[Benefits of insisting on eating pig skin every day]_Nutrition value_Efficacy

[Benefits of insisting on eating pig skin every day]_Nutrition value_Efficacy

Heart of beauty in everyone.

A beautiful face is what everyone seeks.

Especially in recent years, face value has become more and more important, and more and more people are keen on beauty.

The beauty effect of pigskin is recognized by everyone.

Even so, pigskin itself has high nutritional value and is very delicious.

So what’s the benefit of sticking to pig skin every day?

Let ‘s take a closer look together!

■ Pig skin[common name]Pig skin.

[Sexual ambition]The sex is cool and sweet.

[Efficacy]clearing heat, moisturizing the skin, nourishing blood and stopping bleeding.

[Eating]It is suitable for those with yin deficiency who are upset, sore throat, and those who benefit from it. It is suitable for women with blood dryness and irregular menstruation;

“Compendium of Materia Medica”: cure Shaoyinxiali, sore throat.

“Changsha Medicine”: Pig skin.

Relieves throat and swelling and pain, clears the heart and lungs and removes annoyance.

Pig skin is good at clearing the lungs, clearing the lungs, and returning to the root of the fire, sore throat and annoyance can be relieved.

[Don’t eat]Those with exogenous sore throat and debilitating cold should not eat.

“Suishuiju diet spectrum”: pig skin is cool, clearing heat, relieving pain, upset, sore throat.

If there is no upset and sore throat and evidence, it is cold and slippery, and this should not be used.

[Information]Pigskin is a common food, but it has been recorded as a medicine.

The pig skin soup in Zhang Zhongjing’s Treatise on Febrile Diseases in the Eastern Han Dynasty is based on pig skin.

Pig skin soup, treatment of Shaoyin disease, sore throat, full breasts, upset: 1 kg of pig skin, a bucket of water, boiled 5 liters, decoction, add 1 liter of white honey, white powder Wu He, boiled incense and get together.
There are six servings.

In modern times, it is also used to treat diseases, such as the introduction of “Food Traditional Chinese Medicine and Recipes”: hemorrhagic anemia, hemorrhoidal blood, blood in the stool, and women’s blood leaking from pigskin: 60?
90 grams, add a small amount of water and rice wine, cook with simmer for a long time until thin, and serve with brown sugar.

The book also recommends: hemophilia, epistaxis, dentition, purpura: 1 piece of pig skin, 10-15 red dates, boiled until thin, 1 dose per day.

Ma Wenfei’s “Food Therapy” also said: treating tinnitus and deafness: 95 grams each of pig skin and chives, chopped, slightly salted, eat once after steaming, and eat for 3 days.

Effective for tinnitus and deafness caused by excessive fatigue or fire.