How to make good use of EQ to increase workplace success rate


How to make good use of EQ to increase workplace success rate

College students should realize that within the enterprise, cooperation is the first, and the purpose of competition is only to better cooperate.

銆€銆€Competition and cooperation consciousness have transformed the development of the market economy, and the concept of competition has gradually penetrated the hearts of the people.

In the tide of reform and opening up, those enterprises that lack competition awareness are inevitably going downhill or even going out of business.

Similarly, it is difficult for a person to gain a firm foothold without a strong sense of competition (or survival consciousness), let alone personal development.

How can a company that wants to survive and achieve sustainable management use college students who lack competition?

銆€銆€Of course, only competition is not enough.

The key to a good business operation lies in the people and the joint efforts of all employees to achieve corporate goals.

However, blind competition can lead to its opposite side, which will worsen the interpersonal relationship within the organization, which will seriously cause the enterprise to fall into unnecessary internal consumption and ultimately affect the development of the enterprise.

Therefore, college students should realize that within the enterprise, cooperation is the first, and the purpose of competition is only to better cooperate.

銆€銆€The image consciousness person said: “The goods sell a piece of leather”, a word broke the essence of packaging.

With the rapid development of the economy, the intensity of competition faced by enterprises has grown at an unprecedented rate.

It is becoming more and more important to 鈥減ackage鈥?companies and establish a good corporate identity system (CIS).

銆€銆€It is generally believed that the most basic and effective way for employees to represent their overall image and to create a good corporate image is to achieve full public relations and to require each employee to work hard to shape a good corporate image.

Therefore, enterprises must be “a special liking” for college students who have a better image awareness.

銆€銆€However, some college students have misunderstandings about this, and equating it with 鈥渢aking people by appearance鈥? In fact, it requires image awareness, and it is not necessary to deliberately express anything. Just do everything in a down-to-earth manner, always pay attention to it.It is ok to maintain the corporate image.

If you are not good because of goodness and smallness, it is definitely not good for your personal image, let alone the corporate image.

銆€銆€The role (conversion) consciousness is to say “Which mountain songs to sing”, the behavior is to adapt to the changing environment.

College students have just stepped out of the university, stepped into the society, stepped into the job position, and faced a 鈥渨eaning period鈥?psychologically. They needed to change their moderation with the correct attitude and appropriate methods to complete the role change from student to employee as soon as possible.
銆€銆€Most companies believe that the slow transition of roles is an important factor affecting the smooth employment of college students.

The current enterprise can be said to be “a radish and a pit”, and there are few strange phenomena that allow a large number of extensions.

When recruiting employees, it is necessary for him to quickly adapt to the working environment, enter a good working condition, and create benefits for the enterprise.

If you wait a year and a half to enter the state, I am afraid that the company that is “patient” will not be interested in him.

銆€銆€Dedication is true. Today’s society is a society in which individuals flow and alternate. We can no longer engage in a profession like our fathers.

However, no matter how the job position is changed, professionalism is always there.

Even if you are doing your own business, you can’t do it without this kind of spirit.

Therefore, if college students can meet the requirements of the company’s professionalism and have a clear understanding, it will greatly increase their chances of successful employment.

銆€銆€Open Learning Awareness The information of modern society is changing rapidly, and the future of the knowledge economy will be easier.

Correspondingly, companies will also require employees to have broad minds, broad horizons, and open-mindedness to face foreign things.

銆€銆€Correspondingly, openness means learning and narrowing the gap with others through continuous learning.

Here’s a good example (department manager) reading a book every night until late at night, and even a rare weekend is in the library.

At first he thought that he was watching a novel, and later discovered that his bed was full of books on computers, economics, and management.

Asking the reason, I know that if I don’t have much “charging”, I will soon be unable to keep up with the pace of development of the times.

I think that in school, there is a good learning environment, but some students still sing the clich茅 of “60 million years old, more waste”. If it is still quite in the enterprise, it will be sooner or later to be eliminated.

Tickle tickle Chinese medicine conditioning _1


Tickling Chinese medicine

The throat is the portal of the lungs, the passage of breathing.

Chinese medicine believes that the elderly are dry and evil invade the lungs, the fluid is burnt, the lungs are lost, and the lungs are lost, and the throat is dry and painful, and the throat is itchy.

Therefore, the problem of treating dry itching of lice should start from nourishing the lungs and removing dryness.

Daily prevention of dry itching of lice, may choose some drinks to protect the scorpion, treatment of sore throat and other issues.

Here are a few simple Chinese medicine drinks, so that everyone can easily solve the dry itching of the throat.


Mangosteen tea: practice: Luo Han Guo 1 boiled water service.

Mangosteen has the effect of clearing the lungs and relieving the throat and laxative.

For sore throat, scorpion dry itching can be very effective, but it should be noted that this product has a certain laxative effect, for people who have dry itching and constipation, it is indeed a good drink for daily consumption.But for people who are prone to diarrhea, it is better to take as little as possible.


Pear soup: Practice: 鑽歌崰 10, washed and peeled, 2 pears, peeled and cut into pieces, add some water, boil, add a small amount of rock sugar, drink once or in portions.

It can quench thirst and detoxify, warm and qi, and can be used with pears to prevent the coldness of pears.

In fact, it will be taken directly after smashing the juice, and it can also treat acute and chronic throat discomfort.


Campanulaceae soup: practice: 15 grams of Campanulaceae, 30 grams of licorice, boiled water service.

Platycodon grandiflorum has the role of Xuanfei sputum, pharyngeal drainage, licorice has the effect of clearing away heat and detoxification.

With licorice and diarrhea, the platycodon is a lung stalk, the heat is ventilated, the lungs are sputum, and the symptoms of dry itchy itch are naturally eliminated.


Fresh ginger radish juice: practice: 100 grams of white radish, 50 grams of ginger, washed and broken to take juice, mixed with throat.

White radish has the effect of removing heat and relieving cough. Fresh ginger can regulate qi and vomit, and phlegm and phlegm can be used for cold. This can be used together to relieve phlegm and thirst.

Fresh juice can also moisten, so this product can treat acute and chronic sore throat, arrhythmia and other symptoms.

Keep in mind in the winter to maintain yang

Keep in mind in the winter to maintain “yang”

In winter, the vegetation is dying and frozen, and it is the season for all things in nature. Chinese medicine believes that at this time, people’s yang should also be hidden inside, and winter health advocates “maintaining yang” and “reinforcing kidney and preventing cold”.
銆€銆€A Go to bed early and stay up Keeping yang The winter is cold, and some people are prone to fatigue in the winter due to poor blood flow.
It is prone to emotional distress, lazy drowsiness, groggy, etc. This phenomenon is more common in women.
銆€銆€People and trees are the same. In winter, the nutrients on the branches are hidden in the roots of the trees, and the trees completely stop growing and are dormant.
銆€銆€Therefore, the yang converges in winter, and wakes up early (it is better if the sun comes out and gets up again) to maintain the body’s yang. In addition, it is best to expose the sun to extend the light time. This is a natural treatment for nourishing the mood.
銆€銆€B diet is mainly based on 鈥渉idden heat鈥? The basic principle of winter diet should be based on 鈥渉idden heat鈥? Therefore, it is better to eat lamb, dog, goose, duck, radish, walnut, chestnut and sweet potato in winter.
At the same time, we must follow the principle of “slow salt and eat more bitterness”. It should not be too salty. Eat more light. Eat more bitter foods. Avoid hard and cold foods, and damage the yang of the spleen and stomach.
At the same time, eat more milk and bean products.
Eat more fruits and vegetables, drink plenty of water.
From the perspective of TCM constitution, people with qi physique can eat ginseng and other tonic, such as ginseng slices soaked in water; people with blood deficiency physique can eat gelatin, jujube, etc.; people with yin deficiency can eat wheatWinter, lily, etc.; people with yang physique can eat antler and so on.
銆€銆€C Do a good job of warming buffer “cold air” attack Winter should be done to keep warm, can buffer the invasion of the cold weather outside the human body.
Keep your head warm.
If you do not pay attention to the head to keep warm, the head blood vessels will shrink due to the cold weather, resulting in headache and other symptoms.


Disinfect the toilet, don’t mess with these things

In summer, the temperature is high, which is the peak season for various viruses and bacteria.

In order to ensure health, we should pay attention to household disinfection. The commonly used methods are as follows.


Disinfection in the living room.

銆€銆€If a strong infectious disease is found in the home, after the patient is hospitalized, all the houses and materials used by the patient, including the ground, the line, the furniture, etc., must be strictly disinfected. Because of the large disinfection area, it is best to use drugs to spray.What are the commonly used drugs?
3% bleaching solution, 3?
5% coal phenol soap solution.

Can also use 1?
Spray or scrub with 2% hot alkaline water or soapy water, but repeat it three times.

Furniture disinfection can be scrubbed with 2% carbolic acid solution, but not too much concentration to prevent damage to the skin.


Disinfection of toilets, gutters and wells.

銆€銆€Use 500 grams of quicklime, add 300 grams of water, make mature lime, and add water 6.

5 kg, made of lime milk, poured in the toilet and ditch, can be disinfected.

Thoroughly pour the potassium perchlorate solution into the toilet and the ditch, which can be deodorized and disinfected. The disinfection method of the well is: add 2 to 50 kg of water.

Mix 5 kg of bleaching powder and pour it into the well. The amount of bleaching powder should be determined according to the amount of water in the well.


Disinfection of tableware and vegetables and fruits.

銆€銆€First put the tableware, vegetables or fruits into a potassium permanganate solution with a solubility of five thousandths and soak for one minute, then rinse them with cold water, which can not only kill the taste of vegetables.

Potassium permanganate solution should be used with the solution and should not be placed for too long to prevent failure.


The clothes are disinfected by cockroaches.

銆€銆€The clothes can be often exposed to the sun for exposure, because the ultraviolet rays in the sunlight have a good bactericidal effect.

Eat – can also remove problems in the mouth


Eat – can also remove problems in the mouth

At the turn of spring and summer, oral ulcers have come again, occurring at the edge of the oral mucosa and tongue, making people unable to move their mouths. In the case of sour, spicy, salty and sweet foods, the pain is very serious and exuberant.Unspeakable.

Experts say that the incidence of oral ulcers has nothing to do with the season, with young and middle-aged people as the onset of the disease, especially female patients.

Mainly because you stay up all night, too much nightlife, too much work pressure, leading to colds and other factors.

Because at these times, people’s mental stress or physical fatigue, immunity is reduced, the virus (the pathogen of oral ulcers) will occur, causing oral ulcers.

After suffering from oral ulcers, you can’t stand the pain. You can go to the hospital for treatment. The doctor will usually give you anti-inflammatory and analgesic drugs, but you don’t need to take the medicine. Generally, you can recover after two weeks, but if the mental stress is intensified.Physical fatigue will still recur.

Drinking honey and vitamin supplements is also an important part of helping to recover from oral ulcers. Remember to eat more seasonal fruits such as apples and dragon fruit.

In addition, Chen Ruifang said that honey water that is especially suitable for spring sintering also has an effect, because spring needs to protect the spleen, and honey water has the effect of entering the spleen.

As long as the mouth is sore, bad breath will follow?

According to the dentist, in general, there are basically two reasons for the smell in the mouth: 1. The mouth is not hygienic; 2. The injection channel is dysfunctional.

And for whatever reason, the culprit capital is bacteria.

If you go to a dentist to see a doctor, he may make two suggestions: First, eat well, that is, pay attention to diet balance, you can eat enough protein and protein, as well as vegetables and fruits of various vitamins;It is best to brush your teeth or floss your teeth after a meal.

In fact, there is also a method, there are several kinds of food itself is the ability to remove the bad smell of the mouth, and can prevent bad breath from recurring.

1, celery, this herb is best at eliminating the odor in the mouth, especially the smell of smoke.

If you can’t find the celery at hand, the parsley and mint can also break down the odor of the mouth.

In order to achieve better results, these things will be chewed as long as possible, or used as a replacement tea.

In addition, these herbs are also good for digestion.

2, the latest research shows that yoghurt can reduce the hydrogen sulfide content in the mouth every day, because this substance is the culprit of oral odor.

Drinking yogurt on time can also prevent the production of harmful bacteria in the mouth, which can cause gum disease or plaque.

However, only natural yoghurt has such an effect, and sugary yoghurt does not.

3, polycarbonate vegetables and fruits including apples, carrots and celery.

These vegetables and fruits help to secrete large amounts of saliva.

Saliva completely wets the mouth and removes food debris that adheres to the teeth or is stuck in the teeth.

These food residues are also one of the causes of bad breath.

4, foods containing a lot of vitamin C, citrus, watermelon and other foods containing a lot of vitamin C can make the mouth an environment that is not conducive to bacterial growth.

Regular supplementation with vitamin C is also very useful for the health of the gums.

However, it should be noted that vitamin C should be replaced by natural foods rather than food additives, as additives may replace digestive disorders.