Eat radishes in winter and ginger in summer without doctor’s prescription

Eat radishes in winter and ginger in summer without doctor’s prescription

“Eat radish in winter and ginger in summer, without a doctor’s prescription.

“Spring and summer nourish the Yang”. In the summer, pay attention to light diet and less greasy. You can eat more ginger and cold drinks, especially the elderly and young children, so as not to hurt the spleen and stomach.

  In summer, ginger can sweat, cool down, refresh, and increase appetite.

  In summer, bacteria multiply actively and easily contaminate food to cause acute gastroenteritis. You can eat ginger or drink with dried ginger and tea boiling water.

  Continually facing the fan, the air conditioner is susceptible to wind and cold, and drinking ginger sugar water in time will help drive out the cold in the body.

  There are many ways to eat ginger. Do not peel or eat spoiled ginger.

You can drink ginger soup, ginger porridge, or desserts such as ginger milk.

  When cooking, put shredded ginger, stewed meat, fried fish and ginger slices, and add ground ginger when dumpling stuffing, which has the effect of refreshing the spleen, refreshing, and helping digestion.

  Ginger brown sugar water is only suitable for patients with colds or colds after a rain or fever. It cannot be used as a hot or cold, or for the treatment of heat stroke.

  People with pneumonia, tuberculosis, cholecystitis, and hemorrhoids should not consume ginger for a long time.

5 small moves to shape beautiful brunettes

5 small moves to shape beautiful brunettes

Guide: If breast muscles are properly exercised, breast sagging can be prevented.

We recommend 4 small exercises to strengthen the chest, which can exercise the chest muscles and make the breasts more beautiful.

The third structure of the mammary gland is connective tissue and pectoral muscles. Connective tissue is combined with breast muscles, which is equivalent to the “plug-in” device of the breast.

If the pectoral muscles are properly exercised, develops well, and improves connective tissue, it can help shape the breasts, thereby changing the shape and size of the breasts and preventing sagging breasts.


Kneel push-ups knees on both knees, bend your legs, and always keep the thigh and calf at about 90 degrees.

With both hands on the ground, the width of both palms is greater than the width of the shoulders.

Slowly bend your elbows, push your black hair back to the ground, and repeat 8?
10 times for 1 group, 3 groups per day.

  Action essentials: Always keep your abdomen and chest tight during the action, inhale when your body is down, and exhale when you get up.

  Guide: If breast muscles are properly exercised, breast sagging can be prevented.
We recommend 4 small exercises to strengthen the chest, which can exercise the chest muscles and make the breasts more beautiful.

Keep your body upright, your knees slightly bent, your legs apart and shoulder width, take a small dumbbell (or a bottle of mineral water) in each hand, and alternately perform forward flat movements with your arms, repeating 8?
Do 10 sets 10 times a day.
  Essentials of movement: During the movement, keep the knee joint slightly bent, and at the same time, abdomen and chest, exhale when the arm is raised, and inhale when you lower it.


The body is vertically slender, with the legs separated by the same width as the shoulders. Each of them is stretched horizontally towards the shoulders first, and then shifted forward in parallel, so that the fingers of both hands are in contact, the palms are down, and then repeat, 15?
Do 20 sets 20 times a day.
  Action essentials: In the process of doing movements, always keep abdomen, straighten your chest, and breathe naturally.


The office stretches the body upright, grabs the back of the chair with both hands from the back, and then gradually squats until you feel that you can no longer stretch, then slowly raise your head, lean back, and keep 10?
20 seconds, repeat 2 times, you can practice at any time every day.

  Action essentials: Do not hold your breath or stretch too much during the action.


For outdoor sports, you can replace the same props when swinging or swinging your arms. You can use a walking stick. During walking, you can keep the pectoralis major muscles stretched and contracted by tilting and swinging. At the same time, you can take a deep breath.Effective exercise.

Eating congee often helps fight cancer

Eating congee often helps fight cancer

Kernel is extremely rich in nutrients.

According to analysis, protein per 13 grams of barley kernels.

7 grams, aunt 5.

7 g, carbonic acid 64.

9g, calcium 72mg, phosphorus 24mg, iron 5.

8mg, thiamine 0.

41mg, riboflavin 0.

16mg, Niacin 2.

3 mg.

It also contains some curative ingredients such as coix seed fat, coix seed oil, coixin, sitosterol, alkaloids, etc.

Pharmacological research confirms that coixenolide not only has a tonic effect, but also inhibits the diffusion of calcium sulfate from Ehrlich’s ascites, enhances adrenal cortex function, and raises white blood cells and platelets. It is an ideal anti-cancer health care ingredient, which can treat gastric cancer, cervixCancer and many other cancers.

Animal experiments also found that coix kernel ester has a retarding effect on cellulose, coix kernel induces cellular immunity, and humoral immunity promotes it.

Ren Yibo has both the anti-tumor and immune-enhancing dual thefts. It is quite suitable as an antibiotic-assisted food for the stomach with insufficiency of spleen and dampness, intestinal tumors, and phlegm and fever.

Coix seed has a certain effect on inhibiting the abnormal proliferation of cells, so it can also be used as one of the therapeutic methods for treating large intestinal polyps and gastric polyps.

  Recently, domestic medical science and technology personnel have refined Coix Seed into “Kanglaite” anti-tumor injection. This emulsion causes intravenous or arterial intubation.

After clinical treatment of more than 400 patients with various tumors of colon cancer, liver cancer, lung cancer and other tumors, most patients have their lesions controlled and reduced, and some even disappear, and have obvious analgesic and detumescent effects. No obvious adverse reactions have been seen.Attract people’s attention.

  For anti-cancer and anti-cancer, it is advisable to eat coix porridge and rice porridge regularly.

The practice of family barley porridge: take 100g of barley, wash 50g of previous rice separately.

Place simmered rice in a pressure cooker for 1 kg of water and cook on the stove for 20 minutes.

Remove from heat and decompress, add the previous rice, add 500g of boiling water, and continue to cook for 10-15 minutes.

The porridge cooked in this way maintains the proper formation and flavor, and achieves the purpose of rotten but not muddy, thick particles, and is served with rock sugar or mesh sugar.

Oatmeal porridge can be used for both medicine and spleen and stomach, it is a health food for all ages and all seasons.

Autumn and winter began to keep the essence

Autumn and winter began to keep the essence

It’s winter in a blink of an eye. It’s a good time to eat a tonic. Unfortunately, the changing climate makes the digestive tract once again insidious.

Let’s add it slowly, as well as private affairs.

From this month, saving sex is environmentally friendly.

  What to do: Take care of the cold dew of the digestive tract, and enter the season of alternating heat and cold. The climate changes from heat to cold, and the growth of all things alternates with cold gradually.

The temperature difference between day and night is huge. After being stimulated by cold air, the human body first hurts the stomach, causing obstructive contraction of the digestive tract, and the resistance decreases accordingly.

In addition, the weather turned cool, and the appetite for one summer was relieved, and we enjoyed the delicious food.

As a result of such overeating, the burden on the stomach and duodenal intestine increased, and the digestive tract was injured again.

  Stomach protection in autumn: “Five nourishment” to keep warm: After the autumn is cold, we must pay special attention to the warmth of the stomach. Beware of cold stomach, which may cause stomach pain or diarrhea, nausea and other symptoms.

Especially for those who are relatively thin, keeping the stomach warm is more important.

Slim people usually have thinner stomach walls and are more prone to stepping on temperature changes.

  Diet and nutrition: The autumn diet should be warm, soft, light, vegetarian, and fresh. It should be regularly quantified, eat less and eat more, so that there is often food and acid in the stomach to neutralize, so there will not be too much stomach acid in the digestive tract.make trouble.

  Avoid mouth maintenance: in autumn, pay attention to avoid mouth, too cold, too hot, too hard, too spicy, too sticky food can not touch, but also avoid overeating.

  Peace of mind: Experts believe that the occurrence and development of the digestive tract are closely related to human emotions and mentality.

Therefore, it is good for the digestive tract to abandon the bad emotions such as tension, worry, and anger, and to keep the spirit firmly and emotionally stable.

  Exercise health: Moderate exercise in the fall can maintain the stomach and intestines. The moderate essential is the word “frozen”. No matter what sports you do, don’t sweat sweating and stop sweating.

  What it is: Saving room starts When the climate becomes cold this month, it is when the human body’s yang energy converges and yin gas occupies the body, so the health of autumn and winter cannot be separated from the word “recover”.

When it comes to intercourse, it’s about recuperating.

Don’t look like the restlessness when spring yang is developing, nor the excitement when the summer yang is overpowering, but stand straight with your hands behind your head and lower your head-converge.

Although winter is the most important task for saving housework, it has started to be publicized in autumn.

  The famous doctor Sun Simiao once had a set of house theory. His old man said: “Twenty people (referring to 20-29 years old, and the like by the following analogy), one vent on the fourth day; thirty, eight vents on the eighth;One leak on six days; one leak on fifty days; one leak on sixty days; if one is physically strong, one leak in January.

“It can be seen how poor the ancients were at that time, or because of the worship of abstinence, everyone was extremely” saving “on sexual matters.

In today’s enlightened society, the importance of sex for a good relationship between the sexes goes without saying.

So of course we don’t have to follow Dr. Sun’s theory, but it seems that the idea of someone in autumn and winter is indeed less than in spring, and we do not prevent the desire from coming.

In the autumn, women’s bodies would also eliminate their desires, and the vaginal fluid would be much less.

This is to blame dryness, which makes the body dry and hurts yin, jin, fluid, sweat, blood, and essence are among the yin.

So now the foreplay is extremely important and it needs to be given alternate time.

  What to eat: Ping Bu + Run Bu where all foods have character, cold, hot, and the balance between cold and heat.

The so-called tonic is to replace tonic food with inconspicuous personality. This is a tonic rule based on the cool autumn climate and relative balance between yin and yang.

The foods that Pingbu can choose from are: Zhibai: reducing blood lipids, antipyretic, and diuretic; pumpkin: nourishing lungs and nourishing qi, analgesic reconciliation; lotus seeds: spleen and heart, Gujing antidiarrhea, appetizers and soothe; longan: cureAnemia, neurasthenia, postpartum blood deficiency; black sesame: nourishing the lungs and spleen, moisturizing the intestines, purging the skin, and benefiting the skin; jujube: nourishing the spleen and stomach, replenishing qi, replenishing blood and nourishing yin; walnut: nourishing kidney, nourishing blood, nourishing lungMuscle weakness, brachial nerve weakness and lower back pain.

  In addition, although yin and yang are relatively balanced now, dryness is the main qi, and lungs are easily injured by dry qi.

As much as possible, you can directly add water to prevent direct damage to the human body caused by dry weather; it is necessary to use sesame, honey, fruits and other divided sweet foods to achieve the purpose of nourishing yin and lungs.

  Famous doctors and private parties: Chaoshao salt water, the water in the air of the night and evening honey soup, and the water in the human body, we must often “rehydration” ourselves to reduce the damage caused by the dry climate to the body.

Drinking more water becomes a necessary means.

However, drinking plain water alone cannot completely resist the distortion effect brought by Yuqiao.

After entering the body, the water quickly evaporates or is excreted, and then gets out of the body.

If some salt is added to the boiled water, the situation will be very different and it won’t be lost so easily.

And honey has the effect of clearing heat, replenishing qi, detoxifying, moisturizing and analgesic.

Drinking a bit of salty water during the day and a glass of honey at night not only replenishes the body’s water reserve, but also is a good recipe for health and anti-aging. At the same time, constipation caused by dry air will not benefit us.

Housewife Gourmet Emmental Cheese Onion

Housewife Gourmet Emmental Cheese Onion

Ingredients: 300 grams of onion slices, soup 1.

3 kg, 1 g of thyme, 40 ml of white wine, 50 g of shredded Emmental cheese, 1 bread?
2 slices, 2 grams of panyutuo, oil, pepper and salt.

  Practice: 1.

Pour an appropriate amount of oil into the pan, heat the oil, and fry the onion until golden brown.


Add in white wine and simmer for a few minutes.


Add thyme and soup to the pot and cook over low heat, then season with salt and pepper.


Pour the cooked onion soup into the bowl for about 9 minutes.


Put white bread on the noodle soup 1?
2 tablets.


Add shredded Emmenta cheese and add the whole bowl of soup to the oven until the cheese is golden brown.


Pour the roasted onion soup in the right amount of panyu.

Baby diet therapy love bedwetting

Baby diet therapy love bedwetting

Generally speaking, when the baby is 1 or 1 and a half years old, he can control urination at night, and the bedwetting phenomenon has been greatly reduced.

However, some children can only control urination during the day when they are 2 years old or even 2 and a half years old, and they often wet the bed at night, which is still a normal phenomenon.

Most children no longer have bedwetting at night after 3 years of age.

However, if the bed wetting is over 3 years old, and the number of times is more than twice a month, it is not normal. The bed wetting is medically referred to as “nocturnal enuresis” and “nocturnal enuresis”.

  What should I do if my baby loves the bed?

  If your baby is under three years old, especially between one and two years old, wetting on the bed is a normal behavior. Don’t worry. As long as you control your baby’s water consumption, you can reduce your baby’s bed wetting.

If a child over three years old still wets the bed, it is necessary to carefully analyze the baby’s condition. It depends on the baby’s physical, psychological, environmental, diet, and other problems. If there is a problem with the physiological mechanism, you should go to the hospital for examination.

  In many cases, diet can alleviate or resolve the baby’s bedwetting, such as the following food recipes.


Fried ginkgo is the only medicated diet for nocturia. Ginkgo can inhibit urination.

However, if ginkgo is eaten raw or too much, it can cause acute attacks and other poisoning.

So be sure to cook and eat too much, three or four capsules a day is enough.


Walnut soup is a delicious recipe for diuretic and urination. “Kaibao Materia Medica” states that regular eating walnuts can: “Exciting health, moisturizing, black hair.

“Taking walnut kernel into Chinese medicine can cure impotence, nocturnal emission, frequent urination, and insufficiency of qi and blood.

The wooden partition between walnut meat is called “distraction wood”, which has the effect of strengthening the brain and replenishing kidneys and treating enuresis.

So often placing walnut soup on the bed wetting child will have unexpected results.

Allow your child to sleep every night before going to bed, but it is easy to get angry, and children who often have nosebleeds should not place it.

Crush 30 grams of walnuts with a mortar or juicer and add hot water.

Add a teaspoon of raw sugar and stir well.

  3, other recommended foods a, glutinous rice has the effect of suppressing urination, so you can let your child eat 1-2 glutinous rice cakes before going to bed.

  b. Carrot and corn soup: 250 grams of carrot, 500 grams of corn, 300-500 grams of pork, add boiled soup.

This soup has the effect of clearing heat and diuresis.

Roasting the skin of the radish to a little browning is also effective for children to eat.

One medium carrot can be divided into three servings.

  c, melon: melon diuretic diuretic anti-inflammatory, clearing heat and detoxifying.

However, the function of diuretic and edema elimination of melon is mainly in the melon skin, so it needs to be boiled.

  After removing the hair on the skin and the dried leaves of 2–4 grams of decoction, one hour before the meal allows the child to allow it to have its effect.

  Enuresis diet “taboo” a, baby should not eat extra hair when wetting bed, such as mutton, dog meat, shrimp, pheasant, pig bladder, chicken intestine, pig spine and so on.

  b. The spleen-reinforcing and kidney-reinforcing porridge, yam, lotus root, lotus seed, barley, golden cherry, etc. should be in proper amount and cannot be recycled too fast.

  c. Do not eat too cold, too hot, too salty, too light

How should horny products be picked?


How should horny products be picked?

In summer, the temperature rises, and the skin’s activities are repeated more and more.

The stratum corneum is protected by ultraviolet light, which automatically tightens the skin and no longer places it in accordance with normal procedures.

This physiological reaction will cause the skin’s ability to breathe and absorb water to decline, and even stop the pores from causing annoying acne, so exfoliating work should be one of the focuses of summer skin care.

  Should you choose an exfoliating product?

  There are many types of exfoliating products, the more common ones are scrubs and exfoliating masks.

Scrub-type products contain fine particles to remove aging keratin when rubbed against the skin; while the exfoliating mask contains keratin peeling and promoting exfoliation, the keratin is removed by dissolving.


Dry, susceptible skin is best replaced by exfoliating cream, because it does not rub the skin, it is an alternative to skin irritation.


Sensitive skin is not suitable for exfoliating.


Oily skin, mixed skin are similar to the use of various products, but it must be noted that the method must be gentle, so as not to damage the skin.

The important exfoliating area is the T-shaped area with large oil pores and large pores.

  How should you use exfoliating products?


Do not exfoliate!

Incorrect exfoliation (including excessive use and excessive force when rubbing) may thin the skin, reduce its own resistance, and cause skin sensitivity.


The frequency of exfoliation varies from skin to skin. Oily skin should not be used more than once a week; normal or combination skin should be used once every two weeks; dry skin should be used once a month.

Exfoliating is generally less frequent in winter than in summer.


If you use products that promote keratin residue daily (such as some whitening products that contain mild exfoliating ingredients), you can reduce the frequency of keratin products.

Combining inside and outside to raise your baby’s bright big eyes

Combining inside and outside to raise your baby’s bright big eyes

Although children in early childhood rarely use eyes, it is an important period of eye care.

The children in this grade have more “stronger” eyes than in infancy, but they are still vulnerable: the growth of the transformation grade, the children’s writing and drawing have increased significantly, and they spend more time watching TV, computers, etc. At this time, the mother wantsCareful and thorough care from the inside out can keep children’s eyes bright and crystal clear.

  Let your child’s eyes brighten, and the thoughtful “Eye-catching” action starts today.

  External: According to survey data, environmental eyesight methods show that the abnormal rate of vision in children in the city center is higher than that in children in the location, because children in the city have poor visual environment.

Therefore, mothers living in the city should pay more attention to actively creating some favorable visual environment for the baby.

  The child is in a critical period of vision development and needs to be exposed to appropriate external light, color, and graphic stimulation in order to promote better development.

So try to provide your child’s eyes with a variety of shapes and colorful environments.

To buy books for children, it is best to choose books with font alignment and many color patterns. However, care should be taken to prevent ultraviolet rays from directly shining into the baby’s eyes, so this can cause electro-optic ophthalmia and affect the child’s vision.

Especially when going out in summer, you’d better wear a small hat or a parasol, or let him play in the shade.

  The choice of “unnatural” light at night should also pay attention.

The light in the baby room is both bright and warm. Strobe-free lighting is the best, which is good for protecting your baby’s vision.

  Internal: Food eye-catching methods different eye tissues need different nutritional ingredients. Only by ensuring the abundance of protein, sufficient vitamin a, sufficient vitamin c, sufficient amount of vitamin b, and sufficient absorption of calcium, can it satisfy its needs.Nutrition needs.

Therefore, usually pay attention to the baby’s nutritional balance, achieve thick and thin mix, vegetarian mix, to ensure the supplement of trace elements and vitamins, eat more fresh vegetables and fruits and seafood, eat less candy and sweets.

  Nutritional introduction: fish meat, rich in animal protein, high content of calcium, iron and phosphorus, can eliminate the tension of eye muscles.

  Eggs, protein, vitamin b2, vitamin a, lecithin, and brain phosphate can enhance children’s intelligence and vision.

  Chinese yam not only strengthens the spleen and appetizers, but also often eats it with clear eyesight.

  Sword beans, fresh beans often found in the four seasons, are rich in calcium, iron, and vitamin c, which are conducive to the development of eye lens crystalline.

  Chinese wolfberry nourishes liver and kidneys and keeps fit.

  Lily, clears heat, refreshes the brain, moisturizes the lungs, strengthens the skin, and matches the fish to better protect the eyes.

  Chicken heart, chicken liver, rich in protein, containing a small amount of glucose and vitamin a, vitamin b1, b2, especially the vitamin a in chicken liver is 6 times that of pig liver, it has liver and kidney benefits for young children, eyesight and heart,Reinforcing blood and promoting fitness can promote the growth and development of young children.

  Special reminder: Animal viscera is rich in nutrition, but children should not consume too much.

Once a week, 50 grams each time is more appropriate.

Love Tips: 1. “Five Treasures” of Vegetables: Carrots, Dutch beans, coriander, potatoes, shiitake mushrooms, heat and eyesight, is a special effect vegetable for eyesight and eyesight.

  2, can be formulated in the winter eyesight blood sugar medlar Tremella jujube soup for babies to take.

  3. In the spring, you can make your own eyesight small vegetarian bag (with fillings of Malan vegetables, Flammulina velutipes, dried tofu, carrot shreds).

  4. In summer, you can let your baby eat hot and bright cold melon braised shredded chicken (bitter gourd, pumpkin, cucumber and chicken breast).

How to use nasal saline to treat rhinitis

How to use nasal saline to treat rhinitis

The specific operation of saline nasal washing: 1. You can find an empty bottle of used nasal spray, some are 0.

9% sodium chloride injection (ie saline).

Heat the entire bottle of physiological saline with an electric heating cup, and heat it to the extent that it feels hot but not hot. Then pour the overheated physiological saline into the empty bottle of the spray, screw it and use it directly.Just spray it on your nose.

Spray four or five times a day, every time you spray 2–3. Of course, the more you use it, the better the effect.

Spray more each time.

  Note that this method can only be cleaned to the front of the nasal vestibule and the lower nasal passage. It cannot reach the sinuses and the upper, middle and lower plastic bottles. The opening can be unscrewed.

You can use it after washing it with hot water.

Go buy a few bottles of 500 milliliters for all parts of the nasal passages.

It is basically suitable for all types of rhinitis and can improve the symptoms of nasal cavity inflammation by heating.

If time is tight, then once or only once in the morning and evening, but some allergic rhinitis may receive better results, but the overall effect is weaker.

  2. You can also find a small teapot. It is better to have a thinner spout. The spout is straight rather than curved.

You can use it to hold the heated saline, point the spout at the nostril and plug it directly on the nostril, tilt your head slightly, and then pour it in.

Water usually flows from the other nostril, and some flows into the mouth, just spit it out.

  It should be noted that people with nasal congestion should be used with caution. The nasal congestion blocks the water flow, easily enters the ear, and easily swells.

  This method can basically reach all nasal passages (the setting is that the nose is not blocked), but it cannot reach the sinuses.

  It seems that there is such a similar special nasal washing tool on the market, you might as well buy one.

  3, more advanced special tools, that is, electric nasal washer, that type is roughly divided into two types, one is an electric pressure spray column, one is an electric pressure spray such as domestic.

This kind of advanced tools can reach all parts of the nasal cavity, clean more thoroughly, and the effect is naturally more ideal.

The difference between the two is that the water column is easy to hold water, there is no pressure relief device, and nasal plugs and children should be used with caution.

Electric pressure spray does not hold water. For example, domestic fixed-pressure pressure spray nasal washers also have a pressure relief device, which can be used by nasal plugs and children, so it is comfortable and safe to use.Natural revival is better.

Chinese medicine combined boxing cures ills

Chinese medicine “combined boxing” cures ills

Chinese patent medicines are mostly effective prescriptions summarized by doctors in long-term clinical practice. They are formed through changes in dosage forms or process changes. After long-term clinical tests, they are safe and effective, easy to carry, convenient to take, and widely welcomed by people.
Nowadays, Chinese patent medicine is more and more widely used in people’s prevention and treatment of diseases. How to use Chinese patent medicine safely and effectively has become a topic of concern. The author now summarizes the compatibility of several Chinese patent medicines commonly used in clinic for reference.
  The combination of Bazhen Yimu Pill and Xiaoyao Pill for the treatment of amenorrhea and secondary amenorrhea is quite common. Its causes can be divided into two categories: blood dryness and blood stagnation. The former is virtual and the latter is true.
Clinically, liver qi stagnation and qi and blood deficiency are more common.
Bazhen Yimu Wan is a combination of Sijunzi Decoction for Nourishing Qi and Siwu Decoction for Nourishing Blood, which is specialized in the deficiency of Qi and blood.
“Medical Examination”: “People with deficiency of blood and qi, the master of this prescription”; Xiaoyao Pills dredge the liver and relieve depression, nourish blood and remove irritations, the woman takes blood as the basis, uses qi as the source, and qi and blood are harmonized.normal.
Therefore, the two drugs are compatible with one gas and one blood, and the qi and blood dual tone promote each other, and its effect is more significant than that of a single drug treatment.
  金匮肾气丸与当归片合用治疗慢性支气管炎  慢性支气管炎是急性支气管炎反复发作所致,常常经年不愈,心胸憋闷,心悸气短,动则为甚,神疲倦怠,少气懒言This is because the kidney is not satisfied, and Qi does not return to the root. Therefore, Jinkui Shenqi Pill was used to warm the kidney; Qi Angelica “Master Cough and Resuscitation” began to appear in “Shen Nong’s Materia Medica”.
Angelica Ganxin, Ganrun to nourish dryness; Xintong can be beneficial, so it has the function of moistening dryness, without the disadvantages of slowing down evil.
Therefore, cough with insufficient blood is particularly effective.
The two medicines are compatible with each other, nourishing blood and moisturizing, warming the kidneys and energizing the qi, and nourishing the kidney and asthma.
  乌鸡白凤丸合逍遥丸治疗慢性肝炎  肝喜条达,恶抑郁,若情志不畅,则肝气郁滞,肝失疏泄,则藏血不足,故慢性肝炎临床常见两胁胀满,心烦易Anger, god burnout, etc.
Wuji Baifeng Pills have both blood and Qi benefits, which can clear qi and blood, blend the inside and outside, and be an essential medicine for qi and blood loss and weaken the body; Xiaoyao Pills can relieve liver and stagnation, nourish blood and strengthen the spleen.
Combining the two drugs, taking both qi and blood into account, treating the liver and spleen with the same effect, and using them clinically, each with good results.
  Buzhong Yiqi Pills and Tongxuan Fei Pills are used to treat prolapse of the anus and prolapse of the anus, which refers to the bowel, rectum, and even the lower end of the sigmoid colon protruded outward and prolapsed outside the anus.
  Clinically, it is more common in children and the elderly. It is caused by internal spleen and stomach injury caused by chronic diarrhea or excessive hunger, fatigue, and fatigue.
“Spleen and Stomach Theory” cloud: “Internal injury to the spleen and stomach, injury is irritating . hurting the inside is insufficient, those who make up for it.
Therefore, Buzhong Yiqi Pills are used to replenish Zhongqi and Qi, and the sun is lifted; Tongxuanli Fei Pills are used to lift the lungs, the lungs are released, and the clear air is lifted, and “the traps are lifted.”
Therefore, the two medicines are used together and received the same effect.