Chinese medicine combined boxing cures ills

Chinese medicine “combined boxing” cures ills

Chinese patent medicines are mostly effective prescriptions summarized by doctors in long-term clinical practice. They are formed through changes in dosage forms or process changes. After long-term clinical tests, they are safe and effective, easy to carry, convenient to take, and widely welcomed by people.
Nowadays, Chinese patent medicine is more and more widely used in people’s prevention and treatment of diseases. How to use Chinese patent medicine safely and effectively has become a topic of concern. The author now summarizes the compatibility of several Chinese patent medicines commonly used in clinic for reference.
  The combination of Bazhen Yimu Pill and Xiaoyao Pill for the treatment of amenorrhea and secondary amenorrhea is quite common. Its causes can be divided into two categories: blood dryness and blood stagnation. The former is virtual and the latter is true.
Clinically, liver qi stagnation and qi and blood deficiency are more common.
Bazhen Yimu Wan is a combination of Sijunzi Decoction for Nourishing Qi and Siwu Decoction for Nourishing Blood, which is specialized in the deficiency of Qi and blood.
“Medical Examination”: “People with deficiency of blood and qi, the master of this prescription”; Xiaoyao Pills dredge the liver and relieve depression, nourish blood and remove irritations, the woman takes blood as the basis, uses qi as the source, and qi and blood are harmonized.normal.
Therefore, the two drugs are compatible with one gas and one blood, and the qi and blood dual tone promote each other, and its effect is more significant than that of a single drug treatment.
  金匮肾气丸与当归片合用治疗慢性支气管炎  慢性支气管炎是急性支气管炎反复发作所致,常常经年不愈,心胸憋闷,心悸气短,动则为甚,神疲倦怠,少气懒言This is because the kidney is not satisfied, and Qi does not return to the root. Therefore, Jinkui Shenqi Pill was used to warm the kidney; Qi Angelica “Master Cough and Resuscitation” began to appear in “Shen Nong’s Materia Medica”.
Angelica Ganxin, Ganrun to nourish dryness; Xintong can be beneficial, so it has the function of moistening dryness, without the disadvantages of slowing down evil.
Therefore, cough with insufficient blood is particularly effective.
The two medicines are compatible with each other, nourishing blood and moisturizing, warming the kidneys and energizing the qi, and nourishing the kidney and asthma.
  乌鸡白凤丸合逍遥丸治疗慢性肝炎  肝喜条达,恶抑郁,若情志不畅,则肝气郁滞,肝失疏泄,则藏血不足,故慢性肝炎临床常见两胁胀满,心烦易Anger, god burnout, etc.
Wuji Baifeng Pills have both blood and Qi benefits, which can clear qi and blood, blend the inside and outside, and be an essential medicine for qi and blood loss and weaken the body; Xiaoyao Pills can relieve liver and stagnation, nourish blood and strengthen the spleen.
Combining the two drugs, taking both qi and blood into account, treating the liver and spleen with the same effect, and using them clinically, each with good results.
  Buzhong Yiqi Pills and Tongxuan Fei Pills are used to treat prolapse of the anus and prolapse of the anus, which refers to the bowel, rectum, and even the lower end of the sigmoid colon protruded outward and prolapsed outside the anus.
  Clinically, it is more common in children and the elderly. It is caused by internal spleen and stomach injury caused by chronic diarrhea or excessive hunger, fatigue, and fatigue.
“Spleen and Stomach Theory” cloud: “Internal injury to the spleen and stomach, injury is irritating . hurting the inside is insufficient, those who make up for it.
Therefore, Buzhong Yiqi Pills are used to replenish Zhongqi and Qi, and the sun is lifted; Tongxuanli Fei Pills are used to lift the lungs, the lungs are released, and the clear air is lifted, and “the traps are lifted.”
Therefore, the two medicines are used together and received the same effect.

Tickle tickle Chinese medicine conditioning _1


Tickling Chinese medicine

The throat is the portal of the lungs, the passage of breathing.

Chinese medicine believes that the elderly are dry and evil invade the lungs, the fluid is burnt, the lungs are lost, and the lungs are lost, and the throat is dry and painful, and the throat is itchy.

Therefore, the problem of treating dry itching of lice should start from nourishing the lungs and removing dryness.

Daily prevention of dry itching of lice, may choose some drinks to protect the scorpion, treatment of sore throat and other issues.

Here are a few simple Chinese medicine drinks, so that everyone can easily solve the dry itching of the throat.


Mangosteen tea: practice: Luo Han Guo 1 boiled water service.

Mangosteen has the effect of clearing the lungs and relieving the throat and laxative.

For sore throat, scorpion dry itching can be very effective, but it should be noted that this product has a certain laxative effect, for people who have dry itching and constipation, it is indeed a good drink for daily consumption.But for people who are prone to diarrhea, it is better to take as little as possible.


Pear soup: Practice: 鑽歌崰 10, washed and peeled, 2 pears, peeled and cut into pieces, add some water, boil, add a small amount of rock sugar, drink once or in portions.

It can quench thirst and detoxify, warm and qi, and can be used with pears to prevent the coldness of pears.

In fact, it will be taken directly after smashing the juice, and it can also treat acute and chronic throat discomfort.


Campanulaceae soup: practice: 15 grams of Campanulaceae, 30 grams of licorice, boiled water service.

Platycodon grandiflorum has the role of Xuanfei sputum, pharyngeal drainage, licorice has the effect of clearing away heat and detoxification.

With licorice and diarrhea, the platycodon is a lung stalk, the heat is ventilated, the lungs are sputum, and the symptoms of dry itchy itch are naturally eliminated.


Fresh ginger radish juice: practice: 100 grams of white radish, 50 grams of ginger, washed and broken to take juice, mixed with throat.

White radish has the effect of removing heat and relieving cough. Fresh ginger can regulate qi and vomit, and phlegm and phlegm can be used for cold. This can be used together to relieve phlegm and thirst.

Fresh juice can also moisten, so this product can treat acute and chronic sore throat, arrhythmia and other symptoms.