tip: Because most members are beginners, the coach has taught only a few of them in 90 minutes.

It doesn’t seem too difficult.

However, for those who have poor balance ability, poor coordination of hands and feet, and usually lack of movement, some movements cannot be achieved in one step when they start learning.

  ● Feeling: After exercise, most people feel very tired.

But after thorough spraying, you will slowly feel lighter, refreshed and happy.

  Preparatory activities: Before meditationally practicing hot yoga, take 5 minutes to adjust your breathing and calm yourself down.

Sitting on the pad, close your eyes, align your hands on the top, inhale and exhale with your nose.

When you inhale, you can feel that the diaphragm is just above the diaphragm, and the air goes straight up the brain.

The exhalation time should be double the inspiratory time.

When you meditate and breathe, the retina relaxes, but you should keep your spine upright and your lower abdomen tightened.

At the same time, a soothing tune can be played.

  Basic movements: Beginners first coordinate the ability to balance. Half-moon movement dismantling: Put your feet together, place your weight between your feet, lift your hands from the side of your body, close your head, cross your fingers, point your forefinger up, swing left and right slightly.Extend upwards, inhale, exhale, slowly turn your body to the right until it is reorganized, buttocks are pushed upward in the opposite direction, fully stretch the side waist, inhale, the body is restored, exhale, inhale, and fall in the opposite direction.

  Main points of action: Clamp the head with both arms, do not lower your head when you bend sideways, and always keep your eyes on the front.

  Triangular action disassembly: Put your feet together and focus on your feet.

Lift your hands from the side of the body, close your fingers, and take a big step with your right foot to the right. At the same time, put your hands flat and in a big character., Slowly bend your body to the right, right elbow, right knee, right fingertip outside your right foot, turn your head up, straighten your left arm up, palms facing forward.

Inhale, reduce, and take on a large shape.

Then point your right toe forward and your left toe to the left, as above.

  Action points: When moving sideways, make sure your shoulders and hips are on the same level.

When bending sideways, also ensure that the junction of the toes and elbows is on the same level as the shoulders and hips.

  ■ Tips 1. Prepare sweat towels and bath towels in advance; 2. Sweatshirts should be made of pure cotton, loose and have good sweat absorption; 3. If you are worried about the hot and dry environment, you can use clean waterAim at the nasal cavity and eyes; 4. Taking vitamin B before class can prevent dehydration and help metabolism. Taking vitamins Vc and Ve after class can prevent oxidation and delay skin aging caused by high temperature.

  Weapons and equipment: Yoga mat: Not only anti-slip, shockproof, and thermal insulation.

  Yoga Brick: It can help to complete the soft, stretching and other movements step by step.

  Yoga belt: It can provide resistance to lifting feet or waist when practicing waist or leg contraction.

Correctly mastering exercise methods can help reduce stress

Correctly mastering exercise methods can help reduce stress

Physical exercise is the best way to maintain physical health, promote physiological balance, and reduce psychological stress; however, it can also be dangerous if we can’t properly train during exercise.

In particular, those who are eager to achieve success and do not master the correct exercise method often cause sports injuries, lead to physical exhaustion, physical injury, and even strained muscles and tendons.

Below we propose seven points that should be paid attention to in fitness for your reference.

Carry out training moderately.

Especially for those who are over 35 years old, do a physical examination before training starts, as a part of the physical evaluation, a health plan proposed by the health doctor, the plan includes: exercise mode, choice of intensity, frequency,Duration, moving targets, etc.

Choose the sport method you like.

Not everyone is suitable for this exercise method. You need to determine the exercise method that suits you according to your physical condition and activity preferences.

This can not only achieve the purpose of exercise, but also avoid the monotony and halfway caused by a single exercise method.

Choose daytime fitness.

Whenever possible, put the century of fitness in the morning or evening at a certain time, and ensure that this time period is completely at your disposal.

And you must exercise five days a week, at least half an hour a day.

But remember that you can’t exercise at noon.

Prepare clothing and equipment for fitness.

If you choose to walk fast or jog, sports shoes and sportswear are enough; if you choose swimming, cycling or other items, you must prepare the appropriate equipment.

Working out together can help the team.

The good thing about team fitness is that when you’re not so active with your team, the team can promote your motivation for fitness.

Set your own fitness goals.

Do you want to lose weight?

Reduce plasma?

Still looking to lower blood pressure?

These are our fitness goals.

It is a motivation that motivates us to keep going.

Be careful.

The best way to treat injuries is to prevent injuries and avoid injuries to your feet and complications during fitness. If you are unfortunately injured, you should stop exercising and go to the hospital in time for medical treatment.

  When carrying out a personal fitness training, master some basic guidelines in advance and understand common sense of fitness, so that you can prepare for fitness exercises.

I wish you the desired results of fitness exercises.

Beware of poor sleeping posture induces esophageal cancer


Beware of poor sleeping posture induces esophageal cancer

At present, esophageal cancer has become one of the biggest killers of human health, so it is a high-incidence area of esophageal cancer. Deaths due to esophageal cancer are second only to gastric cancer.

  Many people know that the incidence of esophageal cancer is closely related to personal lifestyle, especially dietary habits.

Metamorphic, pickled, smoked foods are all “high-risk” foods that cause esophageal cancer.

In addition, unhealthy eating patterns are also one of the important factors leading to esophageal cancer, such as eating too fast and too fast, uneven expectations, partial eating, smoking and drinking, and irregular diet.

  In addition to diet, the incidence of esophageal cancer is also related to poor sleeping posture, especially for people with poor digestion.

In daily life, a good sleeping position can bring better sleep quality and can also give people health points.

In contrast, poor sleeping posture damages human body organs, and even severe cases can cause a variety of diseases, such as prone to cause cerebral thrombosis on the side, prone to induce high blood pressure, high blood pressure, sleep at the desk and swell with eyeballs, sittingSnoring can cause hypoxia in the brain.

  The reason that bad sleeping posture can induce esophageal cancer is closely related to the body structure and the body.

According to daily sleep habits, a large number of people like to sleep on the right side, but research has found that the stomach is higher than the esophagus when sleeping on the right side, which provides favorable conditions for gastric acid to return to the esophagus.

When the amount of acidic fluid in the esophagus is greater than normal and continues, it can easily cause stomach burning.

Long-term, it is easy to cause cough, asthma, short-term tightness, etc., which may cause esophageal reflux, and even severe cases may become one of the causative factors of esophageal cancer.

  Therefore, developing good sleeping habits is an essential substitute for maintaining good health.

First, we should adjust our sleep rhythm to ensure extra sleep and fall asleep on time every day.

In this way, a quiet, moderate temperature, fresh air, and soft tones also help improve sleep quality.

  Thirdly, eating habits will also affect sleep quality. Fasting and fullness will make it difficult to fall asleep quickly, smoking, drinking, etc. will cause a certain degree of excitement and psychological dependence. If it can no longer help sleep, it will affect sleep quality.

Finally, people with gastrointestinal diseases suggest that bed rest is helpful to prevent gastroesophageal reflux, promote digestion and prevent heartburn, and is also very likely to prevent diseases such as esophageal cancer.

In the summer, it is necessary to prevent three evils!


Among them, wet evil is the most vulnerable to spleen and stomach

In the summer, it is necessary to prevent three “evils”!
Among them, wet evil is the most vulnerable to spleen and stomach

Spring is dominated by wind evil, autumn is mainly dry and evil, winter is dominated by cold evil, and the main evils in summer are three: summer evil, wet evil, cold evil.

Because the human body has to face a variety of evil attacks, it increases the difficulty of disease prevention and health.

Therefore, summer is often the most difficult season to maintain in all seasons.

绁?閭?閭? brewing Shengmai drink summer evil is the most important evil in summer, too much sweat in the summer will take away the body fluid, further development will lead to qi and yin deficiency.

And low blood pressure, stroke, coronary heart disease and other diseases that occur frequently in summer are all related to qi and yin deficiency.

This is because both qi and yin can cause qi deficiency. After the gas is injured, the ability to drive blood is weak, so the blood is easy to run slowly. At the same time, too much sweat will cause the injury, the blood becomes sticky, and it runs well.It will be slow, so it is easy to have cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, especially cerebral infarction and myocardial infarction.

Prevention of high incidence of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases in summer, Chinese medicine classic prescription Shengmai drink is good.

5 grams of ginseng ginseng, 5 grams of heat and nourishing yin, 5 grams of schisandra.

Put ginseng, Ophiopogon japonicus, and Schisandra in a cup and boil for half an hour to an hour. Drink the water.

These herbs can be brewed repeatedly, and they can be eaten in the end.

Ginseng can also be replaced by Codonopsis or American ginseng, the amount of American ginseng is unchanged, and the party participates in 10 grams.

Of course, it is best to adjust the proportion as appropriate under the guidance of Chinese medicine before the first use.

Moisture-proof evil: After injecting the sachet into the summer, the rain gradually increases, and the wet evil is the easiest to take the opportunity.

Chinese medicine believes that wet evil passes through the spleen, so wet evil is most likely to hurt the spleen and stomach function of the human body, leading to anorexia, abdominal distension, diarrhea, and body weight loss.

The fragrant spleen is spleen, so the scent is specially spleen, so the scent that smells more fragrant in Chinese medicine has the effect of strengthening the spleen.

In the clinical meeting, some people who do not like to take Chinese medicine, I would recommend them to make a sachet, implanted in the body, both to build the role of spleen and dampness, but also to prevent mosquito bites.

You can take 5 grams of nutmeg, 5 grams of Amomum villosum, 10 grams of Perrin, 10 grams of musk, 5 grams of cloves.

First, put the nutmeg, flower with garlic, add the amomum, simmer; add clove, peland and musk; mix it and put it in the sachet bag.

Expelling cold evil: Drinking a cup of ginger water every day in the air-conditioned room to work and live in summer, this is an external cold evil; In addition, many people go to the summer, because of the heat, they like the cold diet, the cold evil of dietFrom the mouth, these will increase the probability of cold evil invading the human body.

Lighter is easy to get the summer heat, that is, nasal congestion, runny nose and other symptoms of cold and cold; heavy, cold from the limbs invade the human body, resulting in distortion of limb joints, such as rheumatoid.

It is recommended to drink ginger water every day, which is effective for the treatment of depression, stomach problems, dysmenorrhea and allergic rhinitis.

But it is not advisable to eat ginger or ginger soup at night.