Autumn and winter began to keep the essence

Autumn and winter began to keep the essence

It’s winter in a blink of an eye. It’s a good time to eat a tonic. Unfortunately, the changing climate makes the digestive tract once again insidious.

Let’s add it slowly, as well as private affairs.

From this month, saving sex is environmentally friendly.

  What to do: Take care of the cold dew of the digestive tract, and enter the season of alternating heat and cold. The climate changes from heat to cold, and the growth of all things alternates with cold gradually.

The temperature difference between day and night is huge. After being stimulated by cold air, the human body first hurts the stomach, causing obstructive contraction of the digestive tract, and the resistance decreases accordingly.

In addition, the weather turned cool, and the appetite for one summer was relieved, and we enjoyed the delicious food.

As a result of such overeating, the burden on the stomach and duodenal intestine increased, and the digestive tract was injured again.

  Stomach protection in autumn: “Five nourishment” to keep warm: After the autumn is cold, we must pay special attention to the warmth of the stomach. Beware of cold stomach, which may cause stomach pain or diarrhea, nausea and other symptoms.

Especially for those who are relatively thin, keeping the stomach warm is more important.

Slim people usually have thinner stomach walls and are more prone to stepping on temperature changes.

  Diet and nutrition: The autumn diet should be warm, soft, light, vegetarian, and fresh. It should be regularly quantified, eat less and eat more, so that there is often food and acid in the stomach to neutralize, so there will not be too much stomach acid in the digestive tract.make trouble.

  Avoid mouth maintenance: in autumn, pay attention to avoid mouth, too cold, too hot, too hard, too spicy, too sticky food can not touch, but also avoid overeating.

  Peace of mind: Experts believe that the occurrence and development of the digestive tract are closely related to human emotions and mentality.

Therefore, it is good for the digestive tract to abandon the bad emotions such as tension, worry, and anger, and to keep the spirit firmly and emotionally stable.

  Exercise health: Moderate exercise in the fall can maintain the stomach and intestines. The moderate essential is the word “frozen”. No matter what sports you do, don’t sweat sweating and stop sweating.

  What it is: Saving room starts When the climate becomes cold this month, it is when the human body’s yang energy converges and yin gas occupies the body, so the health of autumn and winter cannot be separated from the word “recover”.

When it comes to intercourse, it’s about recuperating.

Don’t look like the restlessness when spring yang is developing, nor the excitement when the summer yang is overpowering, but stand straight with your hands behind your head and lower your head-converge.

Although winter is the most important task for saving housework, it has started to be publicized in autumn.

  The famous doctor Sun Simiao once had a set of house theory. His old man said: “Twenty people (referring to 20-29 years old, and the like by the following analogy), one vent on the fourth day; thirty, eight vents on the eighth;One leak on six days; one leak on fifty days; one leak on sixty days; if one is physically strong, one leak in January.

“It can be seen how poor the ancients were at that time, or because of the worship of abstinence, everyone was extremely” saving “on sexual matters.

In today’s enlightened society, the importance of sex for a good relationship between the sexes goes without saying.

So of course we don’t have to follow Dr. Sun’s theory, but it seems that the idea of someone in autumn and winter is indeed less than in spring, and we do not prevent the desire from coming.

In the autumn, women’s bodies would also eliminate their desires, and the vaginal fluid would be much less.

This is to blame dryness, which makes the body dry and hurts yin, jin, fluid, sweat, blood, and essence are among the yin.

So now the foreplay is extremely important and it needs to be given alternate time.

  What to eat: Ping Bu + Run Bu where all foods have character, cold, hot, and the balance between cold and heat.

The so-called tonic is to replace tonic food with inconspicuous personality. This is a tonic rule based on the cool autumn climate and relative balance between yin and yang.

The foods that Pingbu can choose from are: Zhibai: reducing blood lipids, antipyretic, and diuretic; pumpkin: nourishing lungs and nourishing qi, analgesic reconciliation; lotus seeds: spleen and heart, Gujing antidiarrhea, appetizers and soothe; longan: cureAnemia, neurasthenia, postpartum blood deficiency; black sesame: nourishing the lungs and spleen, moisturizing the intestines, purging the skin, and benefiting the skin; jujube: nourishing the spleen and stomach, replenishing qi, replenishing blood and nourishing yin; walnut: nourishing kidney, nourishing blood, nourishing lungMuscle weakness, brachial nerve weakness and lower back pain.

  In addition, although yin and yang are relatively balanced now, dryness is the main qi, and lungs are easily injured by dry qi.

As much as possible, you can directly add water to prevent direct damage to the human body caused by dry weather; it is necessary to use sesame, honey, fruits and other divided sweet foods to achieve the purpose of nourishing yin and lungs.

  Famous doctors and private parties: Chaoshao salt water, the water in the air of the night and evening honey soup, and the water in the human body, we must often “rehydration” ourselves to reduce the damage caused by the dry climate to the body.

Drinking more water becomes a necessary means.

However, drinking plain water alone cannot completely resist the distortion effect brought by Yuqiao.

After entering the body, the water quickly evaporates or is excreted, and then gets out of the body.

If some salt is added to the boiled water, the situation will be very different and it won’t be lost so easily.

And honey has the effect of clearing heat, replenishing qi, detoxifying, moisturizing and analgesic.

Drinking a bit of salty water during the day and a glass of honey at night not only replenishes the body’s water reserve, but also is a good recipe for health and anti-aging. At the same time, constipation caused by dry air will not benefit us.

Housewife Gourmet Emmental Cheese Onion

Housewife Gourmet Emmental Cheese Onion

Ingredients: 300 grams of onion slices, soup 1.

3 kg, 1 g of thyme, 40 ml of white wine, 50 g of shredded Emmental cheese, 1 bread?
2 slices, 2 grams of panyutuo, oil, pepper and salt.

  Practice: 1.

Pour an appropriate amount of oil into the pan, heat the oil, and fry the onion until golden brown.


Add in white wine and simmer for a few minutes.


Add thyme and soup to the pot and cook over low heat, then season with salt and pepper.


Pour the cooked onion soup into the bowl for about 9 minutes.


Put white bread on the noodle soup 1?
2 tablets.


Add shredded Emmenta cheese and add the whole bowl of soup to the oven until the cheese is golden brown.


Pour the roasted onion soup in the right amount of panyu.

How to use nasal saline to treat rhinitis

How to use nasal saline to treat rhinitis

The specific operation of saline nasal washing: 1. You can find an empty bottle of used nasal spray, some are 0.

9% sodium chloride injection (ie saline).

Heat the entire bottle of physiological saline with an electric heating cup, and heat it to the extent that it feels hot but not hot. Then pour the overheated physiological saline into the empty bottle of the spray, screw it and use it directly.Just spray it on your nose.

Spray four or five times a day, every time you spray 2–3. Of course, the more you use it, the better the effect.

Spray more each time.

  Note that this method can only be cleaned to the front of the nasal vestibule and the lower nasal passage. It cannot reach the sinuses and the upper, middle and lower plastic bottles. The opening can be unscrewed.

You can use it after washing it with hot water.

Go buy a few bottles of 500 milliliters for all parts of the nasal passages.

It is basically suitable for all types of rhinitis and can improve the symptoms of nasal cavity inflammation by heating.

If time is tight, then once or only once in the morning and evening, but some allergic rhinitis may receive better results, but the overall effect is weaker.

  2. You can also find a small teapot. It is better to have a thinner spout. The spout is straight rather than curved.

You can use it to hold the heated saline, point the spout at the nostril and plug it directly on the nostril, tilt your head slightly, and then pour it in.

Water usually flows from the other nostril, and some flows into the mouth, just spit it out.

  It should be noted that people with nasal congestion should be used with caution. The nasal congestion blocks the water flow, easily enters the ear, and easily swells.

  This method can basically reach all nasal passages (the setting is that the nose is not blocked), but it cannot reach the sinuses.

  It seems that there is such a similar special nasal washing tool on the market, you might as well buy one.

  3, more advanced special tools, that is, electric nasal washer, that type is roughly divided into two types, one is an electric pressure spray column, one is an electric pressure spray such as domestic.

This kind of advanced tools can reach all parts of the nasal cavity, clean more thoroughly, and the effect is naturally more ideal.

The difference between the two is that the water column is easy to hold water, there is no pressure relief device, and nasal plugs and children should be used with caution.

Electric pressure spray does not hold water. For example, domestic fixed-pressure pressure spray nasal washers also have a pressure relief device, which can be used by nasal plugs and children, so it is comfortable and safe to use.Natural revival is better.

Biography of Great Jang Geum in Ancient China

Biography of “Great Jang Geum” in Ancient China

In China’s medical history, many well-known female medical scientists have appeared. They have exquisite medical skills, noble medical ethics, rescue the wounded, and cure the disease for the people. They have won the admiration and praise of future generations.
  Superb medical skills Called into the palace Gong Yuanyuan In the Western Han Dynasty more than 2,000 years ago, there was a woman named Yiyi in Hedong (now Fuxian, Shanxi Province). She was a famous female doctor in the history of our country.
Yizheng was interested in herbs since he was a child. He went to the mountain to collect medicines when he was a teenager.
As long as Langzhong passed by, she always consulted with an open mind, accumulated a lot of time, learned a lot of medical knowledge, and accumulated a wealth of clinical experience.
On one occasion, a patient with a swollen abdomen was brought from outside. The belly was larger than a pregnant woman who was about to give birth, her umbilical eyes were prominent, her body was skinny, and her breath was suffocating.
After Yizhen inspected her carefully, she took out a few silver needles, pierced the patient’s abdomen and legs a few times, and took out a pack of medicine powder and sprinkled it on the patient’s umbilical eye, and wrapped it with silk moistened with hot waterAnd give the patient Chinese medicine.
After a few days, the patient’s swelling gradually subsided, and the patient could get up in less than 10 days.
Later, Emperor Han Wu’s medicine was known to Emperor Han Wu, so she enlisted her into the palace, and was named a female doctor to treat diseases for the Empress Dowager.
  She is good at acupuncture and medical treatment. Li Minzhen is from the Jin Dynasty, and Bao Gu, the daughter of Baoshou, Nanhai, Guangdong, is also a famous female doctor. Her husband Ge Hong is a famous alchemist in the Jin Dynasty.
Due to her long hearing and family influence, she has created good conditions for her treatment.
She has followed her husband for a long time to practice medicine in the alchemy of Luofu Mountain, Guangdong, and treats the people. Lingnan-with the public respected her as “Bao Xiangu”.
  Bao Gu practiced medicine collection and traveled to Guangzhou, Nanhai, Huiyang and Boluo.
She is well-medical and meticulous. She excels in acupuncture and is known for her treatment of tumors and warts.
She used moxibustion to treat the disease with wild red-footed wormwood at the foot of the Yuexiu Mountain. Therefore, later people called this worm “Bao Gu Ai”.
After the death of Bao Gu, the Lingnan people commemorated her contribution to the medical cause by building the Bao Gu Temple in Sanyuan Palace under the Yuexiu Mountain in Guangzhou.
  Zhu Lixian said that practicing medicine is the people. Female doctor Tan Yunxian of the Ming Dynasty, a Wuxi man from Jiangsu, whose grandfather was a former Langzhong in Nanjing’s Criminal Department, is a local famous doctor, and his grandmother is also proficient in medicine.
Tan Yunxian was well-educated by his family since he was a child, and learned medical knowledge under the guidance of his grandparents.
Shortly after her marriage, she developed qi and blood disorders. Instead of giving up studying medicine, she took her own disease as the subject of study, prescribed her own medicine, and finally cured the disease.
Soon, her grandmother was bedridden and taught her all recipes and pharmaceutical tools before she died.
In feudal society, some boudoirs and wealthy relatives had gynecological diseases. Due to the restraint of ethics and religion in feudal society, they were ashamed to ask a male doctor for treatment, so they often suffered from illness.
Tan Yunxian’s medical skills are exquisite, well-known from far and away, and female patients have gone to the clinic.
Later, Tan Yunxian became a local female doctor specializing in gynecological diseases.
At the age of 50, Tan Yunxian wrote a summary of the medical skills taught by his grandmother and his many years of clinical experience into a “female doctor’s miscellaneous talk”, which he passed on to future generations.
  Master of Surgery Hand in Hand Except for the Sickness There is a famous surgeon in the Song Dynasty named Zhang Xiaoniang. Her medical skills were neither ancestral nor derived from her husband’s practice. So where did it come from?
It is said that when Zhang Xiaonian was young, one day, a Yunyoulang passed by the door and asked her for a glass of water.
Seeing that she was an old man with silver magpies, Zhang Xiaoniang invited him into the room, made tea, and enthusiastically served meals.
The old man saw that she was clever, smart, and diligent in her hands and feet, so she gave her surgical secrets such as surgery and ointment, and gave her a secret, “Anthracite Alien”.
Later, after continuous practice, Zhang Xiaoniang finally became a female doctor proficient in surgery.
All patients with sores and bulges came to seek medical treatment, and after her diagnosis and treatment, all of them showed no wonder.
— When fame is so loud, patients should be overwhelmed.
She passed on her surgical technique to her husband, so the couple became local doctors.

How to deal with lecherous male bosses?

How to deal with lecherous male bosses?

Women in the workplace, how to deal with lecherous male bosses!

  Dignity is the most precious treasure. Ms. Liang, 23 years old, the next day after the computer entry clerk “boss symbolizes ‘the magic claw’ to me,” I left the company.

“When the cheerful Miss Liang entered the hotline, she told the reporter on duty proudly.

According to Miss Liang, in April of this year, she applied for a company as a clerk and cashier.

At noon 10 days after work, the boss suddenly hugged her from behind while she was resting on the initialization of the office.

She immediately called the boss to let go, and told the boss rightly: “Please focus on yourself. If what you are looking for is not my ability, then I will leave immediately.

“After that, although the boss solemnly expressed her remorse, after thinking about it all night, Miss Liang chose to leave the next day.

  Ms. Liang told reporters that although her current job is not as challenging as the previous one and has to be much lower than the previous one, she does not feel regretful. If she is to be wronged for one job,And even asking her to pay for the job, she felt it was not worth it.

  Mr. Lu, 41, Mr. Lu, a social psychology education for university teachers, believes that if women have always believed that “dignity is priceless,” sexual harassment is not a particularly difficult problem.

  Mr. Lu explained that some women accepted the harassment of their boss and male colleagues in order to be promoted, to preserve their positions, and for the benefit. Although it was a last resort, deep in their hearts, they had some kind of interest and dignity.bargain”.

In some people’s opinion, dignity and dignity are false, and interests are real, so they dare not “turn their faces” in the face of harassment, and even dare not show their displeasure.

And some beautiful women dare to stand up when faced with sexual harassment and defend their dignity with justice. As a result, these women who dare to “fight” for dignity are not only dismissed, but they are also inseparable from the unit.Its backbone has won the respect of male bosses and colleagues.

Dignity is gone, there are even benefits and they will not last, and there will be more and more trouble.

  Women should also “work hard on internal skills”
Ms. Xiao, 35 years old. Ms. Xiao, the owner of a private company, feels that she has to face the temptations of sexual harassers.

She believes that as long as girls understand and be firm in the workplace, they will treat their work with a normal heart, be a man by their own abilities, not a relationship, and do not expect things that do not belong to them, and they will not lose them.Originally belonged to the dignity of women.

  Mr. Huang, 29 years old, Mr. Huang, a leader of a communication company, found that college students should learn how to distinguish and deal with sexual harassment when they are in school. Some female college students ca n’t recognize themselves when they are employed. They always want to do some jobs that are easy to place and high.Immature employment psychology has become the “reason” of sexual harassment by the boss. Therefore, while beauties complain to the boss, they should also grasp the employment mentality.

  Contracts can be used to prevent Mr. Qin. Legal worker Mr. Qin said that obtaining evidence for sexual harassment is a difficult problem: to solve it, sexual harassment itself is a subjectively sensitive problem. Instead, most of the sexual harassment of the boss occurs in the office, and only two people are present.No one can say whether it constitutes sexual harassment.

Even if a victim of sexual harassment can secretly record audio, such evidence will not be obtained by the court because the evidence collection process is illegal.

  Mr. Long, a lawyer in a law firm in Nanning “the content of preventing sexual harassment should be written into the labor contract.

Mr. Long, who broke into the hotline of this newspaper, opened his door and expressed his views on sexual harassment.

Mr. Long believes that many women who have been sexually harassed now are afraid to stand up against the harassers, and some women will report the situation to higher authorities or appeal to the court (but they often lose their cases due to issues such as obtaining evidence).

In the case that it takes time for the state to introduce laws to prevent sexual harassment, it is necessary to write the provisions on preventing sexual harassment into the labor contract. This is the shortest and most direct way to prevent sexual harassment in the office. There are effective measures that can restrict some people ‘sWrongdoing.

Beautiful minds march yoga woman

Beautiful minds march yoga woman

The woman had one more ambition in March: look at her face, glance at the winter clothes piled up in the closet, and leave herself with the “harsh” look.

The best cosmetic moisturizer, the most effective way to shape the body.

Therefore, this ambition due to seasonal changes has almost become the mind of women around the world.

  Yoga finally stood out and made these beautiful things for women.

  Kineticians tell us: “Yoga is very effective in shaping the body, balancing the body, and burning.

“For decades, the popularity of yoga in Europe and the United States also illustrates this point.

A professor at a university in the United States said: I took yoga classes twice a week for two consecutive months. As a result, my physical strength, endurance, softness, and breathing condition improved significantly.

  This is because of muscle contraction and other actions in yoga, because yoga can effectively burn the body’s aunt.

  Tip: In addition to calming your mood and lowering your blood pressure, yoga diet can also help you eliminate depression and tension-these are all factors that cause you to want to eat madly.

In addition to these shortcomings that can be overcome right away, practicing yoga can also help you diet.

You can use the self-control and mental strength you learned from yoga exercises to control the amount of food, choose healthier foods, and not feel the pain of death.

Try the following yoga diets: 1. Talk to the belly. Before waking up in the morning, lie still for a while, keep your hand on the heart, the other hand on the belly, and start breathing slowly and deeply with your nose, andRepeatedly in my heart: “Today, I will nourish my body with healthy food.

“This is repeated at least dozens of times.

  2. Pay attention to the signals your body gives you. When you are under stress or nervousness and want to have a snack, please sit quietly, take a sip of water, and swallow it slowly. Imagine that the water is slowly sliding towards youThe stomach replenishes your body’s energy.

In this way, you can concentrate and feel that you are still really hungry.

So as to relieve one’s nerves and reduce tension about the surrounding environment.

  3. Responsible for your health Every night, before going to bed, quietly and then raise your hands above your head, palms together, this is a posture like praying, and then tell yourself: I have a good day today, because I doIt’s time to take responsibility for your diet, body and life.

Five things to keep in mind for the elderly

Five things to keep in mind for the elderly

A siesta for a certain period of time is good for the body, but the incorrect way of siesta or the irrational choice of the siesta will affect the health of the body, such as going to bed immediately after a meal, because how much blood the digestive tract needs after mealsIf food falls asleep immediately, it will affect the blood to enter the perfusion system, correct food digestion, lead to dysfunction in the body, and is not conducive to the absorption and utilization of nutrients.

Here we introduce the five things you should pay attention to when taking a nap in the elderly: it ‘s not suitable to sit in a nap. If you sit in a chair or sofa in the morning, or lie down at a table, you will often feel dizzy, tinnitus, and soft legs.Matting and paleness are caused by “brain anemia”.

The elderly have poor heart function, slower heart rate when sitting and sleeping, blood vessels dilate, and the speed of blood flowing through various organs is relatively slow.

If you sit and sleep, the blood flowing to your brain will decrease even more.

Especially after lunch, the local blood will enter the perfusion system, and the “sitting position” will further aggravate the “brain anemia”, leading to the occurrence of the above-mentioned complications and symptoms.

  The siesta time should not be too long. The elderly sleep longer, and they sleep too long during the day, which will make it difficult to fall asleep at night.

Therefore, it is advisable for the elderly to take a nap or so, and it is not advisable to take too long.

  It is not appropriate to sleep in harmony with the clothes. The elderly must not spit in the clothes for fear of trouble. They should undress, untie, and cover to sleep again, so as not to catch cold.

  It is not appropriate to go to bed immediately after meals. The elderly have poor digestive function. After meals, the gastrointestinal tract needs more blood to digest food.

If you fall asleep immediately after a meal, it will affect the blood’s entry into the perfusion system, correct food digestion, cause disorders in the reorganization function, and are not conducive to the absorption and utilization of nutrients.

  It is not appropriate to sleep on the wind and the elderly have poor resistance, and hair blowing is easy to catch a cold.

Therefore, the elderly must not sleep in the wind against the “wind”, do not sleep in the wind in the morning, or blow on a fan or air conditioner.

Freckle removal tips, so that you do not become spot girl _1

Freckle removal tips to keep you from being “spot girls”

Click to buy Women are prone to spotting. In addition to female love, work, marriage and other factors, behaviors in daily life, diet, habits, and occupations that cause women to have spots can not be ignored.
With professional freckle methods such as taking medicine, injections, lasers, and freezing, the freckle coup has many advantages, such as convenience and small side effects, and is loved and welcomed by female friends.
  祛斑小妙招一:祛斑汤品  汤品是食物祛斑的重要组成的部分,其主要是以具有祛斑功效的食物为主要原材料制作而成,比较普遍的祛斑汤品除柠檬冰糖汁、猕猴桃汁外,Angelica hawthorn tea, Fuling Xiaoban soup, rice cucumber porridge and other soups also have a good effect on freckle and whitening.
  Freckle removal coup 2: Method of external application The method of external application is mainly for the method of removing spots and scars, and the food plants that have the effect of removing stains in daily life are selected.
The more common ones are aloe vera, vinegar and egg liquid, paeony, milk, pearl powder and so on.
According to the characteristics of your skin, you can choose a suitable external freckle.
  Small freckle trick 3: skin care skin care tricks in the role of freckle can not be ignored, not only to do a good job of skin moisturization, but also to use skin care products properly and reasonably.
For products that require makeup removal, makeup must be removed in a timely and thorough manner to avoid irritation to the skin and cause blemishes.
  In short, there are many small freckle tricks in daily life. Different methods have different advantages and disadvantages. Due to differences in the actual conditions of the skin and replication, the effects are usually very different, so it is necessary to use other means.To get better freckle effect.

Build a successful female boss

Build a successful female boss

The women in life are bright, pure, or enchanting, sexy, and changeable. Everywhere is a beautiful scenery. In the workplace competition, such scenery is not just scenery. Modern women have to win recognition in the workplace., How to do it equally?

In this issue, we have invited experts from the CHR Career Career Group to help female bosses in the workplace.

  40% of men are willing to have a female executive According to the random sampling survey of male white-collar workers in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Shenzhen by the CHR Career Professional Advisor Survey Center, 68% of male white-collar workers do not mind that their boss is female; 73%Think women are more likely to communicate at work.
get along.
Work is more enjoyable, with 37% of them saying they are more willing to work under white-collar workers.

  Traditional China is a male society, and men play a role in society.

However, with the development of knowledge economy in modern society, gender advantage has been gradually eliminated.
The impact of emerging cultures, neutral value, in particular.
The value trend in the workplace is increasingly biased towards the era of professional genderlessness.
As a result, more and more emerging men are willing to accept women’s leadership.

  As a woman, perception, creative thinking, communication skills, influence, and sense of accomplishment.
The sense of beauty is relatively strong, but they have some labor-intensive, fast-changing, high-efficiency requirements, and related work with strong analytical ability will reflect their weak contradictions, and female managers are relatively weak on the surface.
Good at communication.
But their ability to control emotions is reduced.
Customers are prone to emotions.
This enhanced EQ training is the key to the success of many female managers, which will determine the future they may win in a rapidly changing workplace.

  How to shape a successful female boss?

  Linda is the head of the planning department of a well-known advertising company.

Smart and beautiful, when she first entered this company, she met with a warm welcome from her male fellow.

Everyone took care of her, but her stubborn personality was not immersed in such superficial care.

Since entering this male-dominated company, she has made up her mind to prove her abilities.

There is no regular plan for the company’s work, and she never refuses.
Strive to do every planning.

Stay up all night and plan.
Liaison staff . Each piece is self-reliant and perfect.

Therefore, it was praised by colleagues and broke the masculinity of those male colleagues.
The idea that women cannot suffer.

Three years later she successfully became the director of the company’s planning department, the first female director of the company.

The male subordinates were willing to do things under her hands and listen to her instructions.

  1. Opening bright eyes as a female boss should use a high degree of sensitivity, experiencing feelings, and strengthening the coordination role of women to make up for the weakness of women’s emotional and insufficient decision-making ability.

Therefore, I have to accept information for my third purpose. I am open-minded to change my emotions and the limitation of information acceptance caused by decision-making ability.

  2. Women’s expression, performance, communication, and ability to package touching lips have advantages over men.

How to make women more professional and be refined in the course of work, so that these worldly abilities become professional abilities for their own use, instead of women’s decision-making, lack of decision-making, this is what professional female managers must learn and think about.

  3, exercise charming posture action is more important than thought, through action to achieve success, to break down the lack of ideological innovation, courage and other aspects of the ability to become a penalty code to increase the sense of security.

Therefore, women should become more involved in the development of things with more positive postures and effective actions.

  CH Bingbin, President and Chief Career Advisor of CHR Career Career Group.
Female managers should return to the traditional female complex, be able to refine traditional female characteristics such as gentleness, obedience, and sensitivity, and can be successfully used in the workplace.
  How do male subordinates get along with female bosses?

  First of all, you must adjust your mentality and respect your female boss. This is the key to starting a rapport with her.

You can make her trust and appreciate you.
You’re halfway there.

  1. Women are more emotional than men.
So at the right time, learn to make concessions properly, don’t confront each other, and avoid head-on conflicts.

At work, if you no longer like your female boss, try to treat her as a friend.

  2. Compared with male bosses, many female bosses are more concerned about whether men respect her.

You show it through the usual details: some kind of company toast to show respect for the initiative to meet, you can also ask her for advice in the face of life’s speculation, and ask her to help with ideas to show your trust in her.

  3. Your work details and attitude.

For example, you go to work half an hour earlier than the female boss every day to create opportunities to communicate with her. You can leave for half an hour after work and ask your boss if there is anything you want to do when the boss needs your help.
Please take the initiative to make a good impression on her.

Have moms noticed baby’s tooth stains?

Have moms noticed baby’s tooth stains?

Do you think that dental stains will only appear in adult’s mouth?

Will those babies with first deciduous teeth have deposits of dental stains?

If you think so, be careful of criticism.

A professional pediatrician will tell you that even small babies can get dental stains and cause gingivitis as a result.

If your baby’s teeth look yellow or orange, it is likely that the teeth are not brushed thoroughly enough, causing the surface of the teeth to become contaminated with food residues and plaque.

At this time, parents can use a soft baby toothbrush to dispense with a little adult toothpaste or a little baking soda and add water. Brush the baby’s teeth carefully to remove these stains.

If this cleaning method still doesn’t work, then you have to take your baby to the dentist. The doctor will use a professional method to remove the stains on the baby.

Although the presence of those stains does not necessarily indicate that the baby has dental caries, if plaque accumulates on the tooth surface, it is likely to cause gingivitis.

If your baby has gingivitis during the period of deciduous teeth, this is definitely not a good thing.

In addition, one out of about 1,000 babies can easily develop a special black tooth stain.

This tooth stain may be caused by iron in the multivitamins your baby eats.

Whether or not your baby is a child of a thousand, you should prevent vigilance.

Brush your baby often, and thoroughly every time you brush, so that you can avoid this phenomenon.

Because once such stains get on the teeth, it will be more difficult to remove.

Members of parents must also be told that if the baby accidentally falls over and touches his deciduous teeth, the injured deciduous teeth will also change color to produce dark spots, and this black stain cannot be removed.

In addition, if the baby has some chronic disease, he has a high fever repeatedly; or at 0?
At the age of 3, he was exposed to certain drugs or long-term replacement of excessive fluoride, etc. Maybe his deciduous teeth will not be disturbed, but the permanent teeth he grows in the future are likely to be discolored because of this.