Don’t drink yogurt in summer.


Don’t drink yogurt in summer.

Nowadays, not only the variety of yoghurt is dazzling, but also the yogurt drinks are endless, you are likely to buy the 鈥測oghurt鈥?that is not yogurt.

Yogurt is made from high-quality milk fermented by lactic acid bacteria, which is essentially the surface area of milk. The yogurt drink is just a kind of beverage, no longer milk.

The nutrient content of the two varies greatly, and the nutrition of yogurt drinks is only about 1/3 of that of yogurt.

According to the regulations of the dairy industry, 100 grams of yogurt requires a protein content of 鈮?2.

9 grams, while the protein content of yogurt drinks is only about 1 gram.

銆€銆€Yogurt is a healthy dairy product that people often drink. However, if you walk into the misunderstanding of drinking yogurt, but it does not have a health care effect, it is also detrimental to your health.


Yogurt and yogurt drinks are not the same thing now, not only the variety of yogurt, but also the yoghurt drinks, you are likely to buy the “yoghurt” that is not yogurt back home.

Yogurt is made from high-quality milk fermented by lactic acid bacteria, which is essentially the surface area of milk. The yogurt drink is just a kind of beverage, no longer milk.

The nutrient content of the two varies greatly, and the nutrition of yogurt drinks is only about 1/3 of that of yogurt.

According to the regulations of the dairy industry, 100 grams of yogurt requires a protein content of 鈮?2.

9 grams, while the protein content of yogurt drinks is only about 1 gram.
Yogurt drink can be used as a refreshing and thirst-quenching drink. It has a certain nutritional value while quenching thirst, but it cannot replace milk and yogurt.


Yogurt and green papaya mix, lose weight and breast enhancement method 1: yogurt + practice a green papaya 150 ml sugar-free yogurt, with two spoons of milk, stir and pour green papaya juice.

Ready to eat, can be placed in the refrigerator to freeze, taste better.

銆€銆€Method 2: Yogurt + Luggage Use 150 ml of yogurt before meals every day, mix with two spoons of milk, stir evenly and eat.

銆€銆€Method 3: Yogurt + massage skin massage can be made more when the Qin product is prepared. After bathing every night, apply it to one piece and massage it clockwise and counterclockwise.

At least 15 minutes, it is better to feel dark in the dark.


How much should yogurt be suitable every day?

銆€銆€A cup of milk in the morning, a cup of yogurt in the evening is ideal.

But some people especially like yogurt, often drinking a lot of yogurt after a meal, which may cause weight gain.

This is because the yoghurt itself also contains a certain amount. Drinking yoghurt after a meal is equivalent to supplementing these transformations, causing weight gain.

For healthy people, drinking one or two cups a day, in turn, about 250-500 grams a day is more appropriate.

It is best to adjust the interconnected flora for half an hour to an hour after a meal, which is good for your health.


Question: Can yogurt be warm?

銆€銆€Drinking a cup of cold yogurt, the stomach will be very uncomfortable, want to heat the yogurt after heating, and some people say that heating will destroy the nutrition.

In fact, yogurt can be included after warming up.

It is said that yoghurt should not be heated. It is the most ideal lactic acid bacteria in killing yoghurt. Its function is to produce lactic acid, increase the acidity of the interconnect, and inhibit the growth of spoilage bacteria and the decomposition of spoilage bacteria.The warming treatment will increase the activity of the lactic acid bacteria, and its unique health care effect will result in particle size.

Therefore, yogurt can be accepted after heating.

You can put the yogurt into the warm water of about 45 and slowly warm it up, and it will become warm and shake. When the packaging feels warm, you can place it.


Yogurt can’t be mixed with yogurt and a lot of foods are very good, especially the breakfast with bread, snacks, dry and thin, good taste and nutritious.

But don’t eat it with processed meats such as sausages and bacon.

Because nitrate is added to the processed meat, that is, nitrous acid, it forms a nitrosamine with the amine in the yogurt, which is a carcinogen.

Yogurt should not be taken with certain drugs, such as chloramphenicol, erythromycin and other antibiotics, sulfonamides, etc., which can kill or destroy lactic acid bacteria in yogurt.
If you love yogurt, please remember that yogurt is suitable for eating with starchy foods such as rice, noodles, buns, steamed buns, bread, etc.

Drinking more yogurt can not lose weight. Yogurt does have a certain weight loss effect, mainly because it contains a large amount of active lactic acid bacteria, which can effectively regulate the balance of the flora in the body, promote peristalsis and peristalsis, thereby alleviating constipation.

Long-term constipation and weight gain have a certain relationship.

Moreover, the yoghurt also has a certain feeling of fullness. Drinking a cup when it is slightly elevated can effectively alleviate the urgent appetite, thereby reducing the amount of meals in the next meal.

But don’t forget that yogurt itself contains a certain amount, and its capacity is higher than milk. If you eat it on a cumulative basis, it will also cause weight gain.

The best way is to choose yoghurt marked with skim and low-denatured words, although they are not as rich and full-bodied as full-fat yoghurt, but the conversion is low and does not make it quickly accumulate in the body and gain weight.


It is best not to take yogurt to fill your hunger. When you heal the intestines, you will often grab a cup of yogurt and drink it.

This can really alleviate the feeling of drought, but it is best not to take yogurt to fill the hunger.

Because the acidity in the stomach is high (pH is 2) on an empty stomach, the lactic acid bacteria characteristic of yogurt is easily killed by gastric acid, and its health care effect is greatly weakened.

Still drink it 1-2 hours after a meal!

Because the gastric juice is reduced at this time, the pH in the stomach is most suitable for the growth of lactic acid bacteria.

In addition, the benefits of drinking yogurt at night are also more.

Remember to wash your teeth after drinking yogurt, especially after drinking at night, because some bacteria and acidic substances in the yogurt have certain damage to the teeth.


Drinking yoghurt is not suitable for all ages. In fact, yogurt is good, but not everyone is suitable for eating.

Patients with diarrhea or other chronic diseases should be cautious when drinking yogurt after interventional injury; children under 1 year old should not drink yogurt.

In addition, diabetics, patients with atherosclerosis, cholecystitis and diabetes patients should not drink sugary full-fat yogurt, otherwise it will easily aggravate the condition.

The people who drink more yogurt are: regular drinkers, regular smokers, often forced computer operators, patients with frequent constipation, antibiotics, osteoporosis patients, cardiovascular diseases, etc.


Yogurt refuses to warm up A lot of information says that yogurt can not be heated, fear that the most fermented lactic acid bacteria in yogurt will be killed after heating, and the taste and taste will change, and its nutritional value and health care function will also be reduced.

However, if the yogurt is only heated to a slight temperature, the lactic acid bacteria in the yogurt will not be killed, but will increase the activity of the lactic acid bacteria, and its unique health care function will have a molecular weight.

You can add yogurt or bag to the warm water of about 45 掳C and slowly warm it. It will be warmed and shaken. It feels gentle and can be placed. This is more comfortable than drinking a cold yoghurt in the cold winter.a lot of.

One day, three people can live to ninety-nine


One day, three people can live to ninety-nine

When my husband and I just retired, for the sake of fitness, it was not a walk or a jog.

These exercises are good, but they are susceptible to weather or site conditions, so I would like to find a fitness method that is both unrestricted and unrestricted.

銆€銆€I remember seeing the “retina” exercises in the magazine before. I said to my wife: “You can also try to shake.

“I didn’t expect to stick to it for four or five years. Although we have been old and young, we can be mentally savvy, and we are very aware of the benefits.

銆€銆€The top is the trembling of the body that is launched by itself.

The basic posture is correct, the chest is tight, the eyes are slightly closed, the feet are separated from the shoulder width, the whole body is relaxed, the distracting thoughts are removed, and the heel and the alignment are used as the axis to start the shaking of the muscles and internal organs of the lower part of the body.

The front-end frequency and time can vary from person to person, and can generally be 20 minutes and no more than half an hour.

As long as there is no discomfort, the speed and duration of shaking will not cause confusion.

銆€銆€This kind of “single work” is easy to learn, and can be done everywhere, indoor wood, balcony bedside, where there is a foothold, there are conditions for practicing.

Therefore, many people who benefit from high blood pressure fitness have the experience that they can shake and shake ninety-nine.

You may wish to give it a try.

The 18 long movements of health and longevity secrets make the old man live again


The 18 long movements of health and longevity secrets make the old man live again

I believe everyone knows that if you want to live longer, you must have a healthy body.

Only when the body is healthy can you live long life, and health is always inseparable from proper exercise.

The following is a small exercise specially prepared for elderly friends to help everyone’s health. You can refer to it!

銆€銆€1, the fingertips of the clap ten fingers is alternating with the meridians, usually should exercise more fingertips, like clapping, applauding, are very good movements.

The action of ten fingertips can effectively correct Alzheimer’s disease, because the blood and blood are all at the end.

銆€銆€2, sitting on the bed, the palms of both hands press the two ears.

Use the three fingers (index finger, middle finger and ring finger) to gently slam the skull to smell the sound.

3 per morning bomb?
5, there are anti-dizziness, strong hearing and the treatment of tinnitus.

銆€銆€3, into the pocket Chinese medicine, that if you can wear pockets often, it can make our blood more smooth, but also help us to activate the bones and prolong the anti-aging effect.

The elderly can put their hands on the chest and then squeeze the coaxial holes in the opposite direction with the left and right hands.

This uses the wrist to drive the finger, and then gently pinch the muscles under the arm for about 5 minutes.

Morning and evening, but be sure to remember not to use too much force.

銆€銆€4, the hair sebum secretion in the elderly is relatively reduced. If you wash your hair too much, use too much shampoo, it will wash away a thin layer of sebum, so that the hair loses moisture and dry, desquamation, itching.

For the elderly, it is enough to wash your head once a week, and it is not advisable to use too much alkaline soap.

In addition, often combing hair is beneficial to promote blood circulation in the head and increase the nutrition of the hair.

銆€銆€5, the arm is sitting right, straighten your hands, the palm of both hands is relatively flat in front of the chest, then the index finger of the right hand can go forward along the center line of the left middle finger and the center line of the palm, until the handAt the center of the elbow, do 25 times. Use your right index finger to shift from the left hand to the elbow point along the palm of your hand to the elbow. Perform 25 times. Change your hand and push your right hand with your left hand. The method is the same as above, and push 25 times.

It has the effect of clearing the heart, bonfire, and removing trouble.

銆€銆€6, stretching and stretching can cause most of the muscles of the body to contract, so that the accumulated blood is “rushed” back to the heart, thereby greatly increasing blood flow and improving blood circulation.

Taking away the metabolites in the muscles can eliminate the effect of fatigue, making people feel full body stretch and refreshed.

銆€銆€7, levator ani refers to the anus refers to the abdomen levator anus when inhaling, and then relax the anus when exhaling.

This way, about 20 times in a row, strengthening the strength of the levator ani muscle can help control the endocrine incontinence caused by muscle relaxation.

It can also help relieve acne and constipation.

If you can do abdominal breathing when doing levator ani exercise, the effect is better.

銆€銆€8, after getting up in the morning, go to the fresh air, open the mouth to a large extent, and then close it again, and gently slam the teeth when you close your mouth.

This action stimulates the brain through the reflection of facial nerves, so that the brain can wake up as soon as possible.

With a large mouth and closed mouth, more than 40 muscles in the face can be rhythmically moved to prevent the facial muscles from shrinking.

In addition, the Zhanghe mouth rehabilitation respiratory department gets activities to keep the ear tube open, so that the pressure inside and outside the middle ear is balanced to prevent deafness in the elderly.

銆€銆€9, hand rubs often rubbed with both hands, can promote blood circulation, increase the body’s resistance.

It is good to wipe your face with your hands every morning, evening, and evening. This way, you can reduce the wrinkles on your face.

銆€銆€10, the stomach is lying flat, straight legs, for deep breathing.

When inhaling deeply, the abdomen rises vigorously upwards and suffocates when exhaled.

Repeated abdomen 10?
20 times, it can enhance the elasticity and strength of the abdominal muscles, prevent the abdominal muscles from relaxing and unfortunately accumulating the abdominal cavity, and have the effect of strengthening the stomach and helping digestion.

銆€銆€11, open mouth to learn, do housework or watch TV, the mouth will be one by one, to drive all the muscles of the face, for rhythmic movement, can accelerate blood circulation, delay the aging of various tissues and organs, make the mindSober and energetic.

The method is as follows: sitting on a chair or bed, the mouth is easy and rhythmically combined, each time the stretch is 50 times, about 1 minute, and each morning and evening insist on doing it once.

銆€銆€12, the leisure time after the turn-over tea, often do the neck-turning exercise, can not only receive the refreshing effect, but also prevent the occurrence of cervical disease.

The specific method is: sitting on the chair, first look up, try to lean back, then lower the lower jaw to the chest, so that the neck muscles are tightened and relaxed, and tilted to the left and right sides 10?15 times, then put the back on the back of the chair, and hold the hands behind the neck for a while.

銆€銆€13, pull the ear around the top of the head with his left hand, hold the right ear lift 14 times, and then use the right hand to lift the left ear 14 in the same way, morning and evening.

When you are sitting, you can massage the ear wheel by hand. Use your index finger and thumb to stick the inside of the ear. The outer layer is relatively kneaded. You can make up your kidneys for a long time and keep your hearing.
銆€銆€14, the molars lightly close the lips, the upper and lower teeth slammed each other dozens of times, between the mouth should be rotated, with the tip of the tongue to shake the upper jaw several times.

It can promote the blood circulation of the mouth, teeth, teeth, gums and gums, increase the secretion of saliva, and thus receive the effects of removing dirt, improving dental caries resistance and chewing function.

銆€銆€15, 鎻?鎻?姣忓ぉ 姣忓ぉ 姣忓ぉ 姣忓ぉ 姣忓ぉ 姣忓ぉ 姣忓ぉ 姣忓ぉ 姣忓ぉ 姣忓ぉ 姣忓ぉ 姣忓ぉ 姣忓ぉ 姣忓ぉ 姣忓ぉ 姣忓ぉ 姣忓ぉ 姣忓ぉ 姣忓ぉ 姣忓ぉ 姣忓ぉ 姣忓ぉ 姣忓ぉ 姣忓ぉ

This is because the foot of the Yongquan point has the function of improving physical fitness and improving immunity.

銆€銆€16, clenching fists every day to make a fist exercise, can enhance the function of the internal organs, so that people’s physical strength doubled, and maintain strong energy.

The method is as follows: hold both hands into a fist, apply a little force to the whole body at the same time, then let go and repeat 50?
80 times, do it every morning and evening.

This method can be used for those who are not concerned about concentration and energy shortages.

銆€銆€17, soaking feet for a day, the body will be tired for a long time at night, especially the liver and kidney urgently need to rest and nursed back to health.

At this time, the good way to nurse is to soak your feet.

When soaking the feet, the reproduction in the water can enter the body through the soles of the feet, so that the kidneys and livers in the body are cured.

In particular, the Yongquan point at the sole of the foot is the first point of the kidney. At night, after getting the stimulation of hot water, it can eliminate the fatigue of the day and supplement the kidney.

銆€銆€18, often cramps and sedentary elderly often feel lower limbs soreness, severe cases of lower extremity varicose veins, which is caused by poor blood flow in the lower extremities.

You may want to do a “squat” activity every hour by constantly lifting your heels and keeping the blood in your lower extremities back.

Because the human blood lower limbs return, mainly by the heel of the heel to the contraction of the lower leg muscles, the amount of blood squeezed each time is roughly equivalent to the amount of blood discharged by the heart every time.

銆€銆€Conclusion: The above is a detailed introduction on how to make the elderly live longer. Do you have some methods for the elderly friends after reading them?

It doesn’t matter if you can’t master it at once. You can take it slowly. You can master one day. As long as you persist, you can make your body healthier and longer!

Is it correct to say that long-term lack of sleep is easy to make people fat?

Is it correct to say that “long-term lack of sleep is easy to make people fat?”

There was a famous study, and the researchers found that people who are chronically deprived of sleep tend to gain weight.
The researchers invited 30 young men and women of normal weight to participate in the trial.
In the first trial, subjects were scheduled to sleep for 9 hours each night for 5 consecutive days.
In the second trial, subjects were scheduled to sleep for only 4 hours per night for 5 consecutive days.
During the two trials, their meals were strictly controlled for the first 4 days, but they could eat as much as they liked on the last day.
The results showed that these subjects consumed an average of 2,600 calories per day.
When they have enough sleep, they will only eat 2,500 calories on the last day, but when they are not enough, they can eat 2800 calories.
Studies have shown that people with insufficient sleep eat more, but they don’t consume more calories, so they tend to gain weight.
Causes of obesity caused by lack of sleep 1, sleep less will increase the amount of food should sleep seven hours a day is the most healthy sleep, if the lack of sleep, then seriously affect the balance of the body’s hormones, causing disorders in the digestive system, thusIncreasing the amount of food increases the storage of fat and eventually makes the body obese.
When people are in deep sleep, the growth hormone secreted by the brain will guide the body to convert fat into energy consumption, but if the sleep time is reduced, coupled with the accumulation of heat in the body, the amount of hormone secretion cannot keep up with the rate of fat growth, naturallyIt will gain weight.
2, short duration of sleep period Rapid eye movement sleep period is a deep dormancy stage, the calories in the burning body at this stage is the most.
If you sleep too little and your body is not well relaxed, the duration of rapid eye movement sleep will be shorter, so you can’t burn more calories. Over time, you will become obese.
The above is the reason why the lack of sleep caused by obesity is introduced.
Normal people should guarantee about 8 hours of sleep every day, so that they can achieve the optimal state of health and will not cause obesity.
If you are suffering from insomnia, you should always pay attention to the regularity of work and rest, exercise more, eat light, keep a cheerful mood, relax yourself before going to sleep.
>> Click here to buy << The danger of chronic lack of sleep 1. Can lead to depression Over time, sleep deprivation and sleep disorders can lead to depression. Insomnia and depression are inextricably linked. Lack of sleep can exacerbate the state of depression, which in turn makes it harder to fall asleep. From a positive perspective, treating sleep problems can help alleviate depression, and vice versa. 2, accelerate skin aging, presumably most people have experienced a few nights after not sleeping, the skin is sallow and the eyes are swollen. But this proves that long-term lack of sleep can lead to dull skin, wrinkles, and dark circles. When you don't get enough sleep, your body will release more stress hormone cortisol. Excessive cortisol breaks down collagen in the skin, which keeps the skin smooth and elastic. Deep sleep repairs skin tissue. 3. Is it forgetful and dull to make your memory clearer? This requires you to get enough sleep every day. Researchers in the United States and France have unanimously determined that a brain region known as the "spike wave" is dedicated to consolidating memory. This brainwave is also responsible for the information learned from the transmission of the hippocampus to the cerebral cortex. Most of the "spikes" appear only when people are deeply sleepy. Sleep plays a decisive role in a person's thinking and learning ability. Lack of sleep affects people's cognitive process in many ways. First, lack of sleep can harm people's attention, alertness, concentration, reasoning, and problem-solving skills, which can make your learning less efficient. 4. Severe health problems Sleep disorders and chronic sleep deprivation can increase your risk of developing these diseases: heart disease, heart failure, arrhythmia, high blood pressure, stroke, diabetes. It is estimated that 90% of insomniacs (characters characterized by difficulty falling asleep and easy to wake up) are also associated with other health problems. 5, lack of sleep can increase weight loss of sleep may increase people's hunger, and promote appetite. According to relevant data, people who sleep less than 6 hours a day are more likely to become obese than those who sleep 7-9 hours a day. Hunger hormones in the stomach stimulate hunger and leptin signaling in the brain, thereby suppressing appetite. Shortening sleep time reduces the secretion of leptin and raises the level of hunger hormones. Insufficient sleep not only stimulates appetite, it also stimulates the body's desire for high fat and high carbohydrates.6, the impact of judgment lack of sleep will affect our understanding of things, because the failure to properly assess and act wisely, this will affect people's reasonable judgment of the event. People who are deprived of sleep seem to be particularly prone to judgment errors. In this world where the pace of life is gradually accelerating, sleeping less becomes a symbol of glory. But sleep experts say that the act of reducing sleep is wrong, and you may not be able to pay for it. Especially if you are working through the military's judgment-critical work, the impact of lack of sleep can be a big problem. 7, increase the risk of death British researchers have observed how more than 10,000 British civil servants sleep patterns in more than 20 years, how they affect their death. The results showed that those who lost sleep from 7 hours to 5 hours or longer had nearly twice the risk of death from illness. In particular, the lack of sleep doubles the chance of death from cardiovascular disease.

10 kinds of high blood pressure Chinese herbal medicine tea


10 kinds of high blood pressure Chinese herbal medicine tea

Hypertensive patients can take the traditional Chinese medicine tea together with the blood pressure of western medicine to improve and consolidate the sustained benefits.

In the alternative medicine tea, we must consider the antihypertensive effect of the herbal tea, but also pay attention to eliminate corrective symptoms, such as headache, dizziness, tinnitus, red eyes, blurred vision, limb numbness, etc., which is conducive to alleviating the patient’s nervous state.Relieve arterial blood vessels, lowering blood pressure, and achieving twice the result with half the effort.


Jerusalem artichoke tea: 10 grams of chrysanthemum, 10 grams of silk flowers, 3 grams of green tea.

In the three-flavored teacup, rush into boiling water and cover for 10 minutes.

Add boiling water while drinking, 1 dose per day.

It has the effect of calming the liver and removing wind and reducing blood pressure. It has better effects on headache caused by early hypertension, dizziness, redness and swelling, fundus bleeding and nose bleeding.


Erzi tea: 50 grams of cassia seed, 15 grams of medlar, 50 grams of rock sugar.

The cassia seed is slightly saut茅ed and smashed, and placed in a teapot with scorpion and rock sugar. It is flushed into boiling water and covered for 15 minutes. The tea is frequently passed through, 1 dose per day.

It is beneficial to liver and kidney, and has the effect of clearing eyes and laxative. It is suitable for dizziness caused by high blood pressure, dry eyes, blurred vision, dry stool and other symptoms.


Prunella buck tea: 10 grams of Prunella vulgaris, 12 grams of plantain.

Wash the Prunella vulgaris, the plantain, put it into the teapot, and brew the tea with the boiling water.

1 dose a day, drink at any time.

Function of clearing heat and liver, diuretic blood pressure, suitable for high blood pressure headache, dizziness and other symptoms.

Blood pressure should be measured frequently in known processes to prevent dizziness caused by relatively low blood pressure.


Cassia Apocynum venetum tea: 12 grams of cassia seed, 10 grams of apocynum venetum.

The second medicine can be replaced after boiling in boiling water for 15 minutes.

1 dose a day, drink without time tea.

It is suitable for hypertensive disease with dizziness, irritability, and is a type of liver yang.


鏋告潪 Cassia double flower tea: 10 grams of medlar, 10 grams of cassia seed, 3 grams of chrysanthemum, 6 grams of medlar.

Boiled in boiling water, on behalf of tea, 1 dose per day.

Function tonic liver and kidney, Pinggan blood pressure.

It is effective for those with high blood pressure and yin deficiency.


Mulberry parasitic tea: 30 grams of mulberry parasitic, 15 grams of Prunella vulgaris.

Decoction on behalf of tea.

Fangzhong mulberry parasitic is longer than liver and kidney, strong bones and bones.

Pharmacological studies have confirmed that mulberry parasitis has antihypertensive, sedative and diuretic effects.

Can relax coronary blood vessels and increase coronary blood flow.

Xia Kuai Qinggan blood pressure.

Therefore, this side is particularly suitable for patients with high blood pressure due to liver and kidney deficiency and waist and knee pain.


Huangjing four grass soup: 20 grams of Huang Jing, 15 grams of Prunella vulgaris, 15 grams of motherwort, 15 grams of plantain, 15 grams of alfalfa.

1 day, decoction for tea.
Hypertension is a syndrome of Chinese medicine vertigo, mostly caused by spleen and kidney deficiency, hepatic yang hemiplegia, and it is a syndrome of false and real.
This side can replenish the spleen, Pinggan, Tongluo to lower blood pressure, suitable for cerebral arteriosclerosis, kidney disease edema and hypertension.

Modern pharmacological studies have shown that Fangzhonghuangjing, Prunella vulgaris, and Motherwort have good antihypertensive effects; Motherwort and Plantain have good diuretic effect, so they can be depressurized by diuresis.


Hawthorn lotus leaf tea: 50 grams of raw hawthorn, 15 grams of lotus leaf, 50 grams of honey.

In the two-flavored cooking pot, add 1000 ml of water, decoct it to about 300 ml with a small fire, filter off the dregs, add honey, and pour into the thermos cup instead of the tea, 1 dose per day.

Hawthorn, lotus leaf to expand blood vessels, lower blood pressure, blood lipids, and weight loss, especially for high blood pressure, high blood lipids, coronary heart disease and obesity.


Chrysanthemum Hawthorn Tea: 10 grams of chrysanthemum, 10 grams of tea, 30 grams of hawthorn.

Put the three flavors in the teapot and rush in with boiling water.

1 dose a day, on behalf of tea and drink.

It has the functions of clearing the liver and reducing blood pressure, lowering the fat and reducing phlegm, and is suitable for patients with hypertension, coronary heart disease and hyperlipidemia.


Sampo Tea: 6 grams of chrysanthemum, 6 grams of Luo Han Guo, 6 grams of Pu’er tea.

The three flavors will be researched into coarse powder, wrapped in a gauze bag and added to the teacup, brewed in boiling water, and served in no time.

This tea is best for long-term use in patients with 鈥渢hree highs鈥?(high blood pressure, high blood sugar, high blood fat).

If you are not healthy, please don’t sleep, friends come in and save each other.


If you are not healthy, please don’t sleep, friends come in and save each other.

Insomnia is a problem that contemporary young people, in addition to hair loss, are facing another group that is not in line with age.

Here is a special explanation: not everyone who is awake at 5 am is staying up late, some people do not like to sleep.

But there are still some that really can’t sleep.

As you can see, the recent vlog trend has been very fierce.

To be honest, on countless insomnia nights, I have seen too many bloggers’ “Night Routine”, makeup remover, skin care, and reading.


.Then they just – sleep?

If someone actually plays the nighttime process after turning off the lights, then I don’t believe that no one is on the turn side, like the one who is watching the video, and the phone’s power is played from 100 to off.

The real nightlife sequelae are not only drunk in the bar, the hangover that wakes up the next morning, and the night at 10 o’clock in the evening, and the face that only sleeps for 4 hours the next day.

Sometimes I can’t help playing with a child’s temper and ask the world: Why is it me?

Why can’t I sleep well even with one?

In short, life is summarized as the following picture – we are committed to arranging the life of cool girls to “consist the posts”, today give everyone a chance to save each other.

I spent a few days these days, secretly sneaking my friends’ bedtime scripts – “When you want to go to sleep quickly, what is your own little way?”

The following is the unhealthy health sticker I have summarized.

After the testimony, some are quite novel.

have something.

.Let us refer to it as appropriate.

IQ Rolling Method Reference Index:?








Luo Wei, who is facing his own IQ: Isn’t it better to sleep without doing math problems?


There is no other way than that.

I am the kind of person who is getting more and more screaming at night, falling asleep quickly?

Impossible, this life can not be fast.

Just look at the variety of Vivi: Although I usually only like to watch the kind of film, but when I can’t sleep, I still recommend it – the film, you can add some in front of the search for “records”Presuppositions such as “business, history”, and watching it for a while exceed my understanding, you can sleep.

Very clever big profit: look at e-books, paper books are not recommended, because e-books are asleep, do not have to climb out of bed to turn off the lights.
In fact, I really like to watch movies. I want to find a movie that I can’t understand. It’s better to have no subtitles.
Don’t be a film that is shocked, and you want a movie that has been talking about it, a little “Seto Inland Sea.”

When the question mark on your head is enough, you really have to sleep.

I have tried the documentary mentioned above, and the effect can reach 7 points!

Recommend some types of film that are more biased in engineering, PS: can not open the barrage, may be more and more spiritual; do not look at the scenery geography, because it is easy to open a travel application, then you do not sleep all night;Seto Inland Sea is easy to go astray. If you are watching a subtitled version, you may be awakened. It is better to look at Andy Warhol’s “Sleep”, which is really sleepy.

.Pet Therapy Recommendation Index:?




Jaylen, the trend editor of pets: I have done too many “stupid things” to deal with insomnia, I have heard the Great Compassion, and I have seen the @鍦熷懗鎸栨帢鏈篅鍦熷懗鑰佺埞 for a few hours, but not as good as my cat.Every time I can’t sleep, I will hold the cat to the side of the pillow. The most important thing is that it can sleep, but the hypnosis of it makes me sleep.

The victim gathers a photographer who loves to keep a variety of animals. Vickers: My usual hobby is to keep everything that is closely related to life. During this time, I have raised a pet-golden scorpion, which is actually a kind of cockroach.

This thing will be sizzling from day to night, deeply touching my sleep nerves.

I took it all day long, almost anywhere I went to sleep.

Edmund who likes to do housework: comb the dog, don’t know why, seeing this thick dog hair has a hypnotic magic, plus this unique touch, basically I can fall asleep soon.It is.
Cassie who has never raised a pet but likes animals: recommend a live broadcast of wild animals, including tigers, lions, and hippos.

.But use it cautiously, maybe watching it, the pet is completely a good friend of humanity, or the most comfortable sleeper helper after the busy day.

Although I haven’t had time to “utilize” small animals, I have heard about their work and name for a long time. The power of such human beings to scream at the cat is ignorant.

It’s not that I’m open to the mouth. Studies have shown that the snoring of cats has a healing effect on many diseases, relieving stress, lowering blood pressure and promoting bone growth.

.And a French official has long started to treat insomnia with the cat’s snoring.

People without cats don’t have to worry, I found a website called purrli, a website dedicated to listening to cats.

Friends, can be included in the bedtime process.

Exploring the self-recommendation index:?










The sun does not rise up: After repeated proofs, I found it easy to fall asleep with a sigh.

After I tried all kinds of stupid methods, the healthiest thing was deep breathing and sighing, and immediately tired and deep sleep.

Yao Qiankun, who loves to explore himself: I want to announce a secret that I found myself. I will lift one hand and relax. The hand will not support it and fall down. I fell asleep and fell asleep. veryDecent summer: I attended a class of double psychological counseling or mindfulness practice last year. When the teacher said that he could not sleep, he could try to count his own breathing: when you first inhale, count the number, when you count to 12, change your exhalation.Number, exchange every 12 times.

Later, I tried it a few times while I was insomnia, and it seems to be quite effective.

Amanda, the same person: I have tried a very useful one, close your eyes and start to turn your eyes, until you are tired, you will want to sleep very much!

Finally, there are people in the same class who have turned my eyes with me!

浣嗗ぇ澶氭暟鏃跺€欑敱浜庢儏缁互鍙婄簿绁炵姸鎬佷笉浣充細娴簛寰楅毦浠ュ叆鐫★紝鎶楃劍铏戝畨鐪犺嵂鏄垜鐩墠灏濊瘯杩囨渶鏈夋晥蹇€熺渷浜嬬殑鍔╃湢鏂瑰紡銆傝拷婧埌鍘熷洜鎴戜釜浜哄け鐪犳槸鐢变簬鐒﹁檻锛屽唴蹇冪殑骞抽潤鏄渶濂界殑鍔╃湢绁炲櫒锛屼絾涔熸槸涓极闀跨殑鑷垜淇杩囩▼銆傚鏋滄彁鍒板浣曞揩閫熺潯鐫€鐨勮瘽锛岃繖涓€part灏辨槸鎴戝緱鍒版鏁版渶澶氱殑绛旀浜嗭紝浣滀负鏈€鏅強涔熸渶瀹夐€哥殑鏂瑰紡锛岃湣鐑涘拰棣欒柊绛夋槸瀹规槗瑙e帇鐨勯亾鍏蜂簡锛屽洜涓烘垜鏈汉涓嶄細鍦ㄧ潯鍓嶇敤锛屾墍浠ヤ笓闂ㄥ幓鍜ㄨ浜嗕竴涓嬪懆鍥寸儹鐖辩敓娲荤殑鏈嬪弸锛屼笅闈㈡槸姣旇緝鎺ㄨ崘鐨勪袱娆俱€侾.F Candle Co.AYDRY & CO.鑰冲惉鍏柟娉曟帹鑽愭寚鏁帮細锛?锛?涔熷緢鐖遍煶涔愮殑灏忔収锛氭暣鐞嗚繃涓€涓€滃け鐪爌laylist鈥濓紝鐒跺悗浠?鏍肩殑闊抽噺锛堜竴瀹氳2鏍硷紝瑕佽交浣嗗張瑕佷繚璇佽兘鍚埌锛屽氨鏄湁閭g鍦ㄨ€宠竟鎮犳偁鐨勬晥鏋滐級鏀惧湪搴婂ご鏌滀笂杩涜瀹氭椂鎾斁锛岀劧鍚庨殢鐫€闊充箰杩涜鍐ユ兂鏀剧┖锛岀洿鑷崇潯鐫€銆傛湁鐐硅€佹淳鐨勬憚褰卞笀鐜嬩紵锛氳瘯杩囨渶鏈夋晥鐨勫姙娉曡繕鏄惉涓€浜涚數褰卞師澹帮紝鏈€杩戝湪鍚€婂埄鍣ㄣ€嬬殑閰嶄箰锛屼互鍓嶇偣搴х巼鏈€楂樼殑鏄粍鏃ュ崕鐗堛€婂ぉ榫欏叓閮ㄣ€嬨€傚惉杩涘幓浜嗙潯寰楀氨寰堝揩銆傚钩鏃跺惉姝屽悧锛熺殑鑰佸か锛氭埓涓婅€虫満鍚悓涓€棣栨瓕寰幆涓€鏁存櫄銆傚ソ浜嗭紝鏉ュ埌浜嗘垜鏈€鎿呴暱鐨勯鍩燂紝鍚瓕锛屾垜浠庢潵灏辨病鐫$潃杩囥€傚湪鐫′笉鐫€鐨勬儏鍐典笅锛屾垜涓€鑸兂鍒扮殑绗竴涓柟娉曞氨鏄幓鎼滅储鍌湢姝屽崟锛屾仌鎴戠洿瑷€鏁堟灉铏界劧涓€鑸紝浣嗕篃涓嶆槸娌℃湁锛岃嚦灏戣兘璁╀綘灏戠帺鐐规墜鏈猴紝闂洰鍏荤锛屽湪杩欓噷閫佷笂涓€棣栨垜鐫¤鍓嶆渶鍠滄鍚殑鑸掍集鐗瑰惉涓嶄簡閽㈢惔鏇茬殑锛屾垜鍦ㄨ繖閲屾硠闇蹭竴涓钘忕殑濂界潯姝屽崟锛屽氨鏄垝娣囦负LouisVuitton褰曞埗鐨凷oundWalk锛欻ongKong锛屼綘灏卞惉鐫€鑸掓穱鐨勭菠璇嫭鐧介潤闈欑潯鍘粇鍊熺敤閬撳叿娉曟帹鑽愭寚鏁帮細鐢熸椿灏忚兘鎵婮K锛欴reamwater鐫$湢鍠烽浘锛岀敤鍗婄摱淇濊瘉浣犳檿杩囧幓銆傝窡椋庣殑闄堟磱锛氬悆sleep well锛屽緢绁炲鐨凲Q杞硸锛岄潪甯告湁鏁堛€傜浉淇$鎶€鐨別dmund锛氬疄鍦ㄧ潯涓嶇潃锛岃繕鍙互鎵撳紑涓€浜涚櫧鍣煶app锛屾垜甯哥敤鐨勬槸rainymood锛屽彲浠ヨ鏄痑mazing銆傝姹傚緢楂樼殑灏忔収锛氳繖鏃跺€欏氨蹇呴』绁嚭鎴戠殑绁炲櫒鈥斺€旇捀姹界溂缃╋紝鏈変簡瀹冿紝鏃犺鎴戞槸鍦ㄩ绨哥殑椋炴満涓婏紝杩樻槸绌鸿崱鑽$殑閰掑簵閲岋紝閮借兘鍦ㄥ畠娓╃儹鐨勯櫔浼翠笅锛屽畨鐒跺叆鐫°€侾.S.鎴戝棣欏懗鐨勮姹傚緢楂橈紝涓€瀹氳鏄磱鐢樿強鍛炽€傛敼閭綊姝g殑Clara锛氭浘缁忔垜涔熸矇杩蜂簬璁╅厭绮句娇鎴戝叆鐫$殑鏂规硶锛屼絾鐩村埌鎴戦亣涓婁簡瀹冦€?寰堟噿鐨勯樋榫欙細鎴戣涓哄彲浠ュ埄鐢ㄥ鍔涚殑鏂规硶锛岄兘铔湁鏁堢殑銆?浣嗚璁轰綋楠屾劅鐨勮瘽锛屾垜鍥犱负鎳掓墍浠ユ帓闄ゆ帀浜嗚繍鍔ㄦ硶銆?鍥犱负瀹块唹澶吀鐖斤紝涔熻鎴戝幓鎺夈€?閭d箞鍙墿涓嬪悆鍔╃湢鐗囪繖涓€夐」浜嗐€?鎬讳綋鑰岃█锛屽悆浜嗕箣鍚庯紝纭疄浼氬府鍔╂垜杩涘叆鐫$湢鐘舵€侊紝鍒涢€犱竴绉嶆槒鏄忔鐫$殑澹伴煶锛岀潯寰椾篃浼氭矇涓€浜涖€?浣嗚鎻愰啋鍚勪綅璁憳锛屽悆浜嗙潯鐪犵墖涔嬪悗锛屽崈涓囦笉瑕佷綔姝昏嚧鍛芥墜鏈虹殑鎵嬫満姝婚兘涓嶆斁锛屾兂鐫$殑蹇冩儏绋嶇旱鍗抽€濓紝涓€瀹氳鎶婃彙浣忥紝涓嶇劧璋侀兘瑙f晳涓嶄簡浣犵殑澶辩湢锛?锛侊紒锛丄round me, there are already enough “drug addictive” friends, all of whom are already insomnia-destroyed, decided to invest in human solutions, and can largely regain the tranquility of the darkness, and enjoy peace and quiet.鐫$湢銆?This feeling is the same as eating aunt painkillers, cool!

I think the above mentioned are worth a try?
Biotherapeutic Recommendation Index:?

?Scarlett who studied insomnia: 1.

Try not to eat for 2 hours before going to bed, otherwise the body will concentrate on burning and digesting the food in the stomach to affect sleep.


Try not to do things that excite yourself before going to bed, otherwise you will always think about it and become more and more excited after you lie down.


Yoga’s major reconciliation rate, focus on the outflow of the nose, do not think about slowing down.


Reading, it is best to be in English. If you don’t see a few pages, you will be sleepy.

Exquisite beauty editor Zoya: I think the most effective way is to practice yoga, especially when the yoga is over for 10 minutes of meditation time, lying on the ground and falling asleep in minutes.

And after practicing yoga, I feel that my body is very comfortable and very light, which is more helpful for sleep.

A shameless monkey: playing?

?(Sorry) is very useful.

After the fight, I was weak, and I didn’t even have the power to turn off the lights. I just wanted to sleep.

Exercise before going to bed is always good, as for some sports, everyone should choose.

The full reference index of the full support: Do not!

Gambler: I can’t believe it myself. The most effective way I tried was to eat supper and eat enough.

Two yuan that I love very much: I have tried a few sheep, counted dumplings, and AMSR (I can only say that the more I listen to the spirit), but the most useful thing is to eat supper, after eating a strong night’s food.Of course, you can also use breakfast and lunch.


The sea is big and small: stay up all night, even for a week, guarantee a second sleep.

I can lose sleep, but I can’t sleep and get fat again!
The way to eat and eat is not recommended. I am not afraid that you will not get the night, I am afraid that you have lost the sun.

.After “stealing” so many tips that are worthy of reference, I still have to insert a sentence at the end. For me, the trick is to try it out – every time I go out and finish my life, I really still have to sleep.

4 health taboo women committed to accelerate aging


4 health taboo women committed to accelerate aging

In the morning, the air in the bedroom is relatively turbid. The relevant measurements show that the air contains a lot of bacteria, carbon dioxide gas and dust, which can easily damage the respiratory system, cause colds, sore throat, and can cause coughing, dizziness, etc., and it takes a long time.Impair memory and hearing.

銆€銆€1, a taboo bed is true, ample sleep can relieve fatigue and rejuvenate.

However, some people mistakenly believe that it is good for children to sleep better, especially for the growth and development of adolescents. Therefore, some people do not get up in bed in the morning, so that the sleep time greatly exceeds the need.

This is a bad habit. In the long run, it will damage your health.

銆€銆€And after a night, the belly is empty, there has been a clear sense of inadequacy. At this time, if the bed is not good, it will inevitably disrupt the law of gastrointestinal activity. Over time, the gastric mucosa will be damaged, easily causing gastritis, gastric ulcer andDyspepsia and other diseases.

Therefore, we must pay attention to the rationality of sleep time and maintain good living habits.

銆€銆€2, the second bogey wake up after waking up in the morning, after waking up, the bladder may be full of urine, there is an urgent need to urinate, the more urgent the urine, the more you have to hold your breath, you can not get up immediately, especiallyIt is the elderly, and the erect position should be avoided.

Because the bladder emptying is easy to cause dizziness, and even urinary syncope.

銆€銆€3, three taboos immediately after the exercise of many people, used to exercise appropriate physical exercise in the morning, as long as attention, there is indeed discomfort for health.

However, the exercise must take a short break after the morning, until the blood and yin and yang balance the operation.

銆€銆€If you do not prepare for the activity after getting up, you will immediately spend the movement of the thumb, which is prone to heart and cerebrovascular accidents.

4, four bogey do not eat breakfast According to nutrition experts analysis, breakfast is the most important meal of the day.

After the rest of the sleep, the body is fully prepared for the day’s work and study. At this time, it is necessary to take in a lot of nutrients to cope with the daily consumption.

What harm would it bring if you didn’t eat breakfast?

銆€銆€First, not eating breakfast can cause low blood sugar, making people feel weak.

After a night of sleep, the body’s nutrition has been exhausted. At this time, the blood sugar concentration is in a low state. If you do not eat breakfast, the blood sugar concentration will continue to drop, and the appearance will be pale, limbs weak, lack of energy, and sometimes evenHypoglycemia shock occurs.

銆€銆€Second, it will seriously affect memory.

According to experts, the brain’s energy glucose, this plasma sugar can only be concentrated in the liver and kidneys, and can only be stored for 8 hours.

If you do not eat in the morning, the brain will have insufficient energy to cause memory loss.

銆€銆€Third, not eating breakfast is prone to chronic diseases such as gastritis and ulcer disease.

銆€銆€Fourth, induce gallstones.

When people are fasting in the morning, the cholesterol in the body is highly saturated. Eating breakfast is beneficial to the discharge of bile in the gallbladder. Conversely, it is easy to precipitate cholesterol in the bile to produce stones.

British scholars surveyed women with gallstones and found that people with gallstones were associated with long-term non-food.

銆€銆€So even have to eat breakfast, but also a high degree of quality breakfast.

Some people think: “Breakfast is gold, lunch is silver, dinner is copper.”

Sticking to breakfast every day is one of the elements of longevity.

In the late summer and early autumn, wet and wet, now!

In the late summer and early autumn, wet and wet, now!

At the end of summer and early autumn, the heaviest time of body moisture is now!

Although it has entered the early autumn, but the summer heat has not completely dissipated, the current climate is characterized by wetness, coupled with summer air conditioning, drinking cold drinks and other activities to make the body accumulate moisture, so that the spleen and stomach are cold, resulting in decreased body resistance.

Moisture and cold together become wet and cold; together with heat, become damp heat; together with the wind, become rheumatism; together with the heat, become a damp!

Therefore, the health of the early autumn stage, the focus is on dampness!

Check if you have “moisture” and generally have moisture in your body, all accompanied by spleen deficiency.

Because of the spleen deficiency, the digestive function of the food water valley is weakened, and the indigestible part is retained in the form of moisture or sputum.

From the following four signs, you can determine whether there is moisture inside your body!

1 hair oil, hair loss hair love oil is a sign of heavy body weight.

Because the spleen is caused by moisture, it will cause the pores of the skin to become large, oily and strong, and full of shine.

Some people have always been very oily. After eating spicy food or a lot of exercise, they sweat more and the skin is refreshed. This will drain the body’s “moisture” and the accumulation of oil will improve.
2 stool is thick, not formed through the stool can also observe the problem of moisture in the body, if the stool is particularly thick, not shape, constipation, this is the performance of heavy moisture.

If you can’t tell the shape of the stool, you can look at the toilet. The toilet is always flushed. If it is, it proves to be wet.

The stickyness of moisture occurs when the stool sticks to the intestines and is absorbed by the intestines, so that it is not excreted from the body, causing the toxins to return to the human body. All the “sub-health” symptoms will appear in the long run!

3 limbs are weak, easy to sleepy Chinese medicine said “wet weight as a package”, this feeling of being wrapped is the body’s feeling of moisture.

Some people are obviously strong and strong, that is, they feel that they are not strong, they are easy to sleep, they cause concentration, they feel like they are bound, and their mental state is poor. Even because some blood and blood are not running smoothly, joints will also have some substitutes.There are sore joints and weakness in the limbs, such as weakness, which may be caused by severe moisture.

4 edema, puffiness Some people are really fat, some people are puffy, how to judge?

If the gas is strong, it is “true fat.”

If “fat and powerless”, physical weakness, soft hands, that is puffy, meaning some edema, because the body is wet, the water can not flow with the blood, stay in the body cells, so that the body quickly expands, this timeNeed to be wet in time.

Dehumidification in the late summer and early autumn should pay attention to what is the prevention of external wetness and wetness caused by rain, wading or long-term wetlands.

When you go out, bring an umbrella, raincoat and rain boots. After rain or wading, you should dry your body and change your clothes.

It is not advisable to soak and soak in the swimming pool or the bathhouse to avoid the chance of getting wet.

Labor, rest and work hard to avoid the wet water, not long-term wetlands.

Especially the elderly, tired outside, but also try not to sit in front of the wooden chair and other wooden benches.

The prevention of internal wetness is caused by a large amount of raw cold fruits, cold drinks and other cold substances, which are caused by spleen and stomach yang.

Prevent internal moisture to prevent gluttony and cold food and greasy food, avoid overeating.

The diet is mainly light and aromatic, and the light products are easy to digest. The aromatic products have the effect of waking up the spleen and invigorating the spleen and yang, thus stimulating appetite.

You can use lentils, coix seed, red bean, medlar, rush and other spleen and dampness products to cook soup or porridge.

In addition, we must pay special attention to food hygiene, do not eat rotten and unclean food, can eat garlic, vinegar, tea and other foods that have bactericidal and bacteriostatic effects.

Food should be properly preserved, and all kinds of tableware should be disinfected regularly. Pay attention to washing hands frequently.

In addition, the rainy Changxia is the season of high flood disasters. After the disaster, it is necessary to prevent major epidemics. At this time, it is necessary to strengthen the epidemic prevention work to prevent the spread of infectious diseases.

Four strokes teach you to remove the body’s moisture. 1 Dietary barley is a food that can go to moisture, can cure dampness, digestive gastrointestinal, eliminate edema, spleen and stomach, long-term service and light body.

Renhe red beans with the cold and stomach are the first porridge to be wet, if you are too troublesome, you can also drink barley tea.

Production method: Wash the coix seed with water and remove it.

Find a clean pan,: a small fire, put the barley in the pot, slowly fry.

Put the fried hazelnuts in a boiled water like a cup of tea.

When you are simmering glutinous rice, be careful not to open the fire. Always turn the glutinous rice until the scent or yellowish.

The glutinous rice tea that is soaked in water has a light scent of rice, which can be damp, white, and spleen, and also helps edema obesity.

If you still don’t want to start, you can also bubble old Chinese medicine[钖忎粊鑼禲, Lishui swelling, spleen and dampness, bid farewell to chubby wet no longer come!2 cupping cupping therapy has a long history in China. Recently, there are many voices questioning this method, but the sister thinks that cupping is effective at least in terms of dehumidification.

During the cupping process, if there is congestion in the area, the formed cans will appear dark red. If there is wind, the part will generally feel itchy. If the heat is heavy, the cans will show bright red. If it is wet.The air is heavy, the cans are purple, and there are a lot of water drops in the tank. If it is cold, the cans are black.

Although the cupping was a little painful after the cupping, the cold and damp heat in the human body was pulled out.

3 According to the acupuncture points in the acupuncture massage committee, the spleen and stomach can be strengthened.

In the center of the leg socket, the center of the leg is the bladder, the bladder is the largest detoxification channel for the human body, and the hole in the center is the sewage outlet on this channel, which is the point of the wet, if not smoothThe moisture will not be discharged, which will lead to joint pain and other diseases.

You can massage this acupuncture point at any time, you can replenish the vital energy, pass through the vitality, and it is a simple and practical method to moisturize the spleen and stomach.

4 There are reflective areas and meridian distributions on the feet of people who have hot water soaking feet. The hot water soaking feet can stimulate these reflection areas, promote blood circulation, regulate the endocrine system, and protect the cold.
After soaking your feet in hot water for a few minutes, you will feel the body heat. This kind of fever is different from the hot weather. It is extended from the inside. This is wet, especially in the south, it is hot, winter is cold, hot water.Bathing feet are the best method of moisturizing.

8 diet weight loss methods for working outside the family


8 diet weight loss methods for working outside the family

As an office worker, I often have to be a 鈥渙uter food family鈥?and I am afraid that high-transition, high-fat foods will ruin my body.

How to do?

Don’t worry, as long as you learn the following 8 diet weight loss methods, you can do it out and not get fat.

銆€銆€1, do a good job in restaurant cooking at noon, often depressed: the restaurant downstairs is really too greasy.

So if you want to eat out and eat healthy, you have to do more homework!

Where to find healthy and nutritious food around Soso: When breakfast, it is best to choose vegetables, fruits, porridge and other food-rich early breakfast stores. It is best to choose a restaurant that offers lean meat and salad at noon, and it is best to provide roast chicken at night., fish and steamed vegetables in the restaurant.

銆€銆€2, eat a little before going out to eat, and go out to eat because of the hungry itself, plus food is currently easy to overeating, so before you go out to eat, you may wish to choose some protein drinks or a boiled egg to ease intestinal cramps.
銆€銆€3, do not covet free food more and more restaurants choose to provide guests with pre-dinner or equivalent free food, if this happens, immediately go away, or a small cheap, but the weight is bigdisaster.

銆€銆€4, try to drink alcoholic beverages = super high concentration, it is best to choose alcohol when eating, your best choice is no good for cardiovascular health, calories are not high, there is no carbon dioxide.

The worst choices are those brewed with sugar, such as chilled juice rum.

銆€銆€5, choose your appetizer, choose some mixed salad or soup, choose vinaigrette and lemon slices with appetizers to eat, so that you can eat a little before the meal, eat lessIt is.
銆€銆€6, when eating a simple meal, choose the main dish, it is best to choose boiled, steamed, grilled fish, chicken, turkey or beef tenderloin, avoid eating fried, grilled, stewed, crispy, friedof.

If you have potatoes, cakes, etc. in your main dish, it is best to ask the waiter to switch to vegetables.

銆€銆€7. When you are full, put down the tableware. When you really feel full, you are already in a state of fullness.

Therefore, when eating, don’t eat meat as much as the palm of your hand. 8 minutes can satisfy your daily needs.

When you get 8 minutes, you will immediately drop the tableware and ask the waiter to pack it. Otherwise, you will continue to eat it.

銆€銆€8. When you refuse to order desserts, don’t look at the dessert page. Otherwise, you can’t help it. Don’t be fooled by those desserts that look a little too low. Ice cream, placed, are typical.Filled with oil, sugar, and calories.

How to make good use of EQ to increase workplace success rate


How to make good use of EQ to increase workplace success rate

College students should realize that within the enterprise, cooperation is the first, and the purpose of competition is only to better cooperate.

銆€銆€Competition and cooperation consciousness have transformed the development of the market economy, and the concept of competition has gradually penetrated the hearts of the people.

In the tide of reform and opening up, those enterprises that lack competition awareness are inevitably going downhill or even going out of business.

Similarly, it is difficult for a person to gain a firm foothold without a strong sense of competition (or survival consciousness), let alone personal development.

How can a company that wants to survive and achieve sustainable management use college students who lack competition?

銆€銆€Of course, only competition is not enough.

The key to a good business operation lies in the people and the joint efforts of all employees to achieve corporate goals.

However, blind competition can lead to its opposite side, which will worsen the interpersonal relationship within the organization, which will seriously cause the enterprise to fall into unnecessary internal consumption and ultimately affect the development of the enterprise.

Therefore, college students should realize that within the enterprise, cooperation is the first, and the purpose of competition is only to better cooperate.

銆€銆€The image consciousness person said: “The goods sell a piece of leather”, a word broke the essence of packaging.

With the rapid development of the economy, the intensity of competition faced by enterprises has grown at an unprecedented rate.

It is becoming more and more important to 鈥減ackage鈥?companies and establish a good corporate identity system (CIS).

銆€銆€It is generally believed that the most basic and effective way for employees to represent their overall image and to create a good corporate image is to achieve full public relations and to require each employee to work hard to shape a good corporate image.

Therefore, enterprises must be “a special liking” for college students who have a better image awareness.

銆€銆€However, some college students have misunderstandings about this, and equating it with 鈥渢aking people by appearance鈥? In fact, it requires image awareness, and it is not necessary to deliberately express anything. Just do everything in a down-to-earth manner, always pay attention to it.It is ok to maintain the corporate image.

If you are not good because of goodness and smallness, it is definitely not good for your personal image, let alone the corporate image.

銆€銆€The role (conversion) consciousness is to say “Which mountain songs to sing”, the behavior is to adapt to the changing environment.

College students have just stepped out of the university, stepped into the society, stepped into the job position, and faced a 鈥渨eaning period鈥?psychologically. They needed to change their moderation with the correct attitude and appropriate methods to complete the role change from student to employee as soon as possible.
銆€銆€Most companies believe that the slow transition of roles is an important factor affecting the smooth employment of college students.

The current enterprise can be said to be “a radish and a pit”, and there are few strange phenomena that allow a large number of extensions.

When recruiting employees, it is necessary for him to quickly adapt to the working environment, enter a good working condition, and create benefits for the enterprise.

If you wait a year and a half to enter the state, I am afraid that the company that is “patient” will not be interested in him.

銆€銆€Dedication is true. Today’s society is a society in which individuals flow and alternate. We can no longer engage in a profession like our fathers.

However, no matter how the job position is changed, professionalism is always there.

Even if you are doing your own business, you can’t do it without this kind of spirit.

Therefore, if college students can meet the requirements of the company’s professionalism and have a clear understanding, it will greatly increase their chances of successful employment.

銆€銆€Open Learning Awareness The information of modern society is changing rapidly, and the future of the knowledge economy will be easier.

Correspondingly, companies will also require employees to have broad minds, broad horizons, and open-mindedness to face foreign things.

銆€銆€Correspondingly, openness means learning and narrowing the gap with others through continuous learning.

Here’s a good example (department manager) reading a book every night until late at night, and even a rare weekend is in the library.

At first he thought that he was watching a novel, and later discovered that his bed was full of books on computers, economics, and management.

Asking the reason, I know that if I don’t have much “charging”, I will soon be unable to keep up with the pace of development of the times.

I think that in school, there is a good learning environment, but some students still sing the clich茅 of “60 million years old, more waste”. If it is still quite in the enterprise, it will be sooner or later to be eliminated.